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Welcome to the website of the Brothers & Sisters of God

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Okulonda Olulimi Lwa Wakitimba Koona Ku Kabendera Waggulu Ku Ddyo





We’ve been waiting for you. Now cruise around for the positive touch. Read our Magazine  and get informed about what’s new in Buganda and the world. Revise your history, tradition, and more. Register and contribute to the Gallery, plus exercising your right to free speech 0n the forum. Drop a vote or two in the polls. Make friends in our chat room. Do all this while listening to a selection of music from the finest  Baganda  artists on the juke box. The thrilling alternative is listening to the Baganda Radio playing songs especially about the struggle for Self-determination, Democracy and Freedom by mostly Baganda and other African and international artists.

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The Buganda National Anthem (Lyrics)

Flag of Buganda

God and Buganda
One Spirit One Living Heart


Events Calendar

Fri, Feb 19th
1862 Abazungu Abasooka Speke Ne Grant Bajja Mu Buganda/ Speke And Grant Come To Buganda
Fri, Mar 4th
1960 Amazalibwa Ga Mugabi Owomudaali Mu Bikonde/Birthday Of Mugabi Olympic Medalist In Boxing
Wed, Mar 30th
1892 Ssekabaka Mwanga II Adda Ku Namulondo Oluvanyuma Lwolutalo/ King Mwanga II Reinstated After War
Thu, Mar 31st
1971 Enjole Ya Ssekabaka Muteesa II Ekomezebwaawo Eka/King Muteesa II's Remains Brought Back Home
Mon, Apr 4th
1971 Enjole Ya Ssekabaka Muteesa II Ewummuzibwa E Kasubi/King Muteesa II's Burial At Kasubi

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