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    Living Bridge

    MEHGALAYA is a tribal kingdom in Assam .It is jammed between Bangladesh and Bhutan .It is near SHILLONG, the capital.See the photos of the area under Shillong on theinternet – very beautiful.Cheerapunji is a town near by that gets the highestrainfall in the world!Absolutely amazing!

    The most successful execution / construction of
    living Bridges with a life span of many centuries
    in one of the most remote parts of the World.
    Man making nature work for him.

    I couldn’t comprehend what they meant by a
    living bridge until I watched this.

    Quite a unique concept for folks who have limited
    technical education, but seemingly have sufficient
    common sense to survive. No civil engineering is
    involved at all.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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