Abaganda Bagamba Ki?

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    Abaganda bagamba ki?
    Bwobeera osomye oba nga owulidde ku kintu kyonna awantu wonna Abaganda kyebagambye oba kyebawandiise, kireete wano nabalala bakirabe, bakisomeko. Twongere okuliisa endowooza zaffe ekijja okutuyamba okweggulira amakubo agatuuka ku ddembe lyensi yaffe Buganda.

    Awangale Magulu Nnyondo Nnantawetwa.


    Munna Buganda omu nga tuwaya yagambye nti ekizibu kyaffe kiri ku muntu eyeyita Museveni eyalwaala obwongo kyetwaliyise Obutabangufu bwomutwe!! Agamba nti eddalu teriwona lwakuba eriyo Abalalu abeyambula nabalala nga bakasuka mayinja!Yye Museveni Mutemu era yenyumiriza nnyo mu kutta abantu!!Nga amaze okwekyusiza Kayiira(R.I.P) yamutwaala weyali akungaanyizza Emitwe gyabantu namugamba nti buli atwangaanga bwatyo bwafaanana..ekyo Muveveni yakyogera akutte omutwe gwomuntu mungalo nga gutonyolokoka omusaayi!!kyemuva mulaba nga bwaba ayogera ku kutta amwenya°!! mu luzungu twalimuyise Psychopath..


    Abaganda mwenyweeze

    Innocent people were picked randomly and bitten by his police without evidence of rioting. i know some one who had just bought petrol to go and fill his. he was stopped and bitten and taken to prison coz they were saying he was going to burn a police station somewhere.
    how ridiculous. They are charging people 20,0000 shillings to let you go because you are innocent.

    comment from monitor

    Eric Kakoole
    Here we go!! Every Muganda journalist is targeted. The government has worked hard to deny its power competitor a source of livelihood which has not worked. The option is now to go for those that squeezed into employment. It is yet again another government hate campaign against a nation that did nothing else but bring him from the village.


    Christopher Muwanga

    H.E.’s order that the rioters be “maimed” as though live bullets, not rubber ones, can only maim. The IGP had put it bluntly, “shoot them”.
    After being ordered by their boss and then by their C-in-C to use live bullets, what do you expect he poor policeman to do/ to disobey orders? The man may even be promoted since the aim is now to terrorize/cow the masses into submission.
    Some solace though: According to the provisions of international law, “…..the possible deliberate targeting of civilians and the. Indiscriminate use of force is a violation of the Geneva Conventions, and serious violations are considered to be war crimes”.
    So the Hague ICC awaits the perpetrators, Milosevic style. Take heart, Ugandans.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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