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    Ankore (Western) is Isolated, does Katikkiro Walusimbi know?

    London, UK 2008-08-03
    Judging by political events of the last 2 weeks, there seem to be a shift in political opinion in the whole country. The sad news for Nyamurunga II is that the tide is against him and his henchmen from Western Uganda

    The good news is that for the rest of the country, there seem to be light at the end of the tunnel.

    It all started when the government took hostage 3 Ministers from the Buganda government. You probably know their names so I won’t waste your time on it as this article is about the consequences of the hostage taking.

    Soon after the abductions, MP Kadunabi convened a meeting that gathered signatures of 116 MP’s and forced an emergency session of Parliament on the issue. Of these, only 3 MP’s were from Western Uganda. The Majority were from Buganda, North and East. As a political opponent of Yoweri Museveni, this is what I like.

    It means that a government sponsored ‘Hate Buganda’ campaign of the last 15 months has failed to rally the rest of the country against Buganda. Efforts to tailor the land bill so that it does not affect the rest of the country but Buganda seem to have fallen on deaf ears. I must thank our compatriots from the north and east for standing with us in the hour of need.

    Now, let’s go back to the emergency debate in the national parliament. All contributors from the West supported the government action of hostage taking and violation of the constitution with the exception of Henry Banyenzaki (Rubanda West). Even our god mother, Janet Kataha Museveni, the head of the religious righteousness in Uganda supported acts of criminality! Mrs. Jannet Museveni was in direct disagreement with the position of Uganda Joint Christian Council who described the ‘hostage taking’ as illegal and immoral. Kudos to the rest of the country for standing firm against these actions.

    From the evidence above, Western Uganda is isolated from the rest of the country. They have failed to find political consensus and have resorted to acts of criminality. Uganda as a country has rejected them and it is only a matter of time before they’re kicked out of power. In Buganda, the hostage taking saga has clearly defined the enemies of Buganda and Uganda and underlined the urgency for Baganda to seek power by creating alliances.

    On the day of the kidnappings, Professor Mamdani had tasked Baganda to explain why they haven’t got political power yet they’re the majority. This question must be answered. Alliances are being built and this can only be detrimental to the ruling NRM. Should Baganda NRM MP’s stay with the NRM party that does not represent the interests of their people? Of course they should not. You don’t have to be an NRM to be a member of parliament. They should abandon ship NRM and join other parties, or prepare to run as independents! The NRM is a party hostile to Buganda and the rest of the country. Anyone who has his people at heart has to simply call it quits from the NRM.

    The campaign to liberate Buganda and the rest of Uganda is not going to stop. You’re either with us or against us regardless of what party you serve. The majority of people in Uganda live in Buganda (Central), North and East.

    This brings me to Katikiiro of Buganda John Walusimbi. Does Katikiiro Walusimbi, the self-confessed non-politician know about these political facts? The Katikiiro is committing a serious mistake of engaging in talks with President Museveni. Buganda needs to toughen her stand and not to cave in under pressure from the central government. President Museveni is hostile to Buganda and that is not going to change. As Prof. Mamdani advised, we need alliances with others. Clearly our alliance with the West has not worked and we should not be in the business of love on the rebound. It’s over with Museveni and that’s it. Even if he returns all ‘Ebyaffe’, we still cannot support him because we cannot trust him with power again. Besides, we now want and are greedy for power ourselves. We’re tired of holding bottle for baby who grows up and kicks us in the teeth the way Obote did in 1966 and now Museveni.

    Negotiations with Museveni can now only alienate our new possible allies. With our people facing arrests and harassment all the time, it is not a good time to ‘sleep with the enemy’. It is not possible to negotiate meaningfully with President Museveni. He wants to silence Buganda, then stomp on it unchallenged. What did the departure of Muliika bring? – The land bill. Silencing Nambooze and CBS can only bring more misery for Buganda by Museveni.

    In addition, our allies have not forgotten how Buganda was used to block a bill in parliament that could have turned N. Uganda into a disaster zone. “Our MP’s have to be careful because Buganda can use them and then abandon them”, said one contributor at popular Uganda talk group – Ugandans-at-Heart. Katikiiro Walusimbi must ask himself one question: How many Ministers in Museveni’s government from Buganda signed the petition to re-call parliament, or condemned government action when parliament was in emergency session. Was it Semakula Kiwanuka, Kiddu Makubuya, Ruth Nankabirwa, Gilbert Bukenya, Namirembe Bitamaziire, Cap. Kinobe or who was it?

    The Katikiiro has to know that Dr. Paul Semogerere did not win us multiparty politics as a result of negotiations with Museveni. It was through courts. If ‘Tibahaburwa’ had his way, we would still belong to his conquering NRM. The constitution of Uganda already offers federal status for all regions of Uganda if they want it and the 1993 cultural restitution act is clear on the return of ‘Ebyaffe”. There’s nothing to negotiate but a lot for Museveni to do if he wants to depart with dignity come 2011.

    Sorry John Walusimbi is the Katikiiro but I have my opinion. The interests of Buganda and Uganda as a whole now come first. I don’t see how Museveni can help in this objective after 23 years of disappointment. In Bugandda we don’t want another Ssemogere Mulwanyamuli style of leadership again. We will not sit by and let the mistakes of Mulwanyamuli repeated.

    The only thing I see for discussion between Katikiiro Walusimbi and the President is the Sh. 1 billion the later owes as a result of work done on the Presidential state house as Eng. John Walusimbi.

    Michael Senyonjo
    Political Analyst/Strategist, London UK
    UK Version

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