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    Buddu Pokino officially installed
    The new county chief of Buddu, Vincent Mayiga has been installed officially by the 2nd DEPUTY Katikkiro Hajji Mohamood Ssemambo Ssekimpi at the Ssaza headquarters in Masaka.
    Owek. Ssekimpi oriented Pokino to utilize his OFFICE accordingly and avoid non-productive ventures.
    Cultural norms must be maintained and here the Oweek. Ssekimpi REQUESTEDPokino to ensure that every Family in Buddu has a backcloth as the traditional cloth. This will help to maintain our traditional norms which are fading away.
    On behalf of the ATTORNEY general, Oweek Noah Kiyimba led the swearing session and asked Pokino to re-establish the sign post that was allocated in Lweera which welcomes people to Buddu(welcome to Buddu) and the same time marks the boundaries of the county.
    Oweek. Kiyimba informed Pokino that he must perform his duties basing on the five pillars that guide the Kingdom’s DEVELOPMENT strategy plan and these are;
    Okukuuma n’okunyweza Nnamulondo,
    Okugabana obuyinza mu nfuga eya FEDERAL,
    Okukuuma ettaka lyaffe n’okunyweza ensalo za Buganda,
    Okukola ennyo obutaweera,
    Okunyweza obumu.
    However Pokino has been tasked to contain Buddu at the climax and keep its legacy forever. However this will be done THROUGH emphasizing people to carry out farming and agriculture extensively.
    Vincent Mayiga(Pokino) reported to Katikkiro that they don’t have offices were they can carry out the activities of Ssaabasajja Kabaka. He added that they made frequent requests to the DISTRICT council to vacate buildings that belong to Buganda as stated in the Memorandum of Understanding between Kabaka and the President Museveni but they have refused to do so.
    However Pokino has given a deadline of not later than December when the District council has vacated the Ssaza headquarters.
    Vincent Mayiga further reported to Katikkiro that some of the Ssaza properties have been sold including trees and land and this is mostly caused by lack of transparency in the office of Buganda Land Board at Masaka which land BROKERS are utilizing to acquire leases and documents of other people.
    The area Member of Parliament, Mathias Mpuuga is enthusiastic that the new Pokino is a social person who associates with people of different categories. Mpuuga called on the Kabaka’s subjects TO WORK hand –in-hand to help Pokino administer the roles of the position he assumption with the aim of reviving the lost glory of Buganda Kingdom.
    The out-going Pokino Charles Kiyimba Kwewayo was awarded with a certificate of appreciation for SERVING Buganda Kingdom with commitment.
    Since the restoration of Buganda Kingdom in 1993, Buddu has witnessed three chiefs with Vincent Mayiga MAKING the third. These are;
    Fredrick Mulindwa Walukejje
    Charles Kiyimba Kwewayo
    Vincent Mayiga
    Rakai Teachers Technical College Nkobazambogo committee donated 100,000 (ettoffaali) towards the finishing of Masengere building.
    The ceremony has been witnessed by several of other Massaza chiefs, Mengo government officials, religious leaders and politicians.

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