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    RADIO MUNANSI AND BAGANDA IN UGANDANS TO THE RESCUE ORG, based in California are advocating for the Acholi and Langi allegedly in exchange for money.
    Baganda, we ask, which of the tribes you are advocating for in exchange for money advocates for Buganda Kingdom issues? Buganda Kingdom has been demanding to be paid its real rent totaling shs.30 billion, which the government of Uganda owes them, and stubbornly it has refused to pay. It has been more than 8 years of demand with no success.
    Majority in the parliament are not Baganda, they have the authority to demand that Buganda should be paid, if they choose too, but they are silent. (B). Culture and tradition bill that can put our king into prison and captivity, which was passed in the parliament by majority of other tribes. Did they have the interests of Buganda at heart? No.
    C) Land bill which Buganda kingdom disapproved was passed by other tribes, fully knowing well that the kingdom was against it.
    Do they care about the demands of Buganda kingdom? No, they care minus.
    D).MAO and Otunu during the election campaign, promised Buganda kingdom federo if they were elected into office. But do we real need to beg the northerners in order to get what we want? Do they walk with federo in their briefcases? Now the elections are passed, do you hear them educating their people about federal system of governance? No, so they were lying then, they just wanted to use baganda as a stepping stone just like in the past. Who bewitched baganda? RADIO MUNANSI IN USA. Do you have any brain to learn from history?
    Where are the radical baganda at heart who are tired of history lessons of the past and are ready to stand up and advocate for Buganda? Not only in words but also with force. Radio munansi you are hypocrites, like Pharisees- woe to unto you, you are like whitewashed tombs that look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of dead men’s bones, maggots and everything is unclean. In the same way Radio Munansi and baganda in Uganda’s to the resue,on the outside you appear to be on track according to some radio topics but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy, greed, self indulgence, sellout, traitors of Buganda kingdom, wimps and a fraud.
    Radio Munansi allegedly are paid money to advocates for UPC, ACHOLI and LANGO, to build a good image before Buganda kingdom and its people. That is insane even to think about it, what they would have done is to apologize and seek reconciliation, because Baganda tribe’s men are good and forgiving people.
    As cone men, these pathological liars, lie through their teeth, claiming that the Acholi and Lango were not responsible for the atrocities committed in Luweero triangle during the 1981-1986 war.
    1.Radio Munansi USA and UGANDANS TO THE RESCUE ORG. Claim, that because Dr.Olala Otunu was the under secretary of UNITED NATIONS and he had access to the files of human rights abuses files of Luweero Triangle, so we should trust everything he tells us.
    2. You blind guides Radio Munansi, what proof do you have, beyond reasonable doubt that his ability to have access to the files, he never tempered with them?
    3. By the way, Dr Otunu that time of the war in Luweero Triangle, he was the minister of foreign affair. Give us a record of him reporting the atrocities of Luweero triangle to the international community as chief representative of Uganda. Answer, there is no record, you know why? His government by Acholi and Lango committed majority of these atrocities.
    4. The International Community which was sponsoring 69% of our national budget at that time, ceased from doing so, why? Because the government of Uganda was seen engaging in the slaughter of its people, Dr. Otunu as a minister of foreign affairs, such facts raised, he could not refute. Due to unbalanced nation budget the economy crumbled, President Obote’s government could not pay salaries to its civil servants.
    Teachers went 3months without pay and soldiers went 6months. President Obote on the recorded warranted his army, that a gun was their salary. Therefore Obote’s special force went on rampage, stealing in the broad daylight before our eyes, they had no shame, they stole everything they could put their hands on, including the “women sex private hoes”(ekumbi yo mumbulili), claiming “yiyo kintambala yiko muzuli saana” to wipe their sweat, they slaughtered baganda even leaking the blood on the weapons used to kill. These Acholi and Lango were barbaric and animals at that time. RADIO MUNANSI you were in Buganda at that time, we know that you have similar stories and even worse committed by the Acholi and Lango but because of greed, you are blinded,
    3.Radio Munansi, were are not a sellout, greedy and corrupt just like you guys, Buganda Kingdom, we remember “ Panda gaali, funguwa mulango,duuka- duuka,road blocks” just like yesterday. On the record we remember LT.GEN.Oyite Ojok the commander in chief of the armed forces who proclaimed a self made law stating: “if a special force army man is killed at a location, revenge has to be done by shooting 10 miles North-south-east-west from the scene, anything moving. These people acted as animals, at the same time were given a license to kill, which they exercised in the broad day light, baganda we are witnesses to this.
    Radio Munansi how will you convince the baganda in the village to join the revolution if you are embedded with the people who slaughtered their families whose tombs are visible before their eyes?
    4. 80% of the freedom fighters were baganda, Dr Andrew Kayiira UFM and NKWANGA –FEDEM. One would argue that if the freedom fighters including NRA of Museveni were more evil than the government of President Obote and Otunu, how come all baganda in the Kingdom sponsored the war, they heed them, fed them, clothed them and gave them information of were Otunu’s government soldiers were.
    You know why, because evidence of Obote’s brutal regime was evident before everyone’s eyes.
    Readers I’m not claiming that the freedom fighters didn’t kill some of the people in Luweero triangle; surely they did, in a small number.
    Radio Munansi advocates of the Acholi and Lango, if you buy into their accusation, they accuse all you BAGANDA FREEDOM FIGHTERS to have slaughtered your own people. President Museveni-NRA was not the only one in the bush, and majority of Baganda were fighting under him and he became the poster child of Buganda, such a scheme majority of baganda regret at the moment.
    I conclude by calling upon Radio Munansi-Uganda to the rescue and all Baganda across the world, you dropped “omulamwa gwa Buganda Kingdom” repent and return ku “MULAMWA” no other tribe in Uganda will set us free, because they do not want to, therefore it upon us to take on the priority of the Kingdom.
    Editor. DMMGR


    Semagulu should be speaking for himself. Abasinga tuli bakoowu!

    Re: {UAH} RADIO MUNANSI USA allegedly are on pay roll to lobby 4 image of Acholi and Lango
    Kizito etcetera,
    One of the reasons why Buganda has failed to succeed in despite many efforts is because of those among us who think that they are more Baganda than Nanyinumu. The fringe extra radical wing who think that Buganda has nothing to do with Uganda. Many of us are not in this isolationist mode. From the Bafumbira to the Dodoth we are all partners in pursuance of Federalism. When we call for federalism we call for it across the country. The 1960’s setup, was just that a setup to fail Buganda. As we accuse the Acholi (who are actually are not the central players in the Luwero Massacres [ the killers were primarily, Youth wingers and Special force members]) we need to recall that the Ssebirumbis, Paulo Muwango, Kanyamusayi were from the Bantu speaking regions of Uganda, prominent among them was Rwakasisi, who happens to be Museveni’s friend now. This negative tribal centered talk must stop if Buganda is to achieve what we demand for.
    K.N. Ssemagulu


    Bamunansi si bebano betuwulira abaali bakola ku ababaka radio ya baganda ne bakunnumba nebyuuma byaabwe byonna bo baggulewo radio eyaabwe eya munansiomunanfuusi kyokka nga bawoza nti bakunganya bagandanebamaliriza nga balaze ekyaali kigendererwa , ate mwana wange bwenasooka okubawulira ku ababaka ngolowooza nti balimu akobuntu naye bwenawulira nga bakoze kyebakoze nensooka njagala nange okwewulirirako nagange nasooka kuwulirako bengulu ate ngenda okuwulira nga zireese nebanyamulenge awo nemmanya nti ekisenge kyebagenda okutomera okubba ebintu bya baganda abagezaako okwetaasa mu buddu kibasemberedde ba nnammawe
    It was just a matter of time


    “Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand.
    Jesus (Matthew 12:25)

    A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.
    Ariel Durant (Russian born American Writer and Historian. 1898-1981)

    We can also ponder on the phrases “one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch” and “One mouse dropping ruins the whole pot of rice.” These mean that one person doing wrong can affect a whole group of people.

    Mu buntu toyinza kusuubira nti abantu bonna bajja kubeera nokutegeera kwe kumu, era nebwonoyimba okwegatta era nga ne nsonga zirabika ojja kusangayo aberoworeza ebyaabwe ebirala: Ba Mirundi, Bukenya, Nsibambi, Nsambu, Mukwaaya, kwekugamba nti bwebaba nga bonna abo Baganda. Ekyo kiri mu nsi yonna mu mawanga gonna. Kiki kyokola okufuna okwegatta? Ebibi bijjemu!! Bwebabeera bantu nga mu mbeera eno, baboole,kubanga waliwo nabanafu abayinza okusendebwasendebwa amangu oba okuggwaamu amaanyi.

    Abaganda tuyige nekintu ekirala, munno bwakulabula bannange tuwulirize. Sigambye nti tukkirize buli kimu, naye oli bwabeera amanyi omuntu, nakutemyaako nti gundi elina ekizibu, nga gwayogerako ggwe tomumanyi, bannange tuleme kuwakana bitalimu! Bwebeera ambush, oli najja nakulabula nti owange omusajja oyo atulimu naye namulabye mu camp yabalabe nga bateesa okutukola ambush, ggwe nowakana nti onomala kulabako. Oluusi okulabako ate yebera ekomerero yo!! Okwerinda ssi buti ate ne mbulirire tefa yonna.

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