Corruption at Nsamizi Training Institute

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    Alex KigongoAlex Kigongo

    (Message from our radio listener – name with held)

    Corruption at Nsamizi Training Institute
    I salute you for the very good work you are doing in the education sector. We have been very proud of you as a very straight forward person who has stood for achievement through you effort when you were our headmaster at Uganda Martyrs S.S. The President indeed saw reason in making you supervise Higher education. Nsamizi Training Institute is yet another project for you. You either get impressed by a few buildings they have put up at very escalated rates without following the PPDA act, but only awarding their in-laws and themselves as suppliers of materials or you redeem this institution by pursuing zero tolerance to corruption. We the concerned staff of Nsamizi Training Institute, Mpigi have been complaining to this highly esteemed institution of the IGG about the mismanagement of Public funds and abuse of office at Nsamizi Training Institute of Social development WITH NO assistance. Now there is a selective recruitment exercise of some family members and friends of the Family of the Acting principal- Kanyesigye and his acting Deputy Kalule and Otim who has been writing their MA thesis and assignments and now their PhDs he was very well facilitated to write for them. Surprisingly, Otim being a beneficiary of the scholarship from Holland got a pass because he had failed to pass research. The same has been with Nyakana Joseph, and Mugabe. Yesterday, an impromptu meeting was called of staff and a list of seven members of staff was read that they are to appear before the Education Service Commission. He told us that the rest will be done in December. Our concern is what about the rest of us? Since when did the commission call for selective interviews for the same Institution? Why is there competitive recruitment and advertisement in papers and equal opportunity for all us. Are they just intending to confirm existing office bearers who are suspect? What happened to the recommendations to the Permanent Secretary of MOES from the IGG date 1st October 2008 Ref TS.14.2008. Given the nature of recruitment process by the ESC, they are bureaucratic partly because there must be a budget for the purpose. Interviews were held courtesy Mr. Kanyesigye the Principal and all the people that appeared for the interviews competed against themselves. Why? Reliable information we have they paid 120 Million shillings to recruit staff who are earning a petty 340,000 per month? Some one has been protecting some big jobs at the Institute because they raise income and spend at source. What happened to the recommendations made in 2008 by the IGG? Which required the PS to submit to the ESC all vacant posts at the Institute including the posts filled by Ms. Kamashazi Stella and Mr. Nkuranga Charles the young sister and eldest brother of Kanyesigye respect ively? These share the same mother and father. We think there is a conspiracy either with the PS or MOES staff and the ESC and Mr Kanyesigye, Kalule and Otim. The ESC had informed some staff members who were complaining about malicious actions of the Principal Mr. Kanyesigye by forcing them to fill low positions less their experience and qualification. They were informed that the Commission did not have money or budget to cover the activity. The information we have is that the Institute has spend heavily to have these interviews done for a group of seven people yet the institute has more than 150 employees including maids and workers on the private farms all on the pay roll of Nsamizi. Since when was the budget approved? Where did the money come from? We have spent over two semesters without being paid yet we raise and spend at source. Mr. PS and your commissioners for Higher Education or BTVET, what is happening. Hon. Dr. Muyingo your technical team will bring you down if you do not wake up. They asked us to fill forms courtesy of the Education Service Commission, However, there were concern when some of the long serving lecturers were asked not to be informed, while the rest of were asked to fill low positions. For example, we were asked to fill in as Lecturers yet others were asked to fill as Principal Lecturers, Senior lecturers yet they joined 4 years ago, a cashier and head of procurement/stores- Sengendo was asked to fill as a cook for whatever reason. This has been the case since, 2007 when he came acting Principal, creating very high risk to job security including denial of teaching hours, late pay for work done, annual contracts yet we are paid for four and half months every year. We have continued to have quarterly contracts, yearly while others depending on the relationship have got three years. This contravenes Section 67 (2) of the employment act 2006. The mandate of the board expired long time despite the fact that it also had its short comings like appointment of members on the board who were s.4 drop (Former councillor) outs but given a scholarship to pursue a diploma at the same Institution. Others were best men of Kanyesigye and a roommate while at Makerere University. Job allocations are not made on merit. Take for instance some directors do not even have a master’s degree and have been struggling to complete after they were not given admission at UMI having completed a PGD from there. The head of Social work a professional course is headed by a non social worker and yet we have very many qualified social workers with credible experiences. Some of whom we sidelined because they belong to the association and have talked for if when the IGG investigated about witch hunting. Many academic subjects at Degree level are handled by people without the subject content having been covered previously in their academic life. This has grossly compromised the academic standards of Nsamizi. After all the marks are paid at the registry and befor the directors. This can be cross checked with marks submitted by the examiners and signed V.V what appears on the final transcripts. The principal is all the time bragging about his PhD which he started studying in 2003 from over 5 universities and dropping out, until he joined California University and yet he has never left this country for USA. We was taught and supervised by one and a lone lecturer the Late Professor Muhumuza. No wonder he had to pay for this by having him meet his creator. He keeps reminding us about how he has his PhD and therefore he is the Alpha and Omega of Nsamizi. This document should be investigated and proved us wrong that he was not taught over Nine modules by one lecturer but the course work written by Otim. He was taught and examined by one lecturer and supervised his research by the same Late Professor Muhumuza. But some chapters some of us wrote and another drunkard Gracious also collected and wrote some accepts of this document. Gracious has been signing some fake documents and receipts on behalf of Kanyesigye especially on payment of fake service providers. Check his signature against documents paying suppliers from 2008-2011. Surprisingly, the Auditor and IGG has been coming to Nsamizi and have these guys cleared. They always leave smiling and end at some pub on Wakaliga Road. Previously it was at MM Pub Kabusu. Today if you don’t call Mr. Kanyesigye. Doctor or Professor you do not get your requisition cleared or you are never assigned to teach on Bachelor’s degree which is one way to mint money. The good doctor cannot even quote a single sentence from his thesis. This we saw when we asked him to present his finding during the research seminars and the publication for the Journal. He took this as an offence TO THIS DAY. It would also be interesting to find out why he shares similar names with his eldest brother Nkuranga Charles who is the internal auditor after he was retrenched from Uganda clays or was it UCB. How come they all have similar first names? Why was Kanyesigye during his “O” levels at a seminary he was known as Nkuranga and later Kanyesigye Charles? Why are there similar first names among siblings sharing a common father and mother? IGG REPORT of 2008 ref TS.14.2008 has never been implemented to this day but attempts are being made to entrench themselves. Staff association which is provided for under the National Council for Higher Education has been stifled. The leadership was witch hunted other labled thieves, forgers of academic transcript, other promoted to their denouncing of the lecturer’s association, other denied work, others given very short contracts, and one was condemned to Prison- Ezra. The same machinery that was headed by the Principal Kanyesigye that used to sale transcripts and diplomas as cheaply as 20,000/= are the same that are the trade. Lectures have condemned for having their students fail exams. So it is now automatic passing and getting diplomas. First class can be bought as cheaply as 100,000/= yet marks can be changed with 10,000/= different form what the lecturers/examiners have submitted. When one of us complained to NCHE, the same communication and letter was submitted to MR. Kanyesigye who came to the Institute waving a copy of the same letter. The author is no more at Nsamizi. He was summarily dismissed as undisciplined because he complained why the students that had retakes were graduating. There are workers on the farm and maids on the Pay roll of Nsamizi. The Institute car is always in Sebabule district carrying fodder for the cows. During the dry season there cleaners and sanitary officers and former cooks of Nsamizi will be deployed to fetch water on these private farms. How come the oldest serving driver is not deployed yet the institute has many new vehicles all coming with new drivers. He is left with driving the bus during burials of staff. WE have attached a copy of the IGG s recommendations

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