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    Alex KigongoAlex Kigongo

    Dr. Kirumira, a Ugandan native, migrated to Canada in 1975. He graduated from Reading University in the United Kingdom, and later completed his PhD in biotechnology at Murdock University in Australia. Dr. Kirumira started his Medical Biotechnology career as a Senior Research Fellow in Medical Diagnostics at the University of Maryland in the U.S. He taught Biochemistry at Acadia University in Nova Scotia, and was the founding Professor of Medical Biotechnology at Dalhousie University’s College of Pharmacy.

    Presently, he is the Adjunct Professor in the Chemistry Department at Acadia University. He is world renowned for his pioneering work when he developed the world’s first rapid acting HIV test in 1993.

    Dr. Kirumira has been recognized by a number of world forums including being chosen by The Economist (London, U.K.) in 2007 to receive their Innovation Award in the area of Bioscience for his work in the development of rapid diagnostic HIV testing. In 2009, he received the World Economic Forum (Geneva, Switzerland) Technology Pioneer Award in Affordable Medical Diagnostics for Emerging Economics. He also received the Planet Africa Award for Technology Innovation.

    He was also awarded with a BBPA Harry Jerome Award for Technology and Innovation.

    Check out the videos:
    Entrepreneurs in Action: Dr. Abdullah Kirumira, Biomedica Diagnostics Inc

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