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    Alex Kigongo
    Alex Kigongo

    Biwandiikiddwa mu Lungereza okusobozesa abantu okutegeera amayinja gano mu mannya gaago gebagamanyiddemu kati,nga tetunagazza mu Luganda. Ekitundu kino ekisooka kya kutujjukiza ku migaso gya mayinja mu bulamu bwaffe obwa bulijjo.

    More men make money from precious stones than wear then. But men still shop for precious stones more than women, as gifts for their loved ones.
    Of men who wear precious stones, Many prefer to have rings made with metals such as platinum, silver and gold and with colored, semi-precious stones to create a unique and beautiful design and those are exactly what multi-color wedding bands for men are made of.
    Men wear gems in the following ornaments;
    Tie holders
    Wedding bands
    Buckles Billiments, Buttons
    Also in Rosary beads, Worry beads.

    Women use precious stones in many ways, but mostly as part of their dressing.
    Nose rings
    Lady’s rings
    Here we are going to use these gems as titles for our members. Some of these stones must have names in our language but which the author has no knowledge of. Some for sure don’t, but they all must have. Because they are in our economic reality. So here are some of these names as will be used in our titles. Starting with the most expensive;

    Alex Kigongo
    Alex Kigongo

    Bino bye bitiibwa by’olukiiko nga tutandika nabapya, netukkirira nga nebitiibwa bwebirinnya, wamu ne bbeyi yamayinja. Fresh ssi jinja okwo kwaniriza mupya. Tujjukirenga nti ebbeyi ya mayinja ekyuuka nga ya Gold na Silver nebyomuwendo ebyomuttaka ebirala.

    1. (Fresh – Muto)

    2. Jasper – Muvubuka

    3. Quartz – Kwaatizi

    4. Tigers Eye – Liso Lya Ngo

    5. Lapis Lazuli – Jjinja Bbululu

    6. Amethyst – Mutereevu

    7. Topaz – Muliro

    8. Opal – Ekyebbeyi

    9. Crystal Sapphire – Bbalaafu Safaya

    10. Red Alexandralite – Omulekisandura

    11. Blue Star sapphire – Bbululu Safaya

    12. Diamond – Kkalubo

    13. Emerald – Kiragala

    14. Ruby – Kasaayi

    Omuwandiisi agezezzako okuvvunula amannya ga mayinja gano kyegategeeza mu Luganda naye wayinza okubaawo abalina ebirowoozo ebirala. Abasomi ba ddembe nokuwa ebirowoozo bino oba n’okugolola. Enyinyonyola yamannya gano mu Lungereza nayo eri mu kkubo.

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