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    Government Sponsored Kings’ Forum Gangs Up Against Buganda
    Posted on 21 March 2009

    On March 14, 2009 a conference of so called Uganda’s kings sponsored by president Museveni’s govenment resolved to support anti-Buganda laws such as Regional Tier.

    More than 50 kings, cultural leaders and chiefs and their prime ministers, and ministers, who met at Masindi Hotel under the chairmanship of he Omukama of Bunyoro, Solomon Gafabusa Iguru. Prominently present were Mr. Museveni’s recently created “minor kings” in Buganda, the Isaabaruuli of Buruuli, Mwatysansozi Mwogeza Butamanya Omubwijwa, The Isaabanyala of Bunyala Capt. Kimeze Beeka Mpagi Byarufu. Wisely, Ssabajja Kabaka Muwenda Mutebi and the Buganda Mmengo were not involved at all.

    According to the press statement circulated by the Press Secretary to the Omukama of Bunyoro, Henry Ford Miirima, the European Community and the United States government, through the USAID, got directly and actively involved in activitites that appear to aim at dismantling the Buganda Kingdom. Mr. Miriima’s statement says that the European Union “has pledged to give financial backing to the Kings Forum as long as the body is impeccably transparent” and USAID “assisted” the forum.

    The Uganda kings’ forum report is reproduced in full below:


    Uganda’s kings, cultural leaders and chiefs establish a uniting Forum at a one-day conference at Masindi Hotel March 14, 2009

    A congregation of more than fifty of Uganda’s kings, cultural leaders and chiefsand their prime ministers, and ministers, who met at Masindi Hotel March 14, resolved to establish a legal Kings’ forum with a fully fledged Secretariat, based at Kabuusu, Kampala.

    Chaired by the Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitara, Solomon Gafabusa Iguru, the one-day conference attended by nearly all of Uganda kings and cultural leaders except the Kabaka of Buganda, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi, resolved to transform their forum into a registered legal entity with a permanent Secretariat located at Kabuusu in Kampala on a land which was donated by the Kamuswaga of Kooki, His Highness Apolo Isansa II.

    To kick-start the Kings Forum their majesties contributed nearly fifteen million Uganda Shillings. While the Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitasra chaired the conference, the Master of Ceremonies was Bunyoro-Kitara’s Speaker of the kingdom’s Parliament, Orukurato Orukuro orw’obukama bwa Bunyoro-Kitara, Rev. Fr. Bonevantura Kyaligonza.

    The Speaker informed the Forum that the European Union, which is already organizing another large Cultural Heritage conference in Bunyoro-Kitara in May this year, has pledged to give financial backing to the Kings Forum as long as the body is impeccably transparent and has in place qualified and highly responsible officials to manage the funds of the Forum. Other bodies to assist the Forum are the Uganda Ministry of Gender and USAID.

    Noting the absence of the Buganda kingdom delegation, the Kamuswaga of Kooki, Apolo Isansa proposed, and the proposal was adopted, the Forum send a high-powered delegation to Buganda Kingdom Government to explain the kingdom the benefits and objectives of the Kings’ Forum and how it is intended to uplift the economic, cultural and social well-being of the population in their regions.

    Their Majesties made it very clear that the Kings and all Traditional and Cultural leaders need the participation of Buganda Kingdom in this Forum.

    Conspicuously present and seated next to the Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitara, were The Isaabaruuli of Buruuli, Mwatysansozi Mwogeza Butamanya Omubwijwa, The Isaabanyala of Bunyala Capt. Kimeze Beeka Mpagi Byarufu.

    The Traditional Rulers of Acholi, Alur, Bamasaaba, Tororo, Teso, attended in person.

    Nine resolutions adopted.

    The Forum which consisted of Kings, Traditional rulers and cultural leaders, chiefs and their Prime ministers, Principal Private Secretaries, and other ministers, all totaling over fifty, passed the following nine resolutions:

    All kings, cultural leaders and chief to speak with one strong voice.

    The Forum to urge the Uganda Government to speed up the formation of the Regional Ties system which was agreed upon by Uganda’s Parliament.

    The Forum to urge the Uganda to resume the policy of paying royalities to kings and cultural leaders as it was in the past.

    The Forum to support Bunyoro-Kitara’s demand for the Uganda Government to redress the historical wrongs and injustices in the form of the seven lost counties which were donated and annexed to Buganda kingdom to reward Buganda for her role in assisting British colonizers to colonise Uganda.

    To register the forum as the National Kings, Cultural leaders and chiefs Forum so that it acquires legality.
    To streamline the cultural institutions so that there is no consideration of anyone of them as being on top of the others.

    To strongly advocate and initiate policies to develop, promote and teach our cultural languages and begin examining them from infant schools up to University level.

    The Forum Secretariat to organize regular press conferences in order to create good, brotherly, and friendly relations with the press. At these press conferences all issues will be addressed by Forum officials either from the Secretariat or as the Forum will see fit.

    To advocate for the unity of all the people of Uganda and African in general.

    While all participants were given a chance to contribute ideas, the key note speech was given by the chairman of the Forum, His Majesty Rukirabasaija the Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitara.

    Omukama Iguru said, in part,

    “We must, as kings, traditional rulers, and cultural leaders convey our collective gratitude to the Government of Uganda for creating an enabling climate for the kingdoms and cultural institutions, and chiefdoms to thrive and serve the people of Uganda with commitment to the sovereign state of Uganda.

    “We resolved to speak with one voice but over the last year the kings, traditional rulers and cultural leaders have not been audible enough advocating for critical, social and cultural development needs for their mutual benefits and the befits of our subjects.

    “We decided to open and facilitate a secretariat for the Forum of Kings, Traditional rulers and cultural leaders in Uganda to handle the day to day activities including transformation of the Forum into a legal entity. This has not yet been done.

    “There is need to urge the Government of Uganda to implement the Regional Tier that parliament has already enacted into law. The delay has not been explained to our satisfaction. Our collective voice must be heard loud and clear.

    There is need to call upon all stakeholders to know the value of land, to protect their rights on it, to correct all historical errors related to land and to secure appropriate legal rights.

    There is need for collective mobilization for development of all our subjects that willingly pay allegiance to kings and traditional rulers and cultural leaders. Our subjects must see opur functional value.

    After our last meeting came the Lira Declaration that we all signed and have a duty to implement through collective development programmes for cooperating kingdoms and chiefdoms of Uganda and together seeking development partners to fund them and in particular the European Union and other willing partners. We cannot afford to lose this opportunity.

    It is a felt need in all our institutions that we must ask the Government of Uganda to resume payment of royalties to kingdoms and chiefdoms on forests, game reserves, plantation agriculture and minerals/oil and gas and other natural resources in the various kingdoms and chiefdoms and to lobby members of Parliament in the various kingdoms and chiefdoms to support related changes in the constitution and laws of Uganda.

    It is now obvious that we must work together to promote the unity of Uganda, Eastern Africa, and the entire continent of Africa.

    We must call upon development partners to identify themselves with the Forum of Kings, Traditional Rulers, and Cultural Leaders and to support their collective programmes and activities.

    There is need for cultivate productive partnership between the press and Kings, Traditional Rulers nd /cultural leaders in Uganda for mutual benefit to replace current malicious publication and sensational reporting by a section of the press.

    We need to workd together to promote peace, reconsilitation and ethic co-existence and reverse the historical distortions and errors that have led to ethnic strife emanting from colonial rule.

    We need to pool resources to promote and support research, documentation and preservation of culture, arts, languages, customs and our entire cultural heritage and encourage cultural exchange and sharing of experience through inter-kingdom exchanges and meetings.

    Finally, it is with great pleasure that I invite you to Hoima to participate in the Europe-Uganda Cultural Village scheduled to be mounted at Hoima in May 2009.

    Ends the key note address by Omukama Soloomon Gafabusa Iguru.

    Report by;

    Henry Ford Miirima
    Press Secretary of the OMukama of Bunyoro-Kitara


    Bearing in mind the Powers that created and perpetuated the
    Hutu versus Tussi mis-understandings in Rwanda which caused
    the genocide of 1 million dead people,Museveni is back with
    his old bloody tricks. Since I was born,it is now 50 years ago,I have never heard of a sabanyoli or sabaruuli on Ugandan soil.People wake up and be realistic before you are motivated into a sectarian idioty of Rwakitura.We are mature enough to decide what is good for us. As the saying goes “A fish decays from head downwards” the Sababbi of Uganda is rotten..


    Nothing new here, this is exactly what happenned 40 something years ago. Then too, all the other tribes ganged up, together with the whites and raided our King’s palace and have been torturing and killing our people ever since. The Baganda would never have suffered as they did, if they didn’t give in to divisions, especially religious in the first years of their history with the whites. And this was the reason why God let the 1966 happen to us. Because we left his side.

    What the Baganda need to do is to hold firm together. All who wish this to end fast, gather up quickly. All this was meant to be, so everyone is left with no doubt that we have to live on our own, as God created us. Even among us, who ever is not with us is against us. Let’s, just like the ants, crowd around our King. With the Lord on our side, there is no European Union or USA, that can hurt us. They might be the super power, but he is the Almighty, and he is everywhere. They may have all the money known to man, but money is nothing but soil. And only God knows what percentage they have of all there is in the world. Moreover, Jesus said man doesn’t stay alive on bread alone, but also on the word of God.

    In order for everyone to know where they stand, we have to address the Bunyoro issue, with facts other than that white-fabricated history they are so much in love with. That I’ll do in another post.


    Mpuuga awabudde Abanyoro ku mafuta
    Bukedde Friday, 20 March 2009
    MINISITA w’abavubuka e Mmengo, Matthias Mpuuga yawadde Aban-yoro amagezi beegatte ku Buganda okulwanira Federo kibayambe oku-weebwa omugabo oguwera ku mafuta gavumenti g’egenda okusima mu kitundu kyabwe.

    Mpuuga yagambye nti Bunyoro bw’etaasabe Federo tejja kuganyulwa mu mafuta agali mu kitundu kyayo n’agattako nti bandibeera ng’abantu mu Nigeria abalengera ennyonyi ezitwala amafuta nga zibayitako mu bbanga era olw’okulumwa kati bazikuba bbomu.
    Mpuuga yabyogedde atongoza ettabi lya Nkobazambogo mu ttendekero ly’abasomesa erya Kabalega College e Masindi.

    Yakubirizza Abaganda okwongera amaanyi mu kuweerera abaana n’aga-mba nti y’engeri yokka egenda okuyamba okwon-gera ku muwendo gw’Aba-ganda mu Gavumenti.

    Yalabudde abavubuka obuteetundako ttaka bazadde baabwe lye baba babalekedde.
    Ssentebe wa Nkobaza-mbogo mu Masindi NTC, Daniel Edward Kisekka yeebazizza Mmengo oku-wagira ekibiina kyabwe.


    Buganda ewabudde Obukama bwa Bunyoro obutakozesebwa Gavt

    Bya Ahmed Kateregga

    OBWAKABAKA bwa Buganda bulabudde obukama bwa Bunyoro okukoma okukozesebwa gavumenti eya wakati okunafuya Mmengo nti kubanga ne Obote bwatyo bwe yabukozesa kyokka oluvannyuma n’asangulawo obufuzi bw’ensikirano bwonna.

    Minisita w’e Mmengo avunaanyizibwa ku nsonga z’Olukiiko, baminisita n’ebyamawulire, Mw. Charles Peter Mayiga yategeezezza nti “Obwakabaka bwa Buganda bussa ekitiibwa ky’amaanyi mu bukama bwa Bunyoro era bukolagana nabwo butereevu. Kyokka twewuunya okulaba nga Bunyoro ekozesebwa okusekeeterera Buganda.”

    Kino kiddiridde Omukama Solomon Agutamba Gafabusa Iguru owa Bunyoro okutuuza olukiiko mu Masindi Hotel ku Lwomukaaga olwetabyemu abafuzi b’ensikirano bonna omwabadde Kamuswaga Apolo Sansa ll owa Kooki, Saabaluuli Mwogeza Butamanya ne Ssaabanyala Capt. Kimeze Beeka Mpagi.

    Mu kiwandiiko ekyafulumiziddwa omwogezi w’omukama wa Bunyoro, Mw. Henry Ford Mirima, abakulembeze b’ennono nga 40 abaalwetabyemu baasazeewo okutondawo olukiiko olubagatta era Kamuswaga n’abawa ettaka e Kabuusu mu Kampala bazimbewo ekitebe. Kamuswaga era yaleese ekirowoozo Kabaka wa Buganda ne Katikkiro we abataabaddewo basindikirwe ekibinja eky’amaanyi, abaalubaddemu ne bakkiriza.

    Mw. Mayiga yagambye nti okussaawo olukiiko lugatta abafuzi b’ennono si kibi nti era Buganda ye yakitandika ng’eyali Katikkiro Joseph Mulwanyammuli yatuuza bakulu banne enfunda eziwera mu Bulange e Mmengo. Nti kyokka enkiiko ez’ekimpatiira omuli abafuzi ab’ekimpatiira nga Ssaabaluuli ne Ssaabanyala, Buganda tesobola kuzeetabamu.

    Ng’atuuse ku Kamuswaga, Mw. Mayiga yagambye nti okuva mu kyasa kya 19, Kooki ssaza lya Buganda ery’ensikirano nti noolwekyo yabadde tasuubira mufuzi waalyo kugenda butereevu mu lukiiko ng’olwo nga tayise mu Bulange e Mmengo.

    Yalabudde ne gavumenti nti bwetaakomye kwagala kusekeeterera Buganda, Abaganda bajja kugikyawa nga bwebaakyawa Obote ne UPC, omwana n’omuzzukulu.
    Bukedde Published on: Saturday, 21st March, 2009


    Kino sikipya nakatono okujjako enjawulo eriwo eri nti luli abaganda bokka bebaali battibwa nga balala bonna bawaana omutemu nga bwalina obukodyo okutuusa kati buli omu bwagenze nga yota kukaliro .

    Ekisinga okaabya amaziga kwekuddira abantu abakulu nebabazannyisa nga bu puppet oli nasika kastring ka puppet nekassa omukono oba nekawuuba okugulu era aba akutte akati akasibidwaako ka puppet bwabusuula eri tafaayo ngwa ka puppet gyekaguddemu , kati m7 agenda nawuguusa bano neberowooza nti alina kyafaayo nabambaza bajje bemulugunye ewa queen nga zze bwalaba nga batuuse nebabagobera ku kifugi nebajjako netaala ate enkeera nabagamba kati mukube enkiiko muwandike byonna ebibaluma, bwebamala nagenda mumawulire nabategeeza nga bwebegasse nebogera kino nakiri.

    Naye ffe ekyo tekituyigula ttama m7 wammwe mumutwaale oba yanabeera ssabanyolo ffe tetulina taabu kasita mutuviira ffe twagala kwekutula tubeere ffekka kati nammwe mubeere ne boyfriend wammwe anti alengedde amafuta kati abajjukidde nti gyemuli kamale okubakozesaako nammwe at least mwe temumulwanidde kuyiwa musaayi nga baana ba Baganda bwebaafa era nga bakyaafa obwemage mumutwaale nammwe mumwoote obuliro mugira mukyatijja , ate temuyiga mangu nabatambuza ne mugenda e Libya nebabasibira kubifugi era nemukomawo nemulinda olulala lwanabaswaaza, nge ebyo byonna mafuta ago gebazudde , ffe tutaddewo abiri anti kati nekassente kabuze kino kikyaali kituuza, i think we are going to enjoy the show


    Fe tetubagana kukola bukiko bwabwe, bakole buli lunaku. Naye fe tugenda, nolwekyo ebizimbe byabwe tebabisa ku ttaka lyafe. Gwe ate lwaki ebitebe tebabiteka bunyoro, balinda okugamba mbu mutusasule ebizimbe byafe.tewali abagamba kubisa mu ttaka lyafe. Wano tukakasiza dala nti wade federo tekola, kwekutula kwoka.


    Buganda si yeneeba esoose mu Africa okwekutula SOMALI LAND Yekutula awalala wonna mu Somalia balwaana naye bali bakwazza emirimu gyaabwe kati mwe abalala nga bwemutafiirwangako kubantu bammwe ate nga mwekokkola Abaganda kirungi mufunye anabafuga obulungi nemumu kolerera abantu nebayita bulungi nemugobwa ku Mataka gammwe, nayiwako abalalo be nemubakolerera.

    Kati kyesitegeera bwemuba mukuba obukukuulu bwammwe ate lwaaki mwekyuusa nemukwatira abalaalo amafumu ne biso nga bazze ewammwe? mbadde byonna bijjira mu package emu mukyaawe Abaganda ngo bwedda m7 abasasule buli mweezi abajjeko ettaka lyammwe ayiweyo abalaalo be, mwesibe ebisanja mumuyimbire abeewo.

    Kuluno kyemuba temusubira ye Muganda owekisa ekyo kyagwaawo bwetwategeera nti mwenna mwegatta kumulabe waffe kati buli omu bwanatuula ewaabwe yanesalirawo waani gyanagenda amufuge obumbula amukolere atte abantu be ate nga bwamusasula, so si mwe kutusalirawo, ffe ekyo mukitulekere era muzimbe wammwe kuba zino zonnazi death trap zemutulekedde ewaffe mukimanyi nti zigenda kuttaka muzitwaale ewammwe ki slum kyammwe mukikole buli omu gya sibuka mulina buli omu gyaava tukooye.

    Justus ZaguduJustus Zagudu

    Omulabe avudeyo kati mu bulambalamba. Tewali kwekwasa nti oba ku luda lwaffe waliwo atamanya obaku luda lwabwe. Buganda wenyweze!!!

    Alex KigongoAlex Kigongo
    Right here is the official story from the Bunyoro side as regards the roots of the Buganda – Bunyoro problems, as told by Omunyoro Henry Ford Mirima. You cannot tell such a story even to a child, if you don’t want to impair their thinking mechanism.
    He starts off writing that Buganda succeeded from Bunyoro in 1500. He talks about the Abatembuzi, Abacweezi and Ababiito. It all comes with some mysterious gods who came from and returned to heaven. Such we learnt in schools from white and non-Baganda written books. The problem with most Ugandans, is being idolaters of white people, which exceeds their desire for wisdom, or their interest in the truth. I suppose we all know that education is supposed to make people learn to think, to digest knowledge they acquire through hearing, reading and else how. The history of a country should be written by the people of that country and them alone. Not by neighbors, friends, not even brother or sister states, and definitely not by an enemy camp like the British were when they came to Buganda. Despite that universally known fact, even some Baganda have swallowed the white and non-Baganda written history, hook, line and sinker. This information war on Buganda isn’t starting now.

    The whites working with the other tribes, lead by the Banyakitara, Banyarwanda, together with UPC, Obote and Amin, burnt the Buganda archives that contained our history. It’s obvious the reason was to intentionally confuse the later generations of Baganda and hold then in bondage over such fiction stories as written above. Fortunately, many Baganda taught their children history at home. But if it was the same history as we know, as they talk about, and it wasn’t a threat to them, why did they burn it? Now, today, how do they fit all the Buganda history into theirs of the succession? Could 500 years produce a language and tradition/culture so different that we don’t understand each other? Does this mean that the Americans/Australians and the British won’t be understanding each other’s English and culture in the next 200 years? So, Bunyoro Kitara Empire – had conquered/was holding who under it’s rule to deserve the name? An empire is a group of countries under a single supreme authority. This means Bunyoro was holding other nations with it’s sword. For her to start demanding repossession of the territories she occupied then is like the Roman Empire demanding to regain it’s rule on Spain, Andorra, United Kingdom, France, Monaco, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Italy, San Marino, Vatican City, Malta, Austria Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Hungary, Albania, Greece, FYR Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria,Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Syria, Iraq, Kuwait, Cyprus, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sudan, Libya,Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco.

    The Baganda tradition maintains that we come from Nambi and Kintu, created by the Almighty God. Now every people who believe in a single creator of all the world, believe in the brotherhood of man. But never did our nation come into being through violence. The elders admitted of not knowing the actual age of the Buganda Kingdom. Some said this line of kings alone is somewhere around 1800 years old. They just knew of one other line of kings, that of Bemba Musota, who had become a dictator and his people had beheaded him on Ssese Island. Then a new King was chosen, he was a prince, a new comer from Egypt through Ethiopia, and he was the first of this present line. Buganda started out with a vast territory, but because of her humble nature, lost most of it to settlers who turned ruthless, more or less like is happening now. When the whites asked King Muteesa I of the size of his kingdom he confirmed these facts too. Bunyoro was a tiny territory with a big ego, calling itself the Bunyoro Kitara Empire – the sword Empire, and mighty aggressive. They employed violence to enlarge their territory. They wanted what was left of Buganda to become a part of them and Buganda refused. Bunyoro resorted to declaring war, during which Buganda gained back it’s land they’d taken before. So the land the Banyoro are talking about and more, belonged to Buganda to start with.

    The non Baganda of Uganda say that Buganda teamed with the whites to conquer the rest of the tribes. What they need is to take time and revise their history. Then they must think, think and think. Not even a child’s mother, with all her love, can think for it like it can think for itself. In the Buganda Agreement (surrender) of 1900, which formed the basis of British relations with Buganda for over 50 years, the Kabaka was recognized as ruler of Buganda as long as he remained faithful to the protecting authority. His council of chiefs, the lukiko, was given statutory recognition. The Baganda had realised that fighting the whites at this time wouldn’t bring the desired results for the kingdom. Bunyoro turned itself into an anti-white camp. The British asked the Baganda to help make them change their mind. Mind you the whites were fighting each other in the area over the territories. The British had brought their Nubian mercenaries and were now preparing to bring in the Indians too. Bunyoro could still not see the danger of a large foreign army in the area. That’s when Buganda came in to work with the whites to save the day. If they hadn’t, Bunyoro would be a thing of the past right now. See what happened in other places where the locals tried to fight these invaders. Then the Baganda chiefs went about teaching the other peoples of Uganda to organize themselves, so they can be ready for the upraise. And ready they were one day, to attack the Buganda King’s palace and kill Baganda together with the whites.

    Mengo has to set up a Buganda History Association, to record our true history and make sure it passes on to the future Baganda generations.

    Long Live The King Of Buganda.


    Musajja wa Kabaka ogira okulikayo



    Bano abagamba nti baganda bafe nti era Kabaka wafe yava mu lulyo lwa omukama waabwe, lwaki Kabaka Muteesa II bweyafa Abanyoro bonna mu Buganda bakola party. Obuganda bwonna bwali mu naku nga bukaaba, nabana abawere nga banyikavu, engoma za Banyolo nezibutikira ebyalo. Era kigambibwa nti mu Bunyoro kyayitilila, bamala week nga bajaguza. Bebo baganda bafe? Muganda wo bwataba wa kulaba naye nnaku, aba wa ki? Ate mu kuggulawo emipira gye bika nali Buganda. Abasaja Abanyarwanda naba Nyakitara batuvumanga nga tujagatta team zafe. “Galabe bwegaseka, bwegesibye embugo, singa gafude, geyita ga wagulu.” Mu nsi yafe, musanyu lyafe nga banamawanga banyiivu. Mugandawo nebwaba yakunyiza atya toyinza kubera bwotyo. Mpozi Kigongo kyayambye kwekutunyonyola amakulu ga Empire. ekyo kija kusobozesa ababade tebamanyi byafayo okumanya ekitufu.


    Points of information;
    Kigongo – Ndowooza kyetwogerako wano kwekuzzaawo ekibiina ekikola ku byafaayo, nga ekyaali kikoze biri byebayokya e Bulange mu ’66.

    Mugeraka – Tugamba nti Sekabaka Muteesa II bweyajja omukono mu ngabo. Sso ssi bweyafa.

    Ku mboozi y’omukulu we Bunyoro mulimu bingi omuntu ayagala emboozi byayinza okwogerako, naye nze sibirabyemu nnyo makulu. Kale katugambe, agambye nti mu bwakaba obwo obwasooka bwamala emyaaka esatu nga namulondo nkalu nga tewali musika okutuusa bwebafuna abalongo mu ba Luo. Nga Taata wa Kabaka teyalina baana balala? Yadde jajja bwe?Yye Kabaka yenyini mu nsi ye wano weyaali yali talinawo mukazi yenna, abaana bokka beyazaala yabazaala bunayira ate nabaleka eyo? Ebyo nga tebiwulikika nga birina akekwaaso ne Buganda? Ayongera nagamba nti waliwo abalongo bana, nga balina ne mulongoi munnaabwe owo kutaano. Kwekugamba abalongo bali bameka, bana oba batano? Mu butuufu emboozi eno bongeere bagiyiiye oba buto, bagiteereze ebeere wakiri nga esobola okutegeerekeka. Ebyo kugamba nti Abaganda babanyoomanga, mbadde baalinga mu ntalo, bbo Abanyoro Abaganda mu ntalo babawangayo mmeere? Ebyo bi Muhwahwa ebyo tebiteegeza Mugwagwa ebyo? Mbu lightweight!

    Kubyo lukiiko luno, ku lwensonga zengenda okuyita ezo Mukwano, nsabye njogere nga sirina ludda. Era ngenda kusooka kwogera n’abamawanga amalala, oluvanyuma ne Bunyoro kakulira lukiiko, n’oluvanyuma ne Buganda.

    Kati abamawanga amalala ekyaabwe sikitegedde. Bunyoro ye egambye nti teyagala Federo, ne nsonga zaayo neziwa. Eyagala kuzzawo “Ancient Glory” yaayo. Kati bano aba mawanga amalala bbo bannaffe bagala ki? Era bakkiriziganye ne nsonga Bunyro zetadde mu bigendererwa, babisoma nebabyetegereza nebalaba nga byebyetaagisa ku list yebigendererwa bino? Era nga list eno ekwatagana nebigendererwa ebyaabwe?

    Kati nzira ku ludda lwa Bunyoro. Bwetusoma ku kunyonyola nga okwa Kigongo kwakoze awo waggulu, kirabikanga Bunyoro eyalowooza nti Buganda yakikola lwa bubi okwegatta nabeeru okugikaka okuggulawo bayingire nga okuva olwo kwekwesasuza nayo neyegatta nabazungu wamu nabamawanga amalala nga bwebakola nekaakati, basobole okutta Abaganda nga bwebakola emyaaka 50 agayise. Naye nze kyendaba nga ekitagiyamba kati, kwekulowoza nti ancient glory yaayo egenda kugizza nga eyita mu kulwanagana na Buganda. Enyumba bweyononeka, oddayo okuzimba okuva ku musingi. Omuntu bwafuna obuzibu mu bukulu, oba natabuka, ekifaanagana nga nensi okutabuka, okumutereza kwekudda mu myaaka gyobuto gyeyatandikira nebajja nga banoonya wa ensobi wezatandikira era na ngeri ki eyokuzijjanjabamu. Obujanjabi bwa Bunyoro tebuli mu byafaayo bya Buganda, ekyo kwerimba. Bunyoro erina kudda ku musingi gwokubeerawo kwaayo ejje nga yenoonya buto, awo wejja okuva etegeere kiki ekitagenda butuufu ekitereze. Amawanga gonna agetegeera mu nsi bwegakola. Mu butuufu namawanga ago gonna amalala agabadde mu lukiiko ekyo kyegalina okukola. Ne Buganda kyekola. Abanesanga nga tebakyajjukira bintu ebyo ebyokumusingi, bayinza okweyambisa ebya ba Yudaaya, Oba ebya Baganda, ndaba Kitaffe ali omu. And His is The Kingdom the power and the Glory, forever and ever Amen. Eyo glory gyeeri, gyesibuka, buli agibulwa gyaginona. Buli gwanga nga limaze okwefuna ebirala bigenda kwekola byokka, twesange nga tuli bumu.

    Kati eri Abaganda; Buganda eteekwa okufunvubira kukulaba nga ebituufu bikolebwa. Bigenda kugasa bonna gyebinaggweera. Amin bweyali agenda yakiraba. Obote bweyali gyeyali yakiraba, natumira Abaganda begatte neba Northerners balwanyise Museveni. Tito Okello yakiraba, yye nokwetonda kigambibwa yetonda nagamba nti baali balowooza nti Abaganda be balabe baabwe. Mu luvanyuma nabalala bagenda kulaba amazima. Okutuusa ku lunaku olwo, Mukama atusaasire.


    Omwami ayitibwa Norbert Mao nga MP we Gulu jjo ya yogera ku redio Ngoma nagamba nti Ne North Uganda eyagala Federo era nga
    yeyokka ejja okuzzawo okukolagana wakati wa mawanga gonna agas
    angibwa mu Uganda..Abo aba Banyoro oba balinda kubafuuyira male
    nge balinde..lwebalijjukira okwebikka nga obudde bukedde..Bano
    mbu ba nsi yaleeta balya lulya..Akaalo kaaliko nannyiniko..


    M7 kati okukola ekintabuli nokubuzabuza abakyayagala ,kuba abasubizza ezo mweezi kuba akimanyi nti singa buli omu atuula nabantu be nebabalirira emyaaka gyonna m7 gyabafuze bajja kukizuula nti tewali wadde ettondo lyekintu nekimu Kya bayambye ate olaba ne West ababadde mu ssente obufukunya emyaaka 23 ewaabwe tewaliiyo kikanga kuba ddala kweezo ssente zonna zebalidde singa bakeera ku zimba West oli ekya ndimukomezaawo mu Buganda kyandibadde bantu bennyini Abaganda kuba nga alaba ababe tasobola kubaberamu.

    Kati Abanyolo bwemuba teri yali akibagambye muli baavu lunkupe kati kano kemufunye akakisa okuba nekyo bugagga mugwanga lyammwe mwandibadde mwekunga okulaba nti abantu bammwe bebafuna emirimu wamu nokumanya ebikwaata kumafuta okusindika abantu bammwe mu mawanga agalina enjigiriza ekwaata kweebyo byebagala okubanyagako okusinga okudda mu kukuba enkiiko ezokuwalanirako m7 kuba munnammwe kimu kyokka kyabategeka mutandike olutalo ye ajje asime amafuta gammwe nga temufudeeyo nakulaba kyabakola , wemulizibukukira amaaso nga ye ekikye bakigabanye nabangereza abajja okutwaalwa ebyo mujega .

    Anti bagamba nti ebyomusiru omugezi yaalya

    Mwe temulaba bwebamugamba nti Konny mwongereyo nga bwetuyikuula amangu amafuta getutaddemu ssente zaffe , kuba bakimanyi nti alabika Konny ye yekka aloworeza North kale batya okumuleka okukomawo nga tebannajjayo mafuta gaabwe kutataganya mirimu gyaabwe kyoova olaba nga bantu baayo babasibidde mu camp bo ba mu7 bamaze okwegulira jet kati balinda ne zebanajja mu mafuta ago mu North .

    Kyokka wewuunye mbu eriyo mu North abasoma naye bonna batunula nga bantu baabwe bafiira mu camp, mukifo kyokugaana okuddayo okuberayo ngeeno m7 bwababba , bali mukwetaba mu nkiiko zakulwaana na Baganda oyo abakubya enkiiko ye mulabe wammwe yatta abantu bammwe yanyagulula ebyo bugagga byammwe , so si Baganda ffe tekitukwatako oba amafuta kati mugawugamu buwuzi ffe twagala ddembe lyaffe kwekutula kubeera ffekka nammwe mmwenna mubeeyo nobugagga bwammwe ffe tetugenda kusiba bugugu kweyiwa wammwe , Mukama yatutondera Buganda etumala bumazi .


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