Kenyan Deal Unravelling-Women To Go On Sex Strike

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    Kenya: The political deal that was reached after the violence sparked by the flawed elections in 2007, is now coming undone. Meanwhile Kenyan women’s groups are coming together with a threat to their men; Want war? No love. How far some of them are going to participate in the strike, remains to be seen, or not.

    Kenya’s great political feud
    A demonstration against President Mwai Kibaki’s disputed re-election in which many lives were lost

    Only greed and pressure from abroad now bind the ruling coalition together

    AFTER the horrendous violence that followed Kenya’s flawed general elections in 2007, the mediation of Kofi Annan, a former secretary-general of the UN, was acclaimed for pushing the two main political parties into a coalition government. This at least stopped the bloodshed. Now, however, the deal is unravelling — fast.

    At a recent summit, feuding government ministers could not even agree on what to discuss in order to find common ground. The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) of the prime minister, Raila Odinga, stomped out before the meeting had even begun, accusing President Mwai Kibaki’s Party of National Unity (PNU) of blocking the agenda.

    Among the foreign diplomats looking on, optimists refer to the squabbling coalition as an “unconsummated marriage”. The less charitable say Kenya does not have a functioning executive at all, just an unholy alliance of fierce rivals. A schedule of constitutional, electoral, judicial, security, land and economic reforms was laid out in the original agreement between the two parties.

    A domestic tribunal to judge those responsible for the post-election mayhem was supposed to be set up and a truth commission established. Yet more than a year later, the ODM and PNU have failed to agree on any of these issues.
    New corruption scandals, confined to no party, are regularly revealed by Kenya’s newspapers.

    With so many senior figures from the main parties co-opted into the government — which has 94 ministers and deputies, each earning over $15,000 (sh30m) a month — Kenya has become almost a one-party state. Ministers constantly squabble over pay, protocol, seniority and even who gets the best rooms at government get-togethers.

    The churches, NGOs and foreign diplomats are left to play the role of opposition, cajoling and threatening from the sidelines.

    The infighting and bickering have also confounded hopes for measures to tackle the causes of the post-election violence, or even the country’s increasing gang violence. For example, Odinga backed calls for the resignation of the soldier turned chief of the police, Maj. Gen. Hussein Ali, after he had been heavily criticised by human-rights groups and the UN over the activities of police death squads. But Kibaki, who appointed Ali, has refused to let him go, despite an agreement to have a civilian head of the police.

    Last week, clashes in central Kenya between villagers and gang members of a criminal sect known as the Mungiki, who belong to the Kikuyu group, Kenya’s biggest, left another 40 or so people dead.

    The next elections are not due until 2012, but so grave is the impasse that politicians are already attending to their political futures rather than present troubles. Martha Karua, who resigned as justice minister on April 6 in protest at Kibaki’s decision to appoint judges without consulting her, has said she will run for president. She gives press interviews, addresses crowds and lambasts the government she so recently abandoned as if a national poll were due for next week.

    Karua is popular because she gives voice to the disgust felt by ordinary Kenyans towards their politicians. Her resignation is seen as a rare display of principle.
    Unfortunately for Kenya, all that holds the coalition together now is mutual greed and pressure from abroad. Despite everything, foreign donor governments are nonetheless determined that the coalition should not collapse entirely. They believe any government is better than none, fearing yet more violence.

    Annan may intervene again. Within a few months, unless the domestic courts deal with the matter properly, he promises to hand over to the International Criminal Court the names of 10 people considered by a special Kenyan commission to be responsible for the post-election violence. The removal of these figures from Kenya’s politics, and even from the cabinet itself, might give a useful jolt to the country’s dysfunctional political system.

    The Economist

    NV Published on: Saturday, 2nd May, 2009

    Alex KigongoAlex Kigongo

    African states all over the continent ate problematic, but it seems some people just don’t want to face the true cause.
    You cannot make a mash out of the living.


    Ekintu kimu abeeru kyeberabira nti nga nabo bwebatasobola kubeera bonna wamu, nga mu buli nsi buli omu ali noyo bwebafananya ennono ne neyisa , nabalala bwebali ngojeeko nti waliwo ekika kyabantu nga bo Mukama yabatonda nga banafu oba nga babbi, oba batemu nga tebayagala kuba bokka nabokka, kuba ebyo tebasobbola kubyekola kwekusalawo okwenyiga mu banaabwe naye webigweera nga buli omu azeeyo mubanne kuba ekiseera kituuka nga mubantu gyemwenyize, naye nga muzze nebiyisa byammwe nga tebakyasobola kubeera nammwe, byeebyo ebyaali e Kenya naye nga wabikkudde ekibikiddwa ekyaali e Kenya kisobola bulungi okugwa mu gwanga lyonna.

    Ekyo abalowooza nti abantu abatakwatagana basobola okubeera awamu baba baziika mitwe gyaabwe mumusenyu actually bateekwa kuguziika mu seminti oba bbumba likaze kuba baba bagaana bugaanyi kulowooza.ate abantu webatuuka okwetamirwa nebagamba nti oba kiba kibe nga banyigirizibbwa okumala ekiseera naye nga babanyigiriza befuula abatamanyi kigenda mu maaso , omutemu bwagenda ku receiving end omulaba bwakuba ebiwoobe nti bamusonyiwe naye baleme kumutta, ye awo aba yerabidde abamwegayiriranga okubasonyiwa obutabatta.


    Ba na Kenya mugende mumaaso munatuwonyaako ku zimalaaya ezimamidde Buganda bwezinajjako eyo kuba na Kenya tunafuna obuwerero naye akawuka temukebalama


    Ogenda kusanga omusajja yakawasa ekimyuula kye, bali ku honeymoon mbu ate politics atwagaza strike? Abaludde mu maka mpozzi bebanakola strike, naye week emu yokka? Tebalina kyebajja kutegeeramu, nga oluusi bamala mweezi.


    Abasajja bajja kuyitira eyo bamale okwejjako ekyoyooyo bakomewo eka bagambe nti kituufu mweyongere mpozzi ekibi bamalaaya bakalige emiwendo anti nabo wano webajja okufuuka abettunzi ate owakalwadde ke naye akalenga bubwe.

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