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    Alex KigongoAlex Kigongo

    This was sent to Ababaka Info inbox.

    Please to you the organisers of Tabamiruka of America be warned that there is a plot in Entebbe State House to work with mengo to kill your Baganda conference on instructions of HE. Gov. will fund a large Baganda sister conference to Unaa which will be in HE’s full control like Unaa. The plan is to use the new conference to attract most baganda in diaspora because it will be on a different date from Unaa and will convince Kabaka to come there so that your tabamiluka will automatically die.

    Like the Ugandan tabamiruka the ne Baganda conference will not allow topics which push for Baganda pride and will sing the UG anthem and use the UG flag.

    HE’s representatives in Mengo cannot be named today but they want to announce in the presence of Kabaka to send the image that he is in support although he does not even know the details. Either it will be at Nkuuka or at the Uganda version of tabamiruka.

    Name withheld to protect my job and source. IGNORE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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