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    News | September 11, 2008
    Mbabazi, Muhwezi clash at top NRM meeting

    Emmanuel Gyezaho & Richard Wanambwa

    Security Minister Amama Mbabazi and Rujumbura MP Maj. Gen. Jim Muhwezi were on Tuesday involved in a vicious verbal spat in front of President Yoweri Museveni during a meeting of the National Resistance Movement Central Executive Committee. The meeting was convened to discuss the controversial NSSF-Wakiso land purchase.

    Sources that attended the closed-door meeting, which started at 11:30am and ended a few minutes after 9pm, told Daily Monitor yesterday that the disagreement was entrenched in tribal sentiments, as Mr Mbabazi accused Gen. Muhwezi of reportedly leading a campaign to end his political career and that of other prominent Bakiga in the government.

    “I look at this as a fight against the Bakiga,” Mr Mbabazi reportedly told President Museveni. “They are pulling me, Dr Suruma, Prof. Mondo Kagonyera, Mr Emmanuel Mutebile and Dr Ruhakana Rugunda in this matter and it is Jim [Muhwezi] who is pushing it.”

    Dr Suruma is the Finance Minister, Prof. Kagonyera is the deputy MD of NSSF and Makerere University chancellor, Mr Mutebile is the Bank of Uganda Governor while Dr Rugunda is the Internal Affairs Minister.

    Mr Mbabazi’s accusation, sources said, was not taken lightly by Gen. Muhwezi, who quickly responded, “Your excellency, Mbabazi should stop using my name to cover up the matter. I am not a petitioner and I am not a member of the committee. I am just a member of the party who is concerned.”

    It was just one of the several exchanges that the President reportedly labored to contain without taking sides in a saga that has left a sharp wedge in the NRM party. And while it had been understood that the meeting was convened at the behest of Mr Museveni, who was reportedly alarmed by the negative publicity that Mr Mbabazi’s transactions with NSSF had attracted, it emerged that the matter was not even part of the agenda.

    After convening the meeting, a source said, Mr Museveni spent the next several hours briefing the top NRM officials about the party’s corporate plan ahead of the 2011 general elections, plans on how to raise money for the party, proposals of filling positions of secretaries and directors for the party secretariat and implementation of the government’s Prosperity for All programme.

    It was only when the meeting decided to address matters that arise from members in the ‘Any other Business’ agenda item, that the Mbabazi question arose.

    As if to pre-empt what his colleagues would say, Mr Mbabazi rose, according to the source and told Mr Museveni; – “I have a matter to explain before this organ about my involvement with NSSF.” “I am very much interested in this matter,” Mr Museveni is quoted as having said.

    According to a source, Mr Mbabazi went on to tell the committee that he had done no wrong in the land transaction and reiterated the deference he presented to the NRM Caucus on September 1.

    He said the price at which he sold more than 400 acres of land, along with business partner Amos Nzeyi to NSSF at the cost of Shs11 billion, was fair and not inflated, adding that Gen. Muhwezi had also recently sold land in the same neighborhood at Shs28million an acre, while the duo had sold their at Shs25 million per acre.

    But his submissions drew the wrath of Gen. Muhwezi, also chair of the NRM Veteran’s League and Capt. Mike Mukula, the NRM eastern region Vice-Chairman, who, according to a source, contested Mr Mbabazi’s explanations. “By the way, the 52 acres of land Mbabazi sold is air and the balance of 47 acres is a wetland,” Gen. Muhwezi said. In the moments that followed, Mr Mbabazi rose and accused Gen. Muhwezi of collecting money from businessmen “to make sure I am censured.”

    Pointing his index finger at Gen. Muhwezi, Mr Mbabazi reportedly said, “Let me assure you comrade, I will not go. I am here. Try your luck but you will be disappointed.” But the Rujumbura MP retorted, “You will go down whether you like it or not and this is the time comrade, unless you own up.”

    Mr Museveni quickly intervened to cool down the raging tempers.
    “I think as party leaders we need to be very careful. We need to look at these issues from a bigger picture. We cannot be the engines killing projects over petty issues,” said the NRM chairman. But even the President’s call could not extinguish the fire against Mr Mbabazi.

    According to the source, the western region vice-chairperson, Brig. Matayo Kyaligonza, reportedly accused the security minister of supplying “swamps and frogs”, pushing the Mr Mbabazi to defend himself in a cheekier manner, “No I supplied dams and fish.”

    Mr Hassan Bassajjabalaba joined the fray telling the meeting, “Double standards should not be employed in this matter.” He cited the case of former Gender Minister Zoe Bakoko Bakoru, whom he said was “languishing in exile” for her role in the botched NSSF-Nsimbe investment project.

    Deputy Speaker Rebecca Kadaga reportedly questioned the integrity of the deal as debate raged over whether Mr Mbabazi was guilty of any wrongdoing.

    At this point, Mr Museveni is reported to have told Mbabazi that he shouldn’t have involved himself in the deal if he was aware that NSSF had flouted procurement laws by not advertising their interest for land.

    Although he sided with Mr Mbabazi over questions about the price valuations for the land, the source said, Mr Museveni said he was concerned that “the procedures involving government procurement were ignored”, adding that it is an issue Mr Mbabazi would have “advised” NSSF in transacting business with them.

    Mr Mbabazi said he was ready to prove his innocence before Parliament’s committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises currently investigating the transaction, but added that if anyone was to take blame, it was NSSF.

    Mr Bassajjabalaba then attempted to move a motion to compel Mr Mbabazi to resign as investigations continue but NRM Chief Whip Kabakumba Masiko raised objections and said the party organ should “let the parliamentary committee continue and finish its work. We should not jeopardize investigations.”

    At this point, President Museveni closed the meeting, agreeing with the pro-Mbabazi camp that “we should wait for the report of the parliament committee” before a conclusive position is taken on the matter.

    Notable absentees at the meeting included Vice President Gilbert Bukenya, Information Minister Kirunda Kivejinja and Sports Minister Charles Bakabulindi.


    It’s always the same problem with sharing the loot. You all know deep down you don’t have the right, and your own conscious goes to war with your subconscious. This makes your poor unsettled self very irritable. And this is just the beginning of your problems. Call Him God, call it Nature who wrote these rules.


    Kino kyebagamba nti zinadda okunywa. Well, zikomyeewo, zinywa!!

    NSSF: Brig. Gwanga slaps Mbabazi’s aide
    Andrew Bagala


    The special presidential advisor on security in Buganda region, Brigadier Kasirye Ggwanga allegedly slapped an aide to Security Minister Amama Mbabazi after a verbal altercation over the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) land saga.

    Daily Monitor has reliably learnt that Brig. Kasirye, who is no stranger to controversy, also threatened to shoot Mr Ssebina Ssekitoleko, a political assistant to Mr Mbabazi at Metro FM where the former had gone to defend the minister’s Temangalo’s land deal at a late night political talk show on Tuesday.

    Metro FM, located on Martin Road, Old Kampala, is owned by former Kampala Central Member of Parliament Capt. Francis Babu.
    Mr Ssekitoleko has since recorded a statement referenced SD 105/09/09/2008 at Old Kampala Police Station and the Police are investigating a case of alleged assault.

    A source at the radio station said the incident started when Brig. Kasirye, who was a guest at the radio show, attacked Mr Mbabazi, accusing him of being corrupt and in the moments that followed, Mr Ssekitoleko showed up begging an opportunity to counter the brigadier’s claims.

    “I requested the receptionist to give me opportunity to defend my boss. So he went to the studios to inform the host. What surprised me was that Brig. Kasirye came out and started abusing me,” said Mr Ssekitoleko in his statement to the police, a copy Daily Monitor has seen.

    The two NRM stalwarts reportedly got involved in a bitter exchange which resulted in Brig. Kasirye slapping Mr Ssekitoleko. “After he slapped me, I told him that I wouldn’t fight back. So he told me that he was going to his car to pick his gun and prove to me who he is,” Mr Ssekitoleko said, adding that “I saw death around me and I took off to seek refuge at Old Kampala Police Station.”

    At the station, Mr Ssekitoleko said he rang his boss to come to his rescue but Mr Mbabazi told him to record a statement with the Police and also lodge a formal complaint to Gen. Aronda Nyakairima, the chief of defence forces.
    Brig. Kasirye yesterday denied the assault charges, scoffing at the claims.

    “Do generals go around beating up people like that,” he said in a telephone interview. “He [Ssekitoleko] must be expensive to be slapped by a brigadier. Let him report me to police.”
    Brig. Kasirye said he would not be distracted by people he described as “marabou storks”, as he questions Mr Mbabazi’s involvement in the NSSF land controversy.

    “You have lived in Uganda but have you ever seen land that costs Shs11 billion? No they should refund the money. They should know that that was a bad deal. How can you sell a wetland at that cost moreover it has squatters,” he said, adding that the controversy was a setback to the government’s quest for land reforms in the country.

    “We were saying we are defending tenants but now the Mengo establishment has got reasons to defend its opposition of the Land Bill because it is now the NRM Secretary General who is selling land with squatters,” said Brig. Kasirye.


    LAtest Headlines for 11th Sept 2008 –Mbabazi denies influence peddling in NSSF deal
    Monitor Online/KFM

    Appearing before Parliament’s statutory commissions committee hearing the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) scandal this morning, Hon. Mbabazi denied that there was any fear of conflict of interest as he transferred his land to businessman Nzeyi in order to have it sold to the National Social Security Fund.

    It has emerged that he declared the said land to the Inspector General of Government (IGG), valuing it at only 1.5bn shillings.

    If proved by the committee, Mbabazi might be in no more trouble because according to the leadership code, undervaluation of assets is no offence. However, if fought guilty, the Security Minister is not going down alone.

    Earlier, he accused Rujumbura MP Maj. Gen. Jim Muhwezi and some 4 unnamed MP’s of political persecution.
    He says the National Environment Management Authority has never identified part of his land as a wetland.

    Mbabazi denies any political influence and says NSSF price was below the market price.
    On the squatters, Mbabazi says he will only compensate 4 families who are currently residing on the 15 acres that he sold.

    Members of Parliament who visited the land in Temangalo discovered that 25 acres bought from Minister Amama Mbabazi are in a wetland and it is unlikely that the National Environment management Authority will sanction its development.

    There are also tenants on 15 acres sold by the Security Minister and they say that they were never given priority to buy the land as the land act stipulates.


    Monitor News | September 13, 2008
    Security Minister Amama Mbabazi (Right)and Rujumbura MP Jim Muhwezi
    Mbabazi, Muhwezi quarrel deepens
    Grace Matsiko


    A war of words between Security Minister Amama Mbabazi and Rujumbura MP Jim Muhwezi over the now-controversial National Social Security Fund purchase of land from the minister has deepened.

    Maj. Gen. (rtd) Muhwezi described remarks by Mr Mbabazi, also the ruling NRM party secretary general, that the NSSF land saga is being fuelled to hurt prominent Bakiga in the government as shameful.

    “That is diversionary,” Gen. Muhwezi said in an exclusive interview on Thursday evening. “It is politically empty and he should be ashamed of invoking such backward and obscurantist views because it is not a matter of tribe otherwise everybody else who is alleged to have committed an offence would invoke [tribal] sentiments.”

    During the NRM Central Executive committee (CEC) meeting on Tuesday at State House attended by President Museveni, Mr Mbabazi reportedly said: “I look at this as a fight against the Bakiga. They are pulling me, Dr [Ezra] Suruma, Prof. Mondo Kagonyera, Mr Emmanuel Mutebile and Dr Ruhakana Rugunda in this matter and it is Jim [Muhwezi] who is pushing it.”

    Dr Suruma is finance minister, Prof. Kagonyera is deputy managing director of NSSF and Makerere University chancellor, Mr Mutebile is the governor of the Bank of Uganda while Dr Rugunda is the internal affairs minister. All of them are Bakiga.

    But Gen. Muhwezi, a Muhororo, responded thus: “It is absurd, and bad of him. It is narrow-minded of him to say he is being investigated because he is a Mukiga. Bakiga are very straight-forward. He should not lie that the Shs11 billion was for Bakiga. He should not impute that Bakiga are involved in this saga.”

    Parliament is investigating the NSSF’s purchase earlier this year of more than 400 acres of land from city businessman Amos Nzeyi and Arma Limited, a company owned by Mr Mbabazi, at Shs11 billion in Temangalo in Wakiso District. The MPs want to know whether the minister may have applied any undue pressure on the NSSF and why the land was bought at a value higher than that recommended by three independent firms that valued it.

    The minister’s exact amount of land he sold is 109 acres. Mr Nzeyi owned the rest. In the CEC meeting, Mr Mbabazi reportedly accused Gen. Muhwezi of leading a campaign to end his political career and that of other prominent Bakiga in the government.

    “People from Kigezi like Dr Ezra Suruma, Prof. Mondo Kagonyera, they are not the only ones in this NSSF saga,” Gen. Muhwezi said.
    “There are people from other regions like the chairman of NSSF board Edward Gaamuwa and the Managing Director Chandi Jamwa. Should they [also] invoke tribal sentiments?”

    He added that it is Mr Mbabazi’s “innocence that will save him” and his “guilt that will ditch him … not people’s feelings”.
    He said Mr Mbabazi should not point a finger at him for the alleged “witch-hunt” because he neither petitioned the NRM Caucus leadership to have the minister appear before it to explain himself nor a member of the parliamentary committee that is investigating him.

    “What [Mbabazi] is saying says volumes about him and political witch-hunts,” said Gen. Muhwezi, who once headed the Internal Security Organisation at the same time as Mr Mbabazi headed the External Security Organisation. “May be he is the one who is behind my political witch-hunt because he is the secretary general of the party [and] he is conceding there is political witch-hunt.”

    Gen. Muhwezi was dropped as health minister nearly three years ago following allegations of misappropriation of billions of shillings from the Global Fund and the Gavi Alliance.
    Mr Mbabazi responded yesterday saying he is clean and that Gen. Muhwezi’s attempts to equate his woes to the minister’s would end in futility.

    He said some of the petitioners like Rubanda West MP Henry Banyenzaki are Bakiga.
    “All of us asking questions we are all concerned about workers’ money and about public officers observing and respecting regulations,” Gen. Muhwezi said. “If he wanted money urgently, and the NSSF had the money, as he has said you don’t have to [trample] public regulations in order to satisfy personal activities.”

    Gen. Muhwezi said his troubles with Mr Mbabazi have been because he has tried to counter the argument by the minister that he gave powers of attorney to Mr Amos Nzeyi earlier on when he was negotiating with Akright to sell the Temangalo land.
    “I said that’s not true,” Gen. Muhwezi said.

    “I said when a member of the NSSF board cited political pressure, the board advised him to give powers of attorney to another person. When I pointed out that [in the CEC meeting] he said I’m behind his downfall. I said no. I’m discussing facts.”
    He vowed not to keep quiet on the NSSF land deal until the truth came out.


    Monitor News | September 13, 2008
    Nzeyi claims 104 acres of NSSF land
    Yasiin Mugerwa &Mercy Nalugo


    Security Minister Amama Mbabazi’s partner Amos Nzeyi stunned the Committee yesterday when he put a claim to the same Temangalo land he sold to the National Social Security Fund.

    Mr Nzeyi who was appearing before the Parliamentary Committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises, which is investigating the transaction, said of the 364.6 acres he sold to NSSF at Shs8.7 billion, it turned out that at least 104 acres still belong to him.

    “I only sold part of my land to NSSF and not the entire chunk,” Mr Nzeyi said. “My land is located at plot 12, where there is a health centre, my residential house and other properties that I intend to keep.”

    Interestingly, although Mr Nzeyi claims 104 acres, MPs heard that the original contract he signed with NSSF on March 10, 2007 puts the total acreage to 364.6 acres and has nothing mentioned about any land belonging to Mr Nzeyi.

    “You cannot claim what you already sold, this is stealing,” Bugweri MP Abdul Katuntu who is the Committee Lead Counsel said. “As far as we are concerned, you have sold all your land to NSSF. In fact, to us you sold air yet you were paid the whole amount.”
    Although Mr Nzeyi said there was a separate Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with NSSF, he could neither trace the document nor justify that indeed he never sold the entire chunk to NSSF.

    “Mr Chairman, I was betrayed by my technical staff as I was up and down chasing other things,”Mr Nzeyi said. “I request that the Committee allows me to revalue my property.”

    But Mr John Odit (FDC, Erute South), the Committee Chairperson, rejected his plea and made a resolution that Mr Nzeyi surrenders all the property in his possession on the controversial Temangalo land with instructions that he restrains himself from trespassing on NSSF land.

    The Committee also heard that Mr Nzeyi was paid Shs8.7 billion without valuing his own land. “How did you come to this amount without any valuation? Mr Odit asked.

    Mr Nzeyi said although there was no valuation to his land, he compared it with others like that of Maj Gen Jim Muhwezi which he said was adjacent to his farm in Temangalo.

    “I compared it with Muhwezi’s farm because when he sold it, I bought all his cows and it was near to my land,” Mr Nzeyi said. “This is how I came up with the figure.”


    Nalongo Kabuye said at 10 Sep 2008, 02:05

    I paused to wonder why and how people arrive at some conclusions . i wonder what makes people think that the price of this Temangalo land would be 50m an acre in 10years. The only way it could be possible is if we maintain the current looting of public funds or the stealing from the poor and transferring the collected resources into the hands of the powerful, the rich and the mighty. The price of land in and around Buganda in particular has not skyrocketed because of demand for land per se . its because a small section of the people that is “powerful” and financially empowered through this lootocracy, has stolen money they have no plans for . i can ably tell you that they move to villages and pay incomprehensible amounts of money to peasants to sale them land just because they have the money and have not worked for it .I grew up around these villages of Temangalo, Bukasa,Kigoma,Kireka, BBira, Bujuuko,Nansana and i was there of recent . The real market price of land in this area is far below 24m . What happen was merely stealing using ones influence. They usually ask one question-afterall what will they do? we are in power and have the guns . These issues of laws do not work either . are they not the people who put in place these procurement laws and procedures? which laws do they abide by anyway . Laws in the current Uganda, are supposed to be followed by small people . Defending Mbabazi is merely academic while attacking him and blaming him is a waste of time . Any reasonable person must focus somewhere else . or things will simply worsen as we lament . These people have a strong belief that they are not only in power,have control or virtual ownership of all Uganda’s resources(human, financial and natural) but they seem to believe that they are not accountable to anyone and will never account to anyone! After all they are planning to manage Uganda the Libyan,syrian or Egytian style – Having a presidential Monarchy where fathers handover power to their families via fraudulent elections .


    I’ll not go – Mbabazi; You’ll go – Muhwezi


    Former health minister Jim Muhwezi and (right) security minister Amama Mbabazi

    By Cyprian Musoke

    SECURITY minister Amama Mbabazi has assured former health minister Jim Muhwezi that he (Mbabazi) is “not about to go”, and that Muhwezi will end up a disappointed man.

    In a heated exchange during the day-long Central Executive Committee meeting at State House Entebbe on Tuesday, Mbabazi maintained his position that he did no wrong in the Temangalo-NSSF land deal.

    “Let me assure you comrade, I will not go. I am here to stay. Try your luck, but you will be disappointed,” Mbabazi reportedly told Muhwezi, whom he accused of collecting money to have him censured.

    Sources that attended the meeting quoted Muhwezi as having replied: “You will go down whether you like it or not and this is the time comrade, unless you own up.”

    In the meeting, President Yoweri Museveni is reported to have intervened on several occasions to cool down the raging tempers.

    “I think as party leaders we need to be very careful. We need to look at these issues from a bigger picture. We cannot be the engines killing projects over petty issues,” he reportedly begged.

    President Yoweri Museveni’s stance on the Mbabazi-NSSF land saga is that if there was any flouting of procurement rules in striking the deal, those culpable should answer.

    “I am not interested in the price of the land, but whether the deal was free of illegalities.

    “As a leader, one must be above suspicion,” Museveni said, according to a source that attended the meeting.

    Mbabazi, who is also the NRM secretary general, is at the centre of a controversial land deal in which he sold land to NSSF at sh24m per acre, sh10m above the price recommended by a valuer. The security minister is being accused of inflating the price, transacting business with state institution and possible use of political influence in the deal.

    The meeting that drew party bigwigs like NRM vice-chairman Moses Kigongo and deputy vice-chairperson and Deputy Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga was convened to discuss party strategies, but the Mbabazi-NSSF also came up.

    The Vice-President, Dr. Gilbert Bukenya, who represents the central region on the committee, was conspicuously absent, as he was out of the country. Muhwezi represents veterans on the committee.

    Sources that attended the meeting revealed that Mbabazi accused Muhwezi of leading a campaign to “pull him down” together with other prominent Bakiga in government.

    “I look at this as a fight against the Bakiga. They are pulling me, Dr. Ezra Suruma, Prof. Mondo Kagonyera, Mr Emmanuel Mutebile and Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda in this matter and it is Jim who is pushing it,” Mbabazi is quoted as having submitted to the meeting. But Muhwezi is said to have taken exception to what he called “hiding behind tribal sentiments”, and ignoring the crux of the matter.

    “Mbabazi should stop using my name to cover up the matter. I am not a petitioner and I am not a member of the committee. I am just a member of the party who is concerned,” Muhwezi retorted.

    Suruma is the finance minister, Prof. Kagonyera is the the deputy Managing Director of NSSF and Makerere University chancellor, Mutebile is the Bank of Uganda Governor, while Dr. Rugunda is the internal affairs minister.

    Mbabazi on his part maintains that he had done nothing wrong in the land transaction, just as he submitted before the NRM caucus on September 1.

    He said the price at which he sold more than 400 acres of land, along with business partner Amos Nzeyi to NSSF at the cost of sh11b, was fair and not inflated, adding that Muhwezi had also sold land in the same neighbourhood at sh28b an acre, while they had sold theirs at sh24m per acre.

    Sources add that the vice-chairperson in charge of the west, Brig. Matayo Kyaligonza, accused Mbabazi of supplying swamps and frogs, to which Mbabazi replied that he supplied dams and fish.

    Hassan Basajjabalaba, who represents the business community, cautioned the meeting against “employing double standards”, in apparent reference to the cases of former Gender Minister Zoe Bakoko Bakoru, Muhwezi and Mike Mukula, who were never given a hearing in the Nsimbe estates deal and Global Fund scandals respectively.

    Hassan Bassajjabalaba’s attempt to move a motion to compel Mbabazi to resign failed.

    President Museveni closed the meeting, agreeing that they should wait for the report of the parliament committee before they take a conclusive position on the matter.

    Published on: Saturday, 13th September, 20

    Loneranger said at 16 Sep 2008,
    What Happened? how and when did it go all go wrong? the Movement Bus seems to have only the reverse gear working, unfortunately we are in a one way street,poisonous smoke from the moribund engine is choking passengers,the elderly driver is completely oblivious to the plight of His passengers partly because He has lost sight in one eye and his hearing is not good,the “turnboys” are busy stashing away the Fares.eeee! shall we get to the promised land?


    Kati nno tebereza ngekibinja kyabantu kitudde wali wabbali kyebakatuddeko sente zaabwe nga nabamu bakaddiye abalala bafudde obulwadde kuba bagaanyi okubakombya ku ssente zaabwe zebakeera nebakola .
    Kwekulinda akulira ekibinja ekyekomezza ssente zaabwe abeemu ekyamagezi kyagambawo kwekukabatema nti tuleme

    We cannot be the engines killing projects over petty issues,” he reportedly begged.

    Awo oyo aba amaze okukusalirawo ekyokukola oleme kuddayo kugenda kukola gyagenda kunyakulirako busente bwo ne banka zaabwe notoddamu kuziterekamu wadde okugula ekintu kyaabwe kyonna.
    Naye wabadde walina kubaawo bintu nga bino kuba oluusi waliwo abaantu abaganira ddala okuyiga bakyawoza tetujja kumukwaasa kukalulu.

    Okujjako ngoova mu West oba ngooli Munyagwanda then ojja kulekebwa oyitewo kuba tebajja kukumalirako bu sabuuni , bamanyi ojja kulonda bulungi ,ekitali ekyo oli bwalowooza nti agenda kulonda muntu mulala yesabikire ddala kuba abaana kati tebasaaga bakuba kunyama nkalu kumutwe nakatayimbwa kuba ebigere bitta



    coments from observer

    Let the committee finish its work and present the report and then the different stake holders will find what to do next instead of doing things hastily due to excitement and for cheap political capital.

    Morever,its rediculous that Muhwezi wants to circumvent the committee’s investigations by calling for the censure and dismissal of Mbabazi as a minister and NRM Secretary General respectively,has he forgotten that its the latter who stood by him during an impending Kikungwe censure petition in 2005 over the Global Fund scandal,which petition would have prejudiced the Ogoola Commission Report?.Really,for him did he resign his ministerial and party positions after having been implicated in this scandal?

    Its not that i am blanketing Mbabazi but that personal vendettas and emotions have over ridden this debate in parliament instead of looking at the crux of the issue at hand.In otherwords,people have started fighting their village battles in parliament and very soon,we shall be hearing their bedroom affairs.

    Since when did Muhwezi develop a philanthropic heart for Ugandans?,has he forgotten the diversion of ISO funds to his personal account that made him “stinking” rich,the mess in the MOH involving the purchase of junk ambulances(the pick-up form),ARV scandal,procurement of expired condoms,expiry of drugs in NMS,Global Fund scandal,GAVI fund scandal.Come to talk of people in glass houses don’t throw stones.

    For Basajjabalaba,instead of concentrating on him first (re)paying the debts he owes the state he took almost over 5 years ago,he’s instead on the other peoples’ necks by grabbing city markets,strangling them with rental dues and mudslinging his seniors.

    I would have expected the opposition to be the right channel in “publicly criticizing” Mbabazi instead of his fellow comrades most of whom are really rotten and have really costed NRM of its support especially the vocal ones.

    BY D


    Muhwezi fears arrest over bank robbery

    Andrew Bagala & Gerald Bareebe

    Rujumbura MP Jim Muhwezi, yesterday distanced himself from last Thursday’s attempted robbery of Stanbic Bank, Garden City branch in which his bodyguard and political aide were allegedly involved.

    But as Gen. Muhwezi pleaded his innocence, Daily Monitor learnt that security chiefs on Friday discussed the foiled robbery in two separate meetings, one chaired by Internal Affairs Minister Ruhakana Rugunda, and the other by Security Minister Amama Mbabazi.

    Dr Rugunda, chaired an impromptu National Security Council meeting at his office, reportedly attended by ISO Director General Amos Mukumbi, ESO Deputy Director General Emmy Allio, and Police Chief Kale Kayihura, among others which discussed the involvement of the ex-minister’s body-guard in the attempted robbery.

    Gen. Muhwezi now claims that the move to link him with the crime is part of a sinister plan by Mr Mbabazi, to have the former health minister arraigned before the court martial, following their fall out in the aftermath of the controversy surrounding NSSF land saga.“The whole idea of linking me to gun crime is to take me to court martial,” he said.

    “They even planned to cause Stanbic Bank South Africa to call the President, who is currently abroad, telling him that there has been an armed robbery in Uganda which involved a high ranking officer; that I wanted to rob a bank using my guard. This is not true of course. Of all cases, you cannot link me to robbery,” Gen. Muhwezi told Daily Monitor in an interview at his Kololo home.

    Gen. Muhwezi’s allegations couldn’t be independently corroborated. Efforts talk to Mr Mbabazi or Dr Rugunda were futile as they could not be reached by cellular phone by press time. Pte Musa Satia an ISO operative deployed by to guard Gen. Muhwezi’s residence, is among the six suspects of the attempted robbery.

    Mr Tatya, was arrested together with Mr Justus Kashoma, a real estate dealer and owner of the Bukoto-based Kashoma Group of Companies, Capt. Muzamiru Wakulira Mr Allan Kamugisha, said to be a political assistant to the ex-health minister, Mr Paul Mukwanyi and Mr Adam Luswata.

    Mr Kashoma’s two Prados UAJ 444P and UAH 500L and a Toyota Mark II belonging to Mr Kamugisha were impounded. The police on Saturday said the suspects targeted $3.8m (Shs6.2b), almost £1m (Sh3b) and Shs985m which, if it had succeeded, would have been the biggest bank robbery in the history of Uganda.

    Gen. Muhwezi yesterday admitted talking to Mr Kashoma, who is suspected to have masterminded the attempted robbery but he denied being part of his mission.

    “I know Kashoma as a social person. Before his arrest, I talked to him and he said he wanted to buy my land in Nyabushozi. I didn’t know that it was a set up,” he said.
    “I know him but not at a personal level he is married to a girl called Susan whose parents I also know. After his arrest she was the first person to call me and I advised her to call his lawyer.”

    Gen. Muhwezi said the information linking him to Mr Kashoma’s mission was brought by Mr Allio. Mr Allio confirmed having attended the meeting but denied that Gen. Muhwezi had been discussed. He said the General was dragging the security agencies in his battle with Mr Mbabazi. “It is the Police which arrested those robbers not ESO or ISO. He should therefore take his complains to the Police,” said Mr Allio.

    Gen. Muhwezi, a former intelligence chief, who claimed to have first hand information about the proceedings in the two Friday meetings, however insisted that there, was a plot to nail him.
    CID spokesman Fred Enanga yesterday told Daily Monitor that he was not aware of any plans by police to arrest Gen. Muhwezi in connection with the robbery attempt.


    comments from people

    Firstname said at 29 Sep 2008, 00:22

    Wooow…Prison Break in Uganda…i can see how we are getting off the TEMANGALO issues and bringing in another shadow!!! i am very sure we are going to forget about the TEMANGALO issues like how we all forgot about the KIYINGI murder case!!

    let the days run by..keep your eyes open!!!

    Kaija George said at 28 Sep 2008, 23:30

    They have stolen NSSF money, GAVI, Global Fund, Consolidated Fund and now they are onto the Banks! These people went to the bush so as to erase Uganda from the world map. Are the people in this Govt really Ugandans???? They do not have the love for this country.
    Ugandans wake up, let us do something now.

    james said at 28 Sep 2008, 23:01
    They all do stealing, embezzling and or grabbing. it will be difficult to spare who is innocent. it daes’nt matter whether its temangalo or stanbic you will all be brought to book. we are counting on you.

    Bridget said at 28 Sep 2008, 22:40
    No. NO. This is un acceptable. Muhwezi in an international thief. Even if you ask the Lord God, can tell. he should be delt with drastically. You have stolen alot, you should even resign from serving Rujumbura people. Another crime, Muhwezi STOLE rukungiri inn hotel the only district asset. This matter should be investigated.

    Winfred Mwebe said at 28 Sep 2008, 17:58

    What is the difference between stealing or emblezzling dying people’s money and robbing a bank? As far as I’m concerned stealing the dying people’s Global Fund money and other funds is a worse crime. Kabaale Bank robbery, Muhwezi this time he’s got you, if you did the same in your FRONASA and time at your security pretigious jobs framing others for your master. All those who are being used in the same such ugly deals be ready for the consequences. Fighting corruption, death penalty for HIV positives who deliberately infect others. I’m sure Ugandans still remember the Dr Besigye’s rape case his opponent told his supporters that he has AIDS! Another way of getting at many, he is the president and he has all the data! Bonna Baabi!!!!Wow

    ken said at 28 Sep 2008, 17:14
    These guys are playing a dengerous game.something makes me wounder about the greed that people have with all the wealth these guys have and they countinue robing banks now that we know that this gov,t is run by thugs and nemesis is catching up with them.with in the next few days MUHWEZI will be arrested for lets start betting about it every thief has his fourty days.


    Muhwezi ne Mbabazi kata bibabugume

    Bya Ahmed Mukiibi

    JIM Muhwezi yakitadde ku Amama Mbabazi nti yapangiridde ekisangosango n’akissa ku Muhwezi nti yeenyigidde mu kunyaga bbanka ng’ekigendererwa kumusiba aleme kwogera ku bya ttaka ly’e Temangalo.

    “Omuserikale ankuuma okwenyigira mu kubba bbanka ekyo kinfuula mubbi? Omuserikale wa PGB naye yakwatibwa mu bubbi (PGB y’ekuuma Museveni). Kati PGB gw’ekuuma (Museveni) naye agenda kuvunaanibwa ogw’obubbi?”, Muhwezi bwe yabuuzizza mu palamenti eggulo.

    Mbabazi kwe kusituka: Bw’olaba Genero w’amagye empale zimukuba n’asattira nga Muhwezi omanya nti ebintu bibi Muhwezi teyamulinze kumalayo n’ayanukula: Mbabazi ggwe osattira.Wenna empale zikukuba.

    Ogenda otabaala ku buli leediyo olw’ettaka ly’e Temangalo. Bino biddiridde olutalo wakati wa Mbabazi ne Muhwezi olwava ku Mbabazi okuguza ekitongole kya NSSF ettaka e Temangalo nga kigambibwa nti Mbabazi yeekobaana n’aba NSSF okulya ssente z’abakozi.

    Wiiki ewedde, poliisi yakutte abantu mukaaga abagambibwa nti baabadde bagezaako okunyaga ssente okuli doola 3,800,000/-, paunda 1,000,000/- n’eza Uganda 984,000,000/- okuva mu ttabi lya Stanbic ku Garden City.

    Bano kuliko dereeva wa Muhwezi ayitibwa David Muhumuza. Olw’ensonga eyo, Muhwezi yayingiziddwa mu bibbi buno era leero ayitiddwa ku kitebe kya bambega abeeko by’annyonnyola. Eggulo Muhwezi yasabye Sipiika amuwe omukisa yennyonnyoleko era Muky. Rebecca Kadaga (amyuka Sipiika) n’amukkiriza.

    “Okunnyingiza mu kubba bbanka, kyakoleddwa Mbabazi ng’ekigendererwa kulaba nga bansiba mu kkomera. Olukiiko lw’Ebyokwerinda lwatudde nga lukubirizibwa Minisita Ruhakana Rugunda nga lwetabiddwamu ne Mbabazi. Abamu ku baalubaddemu banzibiddeko nti akulira okuwaaba emisango aweereddwa ebiragiro obutanzikiriza kweyimirirwa bansibe,” Muhwezi bwe yagambye.

    N’agattako nti ekyewuunyisa eyakwatiddwa mu bubbi buno agambibwa okukulira olukwe, Justus Kashoma yasoose kulya kijjulo ne Mbabazi n’alyoka agenda okubba ate abakuumi ba ISO bonna abaakwatiddwa balina enkolagana ne Mbabazi.

    Oluvannyuma Henry Banyenzaki (Rubanda West) yasabye sipiika, ababaka baweebwe obukuumi kubanga Kashoma yagezaako okupangisa mmotoka ye (Banyenzaki) kyokka n’agaana nga ssinga yakkiriza kati naye yandibadde Luzira.

    Yagambye nti Mbabazi yennyini bwe yabadde ayingira palamenti yasisinkanye Banyenzaki mu lukuubo n’amulabula nti bw’anaatandika okumulwanyisa ajja kumenya mu jjenje kkalu.

    Leero ku Lwokutaano, Muhwezi ayitiddwa ku poliisi okwennyonnyolako ku bubbi bwa banka. Mbabazi yagambye nti Muhwezi tasaanye kutya ky’alina okukola kugenda ku poliisi agibuulire byamanyi.

    Rugunda yawakanyizza eby’olukiiko okutuula okwogera ku Muhwezi n’agamba nti ne Mbabazi ayosezza enkiiko z’ebyokwerinda nnya ng’aliko emirimu emirala.

    Omumyuka wa Minisita w’Ebyamateeka, Fred Ruhindi yagambye nti ekitongole ekiramuzi kyetongodde tewali ngeri gye kiyinza kulagirwa kyakukola.

    Olwo yabadde asaabulula ebyayogeddwa Muhwezi nti akulira ebyemisango yaweereddwa ebiragiro obutakkiriza Muhwezi kweyimirirwa basonole okumutwala e Luzira.

    Kadaga yasabye Katikkiro Apolo Nsibambi ayogere ku Byokwerinda kw’ababaka. Nsibambi yalagira Minisita wensonga Zomunda akole ku nsonga eyo.

    Mu Bukedde basomorako katono kukigenda mu maaso nobubbi obutandise okwanikibwa lwaaki byonna tebabiwandiika nga bwebiwandikibwa mu Monita ne mu observer , batya muntu wabulijjo kuzuula mulugube gwa bakulu . Bukedde muswaaze sitaani byonna mu byaase wano bwekiba kikwaata ku baganda mukibunya amawulire gonna tulinze nakino mukikoleko

    Published on: Thursday, 2nd October, 2008


    Muhwezi, Mbabazi clash again

    Risdel Kasasira & S. Naturinda
    The war of words between Security Minister Amama Mbabazi and Rujumbura MP Jim Muhwezi yesterday turned nasty after the two former spy chiefs nearly manhandled each other on the floor of Parliament.

    It started after Gen. Muhwezi gave a personal statement in which he accused Mr Mbabazi and Internal Affairs Minister Ruhakana Rugunda of hatching a plan to arrest him.

    In the seven-page statement to fellow MPs, Gen. Muhwezi claimed Dr Rugunda and Mr Mbabazi had recommended to the Director of Public Prosecutions, Mr Richard Buteera, that he (Muhwezi) be charged with conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery.

    “I am reliably informed that the security council meeting headed by the Honourable Rugunda, and attended by the minister of security have recommended the DPP and police to charge me with aggravated robbery and conspiracy tomorrow morning at 9:00am,” he said.

    In response, Mr Mbabazi said, “When you see a military general getting panicky, then know that the ground cannot hold anymore.” Immediately, Gen. Muhwezi stood up and asked Deputy Speaker Rebecca Kadaga to rule Mr Mbabazi out of order.

    “Is it in order Madam Speaker for Hon. Mbabazi to say I am in panic yet I am here to defend myself against injustice? I am not in panic. It’s you who has been panicking and moving around radios attacking us after the Temangalo scandal,” he said, causing laughter in the House.

    Mr Mbabazi told Gen. Muhwezi to “take heart” and wait for the police to complete their investigations. “All I would wish to advise my brother (Muhwezi) is that when one is suspected to be involved in criminal activities, police investigates those who are suspected. If you are suspected, you will go and tell police what you know,” he told the House.

    Police will today interrogate Gen. Muhwezi about the role played by his bodyguards in the failed robbery attempt at Stanbic Bank’s Garden City branch. The robbery was allegedly masterminded by city businessman Justus Kashoma, who reportedly met Gen. Muhwezi a day before incident.

    Mr Kashoma, who is now the principal suspect, was with five others charged with aggravated robbery on Wednesday. They will re-appear in court on October 15. In his statement, Gen. Muhwezi claimed that Mr Kashoma had dinner with Mr Mbabazi at the minister’s residence two days before the attempted robbery, an allegation the security minister denied.

    Gen. Muhwezi, who is a suspect principally because one of his guards was arrested at the scene, said, “Recently, a presidential guard was involved in a robbery. Is Rugunda waiting for the President’s term to end and try him or is he not trying him because of the (Presidential) immunity?”
    First Lady Janet Museveni shook her head and looked down.

    Dr Rugunda also denied the arrest claims, saying, “We have never had a meeting with Mbabazi concerning Muhwezi.” Gen. Muhwezi also attacked The New Vision, saying it is being run by Mbabazi’s henchmen “who are ready to spin to the world through the Internet after I have been arrested, how Muhwezi is a bank robber”

    Mr Mbabazi replied, “I have no relative in New Vision. The paper is headed by a woman from Belgium. I have no Belgian relatives.” The situation tensed up after Rubanda East MP Henry Banyenzaki said “some of us who have openly talked about Temangalo land scandal have been threatened and need security”.

    Deputy Speaker Kadaga told Prime Minster Apolo Nsibambi to assure MPs on their safety. Prof. Nsibambi ordered Rugunda to provide security to “threatened MPs”, but his order drew boos from MPs.

    Gen. Muhwezi and Mr Mbabazi have been involved in a war of words after the former health minister led calls for the censure or dismissal of Mr Mbabazi for his role in the Temangalo-NSSF land saga.

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