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    Eno ye Sitore ya Romeo ne Juliet aba Shapespeare mu bufunze. Soma wejjukanye, ogerageranye otunonyezeyo sitore mu za Baganda eyagala okwefaananyirizaako ku ya Bangereza eno.

    The story is, of course, about a pair of star-crossed lovers. Two teenagers pursue their love for each other despite the fact that their families have been at odds with each other for decades. The story combines swordfighting, disguise, misunderstanding, tragedy, humor, and some of the most romantic language found in literature all in the name of true love.

    In Verona, Italy in the late 1500’s, two powerful families the Montagues and the Capulets have been feuding with each other for years. Old Capulet, Juliet’s father, throws a party to which he invites all his friends. The Montagues are not invited of course, but Romeo devises a plan to get a look at Rosaline; a young girl he has been pursing. He disguises himself and slips into the party. Once inside, his attention is stolen; not by Rosaline, but by Juliet. Romeo falls instantly in love, but is disappointed when he finds out that Juliet is a Capulet. Juliet notices Romeo too, but she is unaware that he is a member of the hated Montagues.

    Later, after discovering that the young man who caught her eye is a member of the enemy family, Juliet goes out onto her balcony to tell the stars about her strong but forbidden love. At the same time, Romeo is lurking in the bushes below. He overhears Juliet confess her love for him to the heavens. No longer able to control his powerful feelings, Romeo reveals himself to her and admits that he feels the same. The very next day, with the help of Romeo’s friend Friar Lawrence, Romeo and Juliet are secretly married.

    On the day of the wedding, two of Romeo’s friends, Benvolio and Mercutio, are walking through the streets of Verona when they are confronted by Juliet’s cousin, Tybalt. Tybalt is out to get Romeo for crashing the Capulet’s party so he starts a fight with his friends. Romeo shows up, but does not want to fight Tybalt because he no longer holds a grudge against Juliet’s family. Romeo’s friends can’t understand why he won’t stand up for himself so Mercutio steps in to do it for him. A swordfight with Tybalt follows. Mercutio is killed. To avenge the death of his friend, Romeo kills Tybalt, an act that will award him even more hatred from the Capulet family. The Prince of Verona banishes Romeo and he is forced to leave Juliet, who is devastated by the loss of her love. Juliet’s father, not knowing of his daughter’s marriage, decides to marry her to another young man named Paris.

    In despair, Juliet consults with Friar Laurence. He advises her to agree to the marriage, but on the morning of the wedding, she will drink a potion that he prepares for her. The potion will make it look like Juliet is dead and she will be put into the Capulet burial vault. Then, the Friar will send Romeo to rescue her. She does as the Friar says and is put into the vault by her heartbroken parents.

    Bad news travels fast. Before the Friar can tell Romeo of the hoax, Romeo hears from someone else that his beloved Juliet is dead. Overcome with grief, Romeo buys a poison and goes to Juliet’s tomb to die beside his wife. At the door of the tomb, Romeo is forced to fight Paris, whom he swiftly kills. Nothing will stop him from joining his love. Inside the vault, Romeo drinks the poison and takes his last breath next to his sleeping wife.

    Moments later, Juliet awakens to see her husband’s dead body. She learns what has happened from Friar Laurence who has just arrived and accessed the scene. With no reason left to live, Juliet kills herself with Romeo’s dagger. The tragedy has a tremendous impact on both the Montagues and the Capulets. The families are hurt so much by the death of their children that they agree to never fight again.


    Nga lwaaki balinda kufiirwa baana okusobola okulekeraawo okulwaana , kiki ekyaali kibalwaanya in the first place , naye ne Romeo alimba lwaaki teyasooka kwebuuza butwa nabaki munne bweyali anywedde
    Guno omuzannyo Abaddugavu baguzannyako nga bakozesa slang zaabwe gwaali gusesa okukamala


    Kulabako Oli wala nze ondya obwongo… naye simanyi oba Omumbejja nomukopi oyo bayagalana oba byagaana. Naye kyemmanyi nti bbo bagenda mu maaso okubeera abalamu.


    Omumbejja omukwaano gwaali gumwetimbye nga tasobola kubaawo nga tafunye ku munne okujjako osasira eyali yesunze okutwaala omumbejja kuba ennaku gyeyatendanga nga oyo yennyini gwatumye okumuzulira ekituufu nga linga akigenderera okumugambira ddala ekinamukutula omutima .
    Egyo gyemizannyo abantu baffe gyebalina okuddamu okuzanya nga gisanyusa, giyigiriza ate nga tegyesisiwaza ,
    si bino ebyekitooletole byebayiiya ennaku zino mbu bisse Buganda wansi

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