Something Common Between ADF And LRA

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    They are both religious crusaders, one Christian another Moslem. Hence they believe M7’s NRM is evil and has to be removed from power by the help of God. Leaves the sceptic ones wondering, since Museveni and friends say they will never give the poeple’s power back voluntarily. Seems like these ADF, LRA people knew something since many years ago that has taken the rest of the country this long to understand.


    The ADF was formed by puritanical Muslim Ugandans of the Tabliq sect who merged with the remnants of another rebel group, the National Army for the Liberation of Uganda. The main figure of the group was Jamil Mukulu, a former Catholic. The members were largely from central Uganda, in particular Iganga, Masaka and Kampala, and portray themselves as religious crusaders. Beyond this vaguely stated religious ideology and statements that the government discriminates against Tabliqs, the ADF has given few coherent rationales for their insurgency. The ADF chose western Uganda apparently for three reasons: terrain that is ideal for a rural insurgency, proximity to the DRC where the rebels could set up bases and recruit fighters, and the presence of some Ugandan ethnic groups unfriendly to the government that could offer assistance.

    While the ADF carried on occasional attacks in 1996, they were largely ignored by the government. This changed in 1997 when the rebels sharply increased the number of attacks. Most were aimed at soft targets, such as camps of internally displaced persons (IDPs) and small villages, though an ambush of UPDF soldiers in Kasese district raised eyebrows. The number of incidents increased in 1998, a fact that some people blame on the lack of UPDF alpine units to track and fight the rebels in the mountains. A number of bomb blasts markets and restaurants in Kampala and elsewhere were blamed on the ADF. In the west, hundreds of civilians were murdered, large numbers of land mines were laid, attacks were made on civilian, police and UPDF locations. The number of IDPs rose to over 80,000. In February 1998, 30 students were abducted from a college in Kasese, while in June 80 college students were burned alive after they barrigaded themselves in their dormitory to keep the ADF rebels out. The abduction of youth, as well as numerous acts of brutality, led many to compare it to the Lord’s Resistance Army activities in the north of the country.


    The Lord’s Resistance Army (also Lord’s Resistance Movement or Lakwena Part Two) is a sectarian militant group based in northern Uganda.

    The group was formed in 1987 and is engaged in an armed rebellion against the Ugandan government in what is now Africa’s longest-running conflicts. It is led by Joseph Kony, who proclaims himself the “spokesperson” of God and a spirit medium, primarily of the Holy Spirit, which the Acholi believe can represent itself in many manifestations.

    The group is based in apocalyptic Christianity, but also is influenced by a blend of Mysticism, and traditional religion, and claims to be establishing a theocratic state based on the Ten Commandments and Acholi tradition. The LRA is accused of widespread human rights violations, including murder, abduction, mutilation, sexual enslavement of women and children, and forcing children to participate in hostilities.

    The LRA operates mainly in northern Uganda, but also in parts of Sudan, Central African Republic and DR Congo. The LRA is currently proscribed as a terrorist organization by the United States

    In 1986 Alice Lakwena established a resistance movement claimed to be inspired by the Holy Spirit of God. She portrayed herself as a prophet who received messages from the Holy Spirit of God. She believed that the Acholi could defeat the government run by Museveni by casting off witchcraft and spiritualism embedded in their culture. According to her messages from God, her followers should cover their bodies with shea nut oil as protection from bullets, never take cover or retreat in battle, and never kill snakes or bees.

    Joseph Kony would later preach a similar superstition encouraging soldiers to use oil to draw a cross on their chest as a protection from bullets. During an interview with Jimmie Briggs, Alice Lakwena distanced herself from Kony, claiming that the spirit doesn’t want them to kill civilians or prisoners of war. Meanwhile, Kony gained a reputation as having been possessed by spirits. He became a spiritual figure or a medium. Lakwena scored several key victories on the battlefield and began a march towards Kampala. Kony seized this opportunity to recruit members of the Ugandan People’s Democratic Party (UPDA) and Holy Spirit remnants. In 1997, when Lakwena was defeated in Jinja and fled to Kenya, Kony became the leader of the Holy Spirit Mobile Force II.

    The LRA has been known by a number of different names, including the Lord’s Army (1987 to 1988) and the Uganda Peoples’ Democratic Christian Army (UPDCA) (1988 to 1992) before settling on the current name in 1992. They are also sometimes referred to as Lord’s Resistance Movement/Army (LRM/A or LRA/M).



    ADF sets up urban terror network in Kampala

    Contrary to general belief that ADF rebels were defeated, they are still active in DR Congo and have established urban terror networks in Kampala. Before the July 11 twin terror attacks in Kampala, intelligence had been tracking and arresting ADF operatives. We bring you case by case details.
    1. The subject is an ADF fighter who was arrested on 25 Jun 08 at a roadblock in Karugutu on Fort Portal-Bundibugyo road. He was on route recce for ADF operations. He used to ply the Mbarara-Kasese, Fort Portal- Kampala roads in an ADF vehicle; Isuzu ELF UAK 654E (impounded) on instructions of Jamil Mukulu and David Lukwago aka Rashid Lukwago (ADF Army Cmdr). He was to coordinate with other operatives already in the country thus, Kawagu Abdu a.k.a Muyizi (in Buwama), Bogere Dauda aka Menya Andrew aka Nyame (husband to Zainabu Nasoolo in Kibibi). A study of subject’s printout led Trackers to the arrest of 02 ADF operatives, namely; Nasoolo Zainabu aka Kawooya (wife to Menya Andrew) in Kibibi, and Kalsum Aisha in Nalya, Mukono. Nasoolo’s revelations led to the arrest of Kijjambu Toyota aka Henry. Kijjambu’s group of 06 were to conduct urban terror operations on instructions of Jamil Mukulu.

    2. Tezita Musa claims to be a Munyarwanda born in 1972 to Hajji Musa Kazungu and Robina Namayemba of Mityeduma, Mbirizi Lwengo Sub County, Bukoto County, in Masaka District. In 1981 he went to Kyereme primary school in Mbirizi where he dropped out in P6. Subject has 42 siblings. He is married to Zainabu Nakiyimba with whom they have 07 children. He is now resident in Mantanta Zone in Kyazanga town.

    3. Upon interrogation, subject reveals that;
     Between 1987 -2006, he took to a number of odd jobs. He worked as a mechanic up to 1992, a baker in 1993 before joining Kakira Sugar Works in 1995 as a driver. That between 1995-1996, subject went back to Kyazanga where he worked as a mechanic. From 1998-2006, he was a truck driver in Kyazanga.
     In 2006 while in Kyazanga, Tezita had a friend called Baghdad alias Ahmed Kakembo currently in ADF camps in Congo who used to play audio tapes about Jamil Mukulu’s preachings and subject got interested. The massage was that freedom was through ADF (Jihad). In Sept 07, Baghdad took subject to Kampala and met Kajubi with whom they travelled up to Kasese. Kajubi called a Congolese man who picked them by a minibus and travelled up to Beni from where they boarded motorcycles to the forest. They were picked and taken to Cucubo (Rwamisota) camp for training where he and 24 others passed out after specialised training in Taekwondo after 03 months.
     In March 07, subject in a group of 08 under Bosco escorted a group of 150 rebels under Kato up to River Semiliki. That Kato’s group was advancing towards Uganda. On returning to their camps in Congo, subject with others underwent a 06 months’ training.
     d. That around Feb 08, upon completion of training he was called by Kakande and Lukwago who briefed him that he was to go to Uganda for a mission. He was given US$ 50 for transport facilitation but rode on a motorcycle to Beni.
     While in Beni, one Faisal got a DRC identity card for subject, and one Habib commonly known as Mzee Kigere took the subject up to Kasindi border and assisted him in changing the dollars into Ugandan currency and also gave him a Safaricom Sim Card with instructions on how to use it. Subject then proceeded to Kikorongo from where he boarded a trailer to Buwama and was picked by Muyizi aka Kawagu Abdu upon arrival.
     Subject was accommodated by Muyizi aka Kawagu Abdu for one week and Jamil directed Muyizi to organise an identity card and a residence for the subject. The ID was got from Kakajo Zone in Bweyogerere and a residence in Nateete.
     In March 08, Jamil Mukulu instructed Tezita to go to Dubai Terminal (car depot) where he would find a person waiting for him. That he later iscovered the said was Hajji Ali Mubiru who handed him the Isuzu lorry ELF around mid March 08. The said truck was given to Ali Mubiru by Seka Adam Mukalazi. Then subject, Ali Mubiru and one Kiyemba Abdu Hakim processed the papers and got the registration number.
     On Jamil Mukulu’s instructions, subject drove the vehicle to a garage in Nalukolongo (Kampala) where the body was constructed using money sent to him through Forex Bureaus. He was told the vehicle would be used for;
     Ferrying ADF combatants.
     (2) Generating proceeds for ADF activities. (3) Carrying out route recce.
    4. Transporting logistics to DRC.
     That on several occasions he could withdraw money from a number of Forex Bureaus in Kampala and also got money from Buscar Bus service, Geteway bus sent by one Lillian Anyango, another ($600) from Yunus Kassim, Mark Tezita and Pounds worth 15, 60, 154, sent by one Betty Nasuuna through Shumuk Forex Bureau in his (subject’s) names.
     In Apr 08, subject was again instructed by Jamil Mukulu to go to Zainab Aziz Building in Kampala and pick Nasoolo Zainabu (arrested) who had been taken there by Mama Fau from Nkoowe (wife to Nuhu Ismael Balengera an ADF operative in DRC). Subject took her to Kyabadaza and handed her over to the husband Bogere aka Andrew Menya who took her to Kibibi from where she was arrested. Nasoolo had been picked by Lugemwa Abdu Hamid from Masanafu to Nkoowe.
     That the Safaricom line he got from Congo got blocked and he bought a Celtelline and used it to call Jamil Mukulu who then instructed him to go to Kenya and buy Celtel Kenya line.
     On 18 Jun 08, Jamil Mukulu instructed him to go for recce. He took off from Ndeeba with bales of second hand clothes up to Ishaka, then to Bundibugyo via Kasese. That he was arrested at Karugutu in Bundibugyo on his way back.

    5. Owing to the above revelations, it is noted that;
     Tezita is one of the most trusted ADF lieutenants. He joined the rebellion willingly after being indoctrinated with the ADF ideology. He is a devoted fighter.
     ADF has changed its mode of operations to using SMS by Kenyan and Tanzania Sim cards. This is to elude tracking and surveillance.
     There could be other vehicles procured for the same tasks.
     This requires robust intelligence.
     ADF continues to prey on the ignorance of the unsuspecting public especially the Local Government officials (LCs).
     The ADF leadership has continued to mobilize funds, logistics and direct operations from abroad unchecked.
     He is a chief logistician. This is evident by him transferring
     The assumed combat items to the said Muyizi aka Abdu Kawagu on instruction from Jamil Mukulu. The items include; 02 pairs of gumboots, 02 rain coats, 10 metres of black polythene paper, and 01 machete (panga) among others.
     Transportation of personnel has also been one of his many activities. This is true, bent on the revelation of his accomplice in crime, Zainabu Nasoolo Safina.

    6. It is recommended that;
     Subject like others should be arraigned before court for committing treason as there is enough evidence to implicate him.
    7. Forwarded for your action.


    Well, what to make of these intelligence files? My question: shouldn’t these be confidential? How do they, (files) find their way into newspapers?

    Ugandan intelligence busts ADF recruitment network in Busoga
    Wednesday, 06 October 2010
    By The Independent Team

    Contrary to general belief that ADF rebels were defeated, they are still active in DR Congo and have established urban terror networks inside Uganda. Before the July 11 twin terror attacks in Kampala, intelligence had been tracking and arresting ADF operatives in various parts of the country. We bring you case by case details.

    SUB: Byekwaso Adam Din


    1. The subject was arrested on 20 Apr 08 in Iganga by the area DISO for his involvement in ADF activities. He was according to technical data analysis found to be in constant touch with Jamil Mukulu, Bwambale Sulait, Mark Matovu and Jowali Hatwib all hardcore operatives. He has been at the centre stage of recruitment for ADF. He has been doing this in concert with one Masoudi Kisambira (arrested and later released by Police on bond), Hamza Yasir Ivan (arrested) and Sam Kalyango (still at large). He was once arrested in 1995 for the same offence and incarcerated in Luzira Prison up to 2006.


    2. He is a Musoga by tribe of the Muslim Salaaf sect born in 1967 in Nabitende trading centre, Nambale Sub County in Kigulu County, Iganga district to the late Muhammed Byekwaso and his wife Birabwa Nusura of the same address. He studied up to P4 in Kaliro Church of Uganda P/S in 1982. He is married to 02 wives, Adong Fatuma and Amina Kawala, a Luhya by tribe from Kenya who is a niece to Sumaisha, a girlfriend to Jamil Mukulu. He is a father of 07. He has 38 siblings and he is a businessman cam rebel coordinator with residences both in Iganga and Buvuma Islands.


    3. The subject reveals that;

    § After school, he learnt carpentry in Iganga town council in 1982-1995 at Byekwaso Furniture Mart on Plot 02, Old Kaliro Road. The said workshop belonged to his late father.

    § In 1995 in the run to his first arrest, he was a close confidant to ADF recruiters based in Iganga, Mpaulo Muhammed and Nkumachina Abduswabur (RIP) and was arrested on suspicion of being the head of Buseruka attack, incarcerated in Luzira Prison where he met Muzafali Muhindo, Muganura Idrisa, Mustafa Ssewankambo, Ismael Ntale Maguib Saali and others who had been in Luzira over terrorism.

    § He was charged and committed to Luzira Prison for 05 years only to be released in 2000. That while in Prison, he was indoctrinated by ADF activists in ‘b’ above and soon became one of their chief cadres.

    § After release from Luzira Prison where he had been incarcerated for ADF activities, subject in concert with Hamim Serwanga, Matovu Mark and ten others met in Nairobi with mission to revamp and spearhead ADF operations.

    § Among other tasks, he was assigned by Jamil Mukulu to distribute tapes laden with jihad ideology and he got 42 tapes from Kampala but due to security clampdown on him, he was not able to distribute them but passed them on to one Hatwib Jowali to distribute as he went on flight to the Buvuma Islands.

    § Following the death of Mugoya Musa, subject took up recruitment on recommendation by Mark Matovu and concert with Kisambira Masoudi, he took up the assignment.

    § In 2001, he got a phone call from Mustafa Ssewankambo (ADF coordinator in Kenya) to mobilize for ADF. In response to this he mobilized 09 people among them, Muhammed Dabangi, Yahaya, Balikowa Abdu Karim, Mikado Lukeman, and Mwanda. However, the last two came back and are now operating bodabodas in Iganga.

    § That between 2006 and 2007, he took 12 recruits, taking 02 per going. Some of those he took include Muhammed from Iganga, Abdu Rashid from Wanale, Nasur Din, Maama Noor and her son Noor, and the others were brought by Kisambira Masoudi.

    § As a way of procedure, recruits would come from village coordinated by local coordinators (Amirs) to Adam Din who in turn would pass them on to Kisambira Masoudi. The recruits would come on Saturday and Sunday, down to Kampala by Monday and then on Tuesday which is a market day in Kasindi and then cross to Congo.

    § That around Jan 07, Sam Kalyango introduced Hamza Yasir Ivan to the subject at his home in Iganga. He was working on instructions from Mark Matovu. That Yasin kept on financing the recruitment until his (Hamza’ s) arrest.

    § That in Oct 07, Jamil Mukulu sent a mobile phone through Mark Matovu but delivered by an unknown lady to subject’s wife Amina in Iganga. The said phone was loaded with a SafariCom line. The subject was warned not to use it to communicate to other people. The same Mark Matovu brought 300,OOOUGX to the subject in Mar 08.

    § That the Kenyan Nairobi group thus Hamim Serwanga, Sumaisha and Jamil Mukulu use one number. That he has been in touch especially for money to make ends meet.

    § m. That for the ADF cause, he has been dealing with people like Ali Mugoya, Jowali Hatwib (national Amir), Mohammed Kabirizi (district Amir Bugiri), Ali Imran Emir (district Amir of Mayuge), Adam Din aka Mulugwara a resident of Magamaga and keeping one of the motorcycles of ADF, Nasur Din (Amir Iganga), Khalid Mulinda who operates a butchery in Bulugo, on Bunya Road, Iganga district.


    4. Owing to the above revelations, it’s incumbent to note that;

    § The subject is a hardcore ADF operative so entrenched that he cannot denounce rebellion. This is evident when one of the security services contacted him for his services but he was adamant in giving intelligence in relation to ADF. He says he derives his livelihood from ADF both for subsistence and security.

    § b. He is an active recruiter who has had several recruits to his sleeve. His recruitment drives are monumental and testimonial. He has been working in concert with Masoudi Kisambira (once arrested and released), Sam Kalyango (still at large) and Hamza Yasir Ivan (arrested).

    § c. He is very close to Jamil Mukulu both in conviction and by way of marriage. In marriage circles, his second wife is a blood relative to Sumaisha who is a girlfriend to Jamil Mukulu. This further makes the bond so strong.

    § d. He is known to and has been coordinating with notorious ADF macho men. These include; Sam Kalyango, Hamza Yasir, Kisambira Masoudi, Bwambale, Sulait etc.


    5. The subject should be prosecuted in courts of law for recruiting for a subversive armed group and be charged with treason. However, Operations should;

    § Have all those mentioned by the subject as his accomplices tracked down and subsequently arrested for interrogation.

    § Kisambira Masoudi should be rearrested and jointly be charged with the subject.

    § Kamanda Haruna of Iganga should be arrested since the subject reveals that he can lead us to Jowali Hatwib.

    6. Forwarded.


    ADF ‘General’ arrested on terror mission
    Wednesday, 27 October 2010


    1. The subject is a DRC born ADF fighter arrested on 16 Jul 08 by Police In Kasokoso, Kireka in Wakiso District. He was part of ADF squad dispatched by Jamil Mukulu from Semiliki under the command of Kijjambu Henry aka General Toyota (arrested) to carry out urban terror activities in and around Kampala. His other accomplices, namely; Kasadha Juma, Tony Kakule were put out of action (POA) during an operation carried by JAT against ADF terrorists in Kasokoso village-Kireka, resulting after several months of surveillance and tracking.

    On 13 Jul 08, subject with his colleague one Luwaggu Abudu aka Mukwaya rented a single roomed house in Butta LC 1 village, from Kira Town Council. The house belonged to one Maluwezi Fortunate, said to be a UPDF WOII based in Kimaka. Before being granted accommodation in the house, they failed to produce introduction letters as demanded by the area LC from their previous host, prompting subject to acquire a forged covering letter purportedly from the office of LC I, Kigandazi Zone, Bweyogere Parish, Kira Town Council. However, after verification, the letter was disapproved and found to be a forged document. The following day, as subject went to visit one Johnson (at large) in Kasokoso, he was arrested by Police as an accomplice linked to the group against which an operation was conducted the previous night by JAT in the area, and was subsequently forwarded for further management.


    2. On 22 Oct 08, the D/DISO in charge Kira T/C in concert with the chairman LCI Butto, Police, and the landlord, broke into the locked house which was abandoned 03 months ago after a mysterious disappearance of the pair. A search and inspection of the house was conducted, and the following items were recovered;

    02 mini multipurpose harmful objects

    01 ID belonging to Luwaggu Abudu aka Mukwaya

    02 powerful torches

    02 small radios and radio cassette tapes with Islamic recordings

    05 Islamic booklets

    Tanzanian travel document in the names of Suleimani Bakari Rwamukaza

    01 small mattress

    02 pairs of gumboots

    i. Exercise books containing telephone numbers


    3. Owing to the above new development, subject was re-interrogated and below are his revelations;

    a. That in 1998, he was abducted by ADF from a place called Lume near Beni when he had gone to visit his uncle. He hails from Malepe, in Beni DRC.

    b. He trained in Buhiira camp in the Rwenzori Mountains and was made escort to various ADF commanders like; Kasozi, Abbey and Mabiina. Thereafter, he was also involved in various ADF operations fighting against Uganda government.

    c. That around Mar 08, he was sent from Fort Portal to Kasokoso in Kireka to join the Kijjambu aka Gen Toyota squad. Subject linked up with one Johnson (at large) with whom they later made arrangements to travel to Kenya in order to receive supplies and logistics for ADF.

    d. They travelled in a taxi to Busia where they spent a night before crossing into Kenya the following day using ungazetted route (panya) and boarded a mini-bus up to Kisumu town. They met someone whose identity subject claims he didn’t know who handed them the following items for deliverance to ADF in DRC;

    (1) 02 bags of secondhand clothes

    (2) 03 small size radio cassettes

    (3) 03 mini multipurpose harmful objects

    e. From Kisumu, the pair travelled back to Uganda through Busia border post. That passing through border on return was made possible because he (subject) was earlier handed, by Johnson, a genuine Tanzanian Emergency Travel Document registered with pseudo names of; SULEIMAN BAKARI RWAMUKAZA, which he successfully used to enter Uganda.

    f. When they returned to Kasokoso after the trip, subject was tasked by Johnson to take custody of the items. After some time, Johnson reportedly took away the 02 bags of secondhand clothes, 02 radios, and 01 multipurpose harmful object which he claimed he was taking to DRC.

    g. That the two harmful equipment recovered in his house were initially destined for DRC, but forgotten by Johnson, and the tapes with Islamic recordings allegedly belonged to Luwaggu Abudu aka Mukwaya. The two pairs of gumboots and two torches belonged to subject and Mukwaya respectively.


    4. Four (04) tapes with Islamic recordings were played and some of the contents preached by ADF leader Jamil Mukulu were found to incite violence and hatred against the person of the President and non-Muslims (Christians). Read below, the interpreted version;

    a. He teaches about ways, sayings and practices of Prophet Mohammed, and the good deeds of a Moslem. He talks about; “Subhana Llah (the merciful God, Alihamuddulilah (thanks God), and Allah akbar (God is Great)”.

    b. He urges Muslims to fight non-believers in case they are provoked and always endeavour to participate in jihad so as to fight for Allah. He warns that it’s wrong for non-Muslims to underrate the strength of Islam.

    c. He cautions people that life is meaningless under President Museveni. He accuses the President of killing people in Luwero and thinking he is immortal.

    d. He blames the President for the torture and deaths of; Umar Makubuya, Siraji Mayombwe, and one Issa Kalerwe killed in Butambala, Bombo GHQs and DMI respectively in an operation allegedly commanded by one Benon and the bodies dumped at Mulago mortuary.

    e. That it is wrong for the President to think he can rule the entire world. He adds; the President is intolerant to other people’s views; that’s why he opened war against; Bidandi Sali, Eriya Kategaya and many others who disagreed with him.”

    f. That the President has stolen almost everything in Uganda and up to now he (HE) is not yet contented.

    g. He urges Muslims to always outsmart and be ahead of enemies who are out to fight them. He promises that the Prophet will always accompany them during jihad wars.

    h. He teaches believers (Moslems) about the everlasting life promised by the Prophet and stick to their religion.

    I. He talks about Prophet Muhammed’s “Daawah” (Islamic preaching) and “Salaf a Swahibiina” (reigns of Prophet Mohammed’s Righteous disciples). In other words, it is only Salaf Muslim sect that is deemed the true and righteous faith in Islam

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