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    SSEMUJJU NGANDA: Hope is knocking on Buganda’s door
    Written by Ssemujju Ibrahim Nganda
    Wednesday, 23 June 2010
    Ssuubi 2011, a new political mobilisation force comprising key leading Buganda politicians, has been launched. Owek. Medard Ssegona Lubega, until recently Buganda’s State Minister for Information, read out a statement announcing the birth of Ssuubi 2011 at a press briefing at Christ the King Hall on Tuesday. Ssuubi 2011 comprises politicians from different political persuasions, including those with no known affiliation.
    Your columnist is part of the steering committee which has faces like Betty Nambooze Bakireke, Owek. Mathias Mpuuga, Dr. Lulume Bayiga, JB Kakooza and Muwanga Kivumbi. This team is working under the guidance of elders who include former Buganda prime ministers Owek. Joseph Mulwanyamuli Ssemwogerere and Owek. Dan Muliika.
    Ssuubi 2011 will be officially launched in two weeks’ time after everybody who matters in Buganda has been consulted. I know Owek. Mulwanyamuli will soon hold discussions with a lot of groups, including all MPs from Buganda. The main objective of Ssuubi 2011 is to cause a positive regime change in Uganda.

    For me, the formation of Ssuubi 2011 is in itself a big achievement. If Ssuubi 2011 succeeds in unseating the evil regime, it will be an even bigger achievement.
    Murdering formal and informal institutions has been Museveni’s biggest political tool, which he has used so effectively to cling onto power. Armies all over the world have senior and junior officers’ messes where constructive discussions take place.
    In Uganda, the officers’ mess is a prison for senior officers like Brig. Henry Tumukunde who speak critically of the emperor.
    The Army Council and the High Command, the top two of Uganda Peoples Defence Forces’ organs are summoned at Museveni’s leisure and only to receive instructions.

    And to give a semblance of democracy, Museveni allows some free but guided discussions in the army meetings, but his opinion is final.
    You all know what has befallen our Parliaments. All critical decisions on the future of Uganda have been single handedly made by Museveni. Like with UPDF, he summons the NRM caucus to receive orders. If he alone thinks Amama Mbabazi must be shielded, it will be against all voices.
    People who should speak out against these evils have been recruited to become agents of personal rule.
    The situation is even much worse in Buganda. Prof. Apolo Nsibambi will not steal public funds but won’t speak loudly against the robbers. In fact, he sits with them in cabinet and defends them when they face harsh criticism.
    As for Prof. Gilbert Balibaseka Bukenya, he will just benefit from the loot. For him the end justifies the means.
    Dr. Edward Khiddu Makubuya is comfortable being Attorney General and will give the most stupid legal interpretations to government in order to ensure he retains his job. The list of Buganda leaders who have become traitors is long.
    Some of those who are not traitors have decided to play safe.

    The opposition in other parts of the country is not as divided as it is in Buganda. The Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) has largely resolved its internal differences in Lango. The Democratic Party (DP) on the other hand is getting more and more divided in Buganda.
    The end result is that instead of discussing issues affecting the country, opposition leaders are debating their personal survival. There are individuals who have made it a habit to malign the Inter Party Cooperation (IPC) because they think it is going to make them irrelevant as individuals.
    Therefore, the formation of Ssuubi 2011 gives us an opportunity to sit down and discuss issues affecting our country irrespective of our different political beliefs. I know Museveni will do everything possible to disperse Ssuubi 2011 but some of its promoters are well conversant with his evil hand.
    Irrespective of their political differences, leaders from Ankole can still sit down and discuss the future of Uganda. I highly doubt whether Prof. Bukenya can visit Dr. Paul Kawanga Ssemogerere at Lubaga.

    Ssuubi 2011 should provide us with an opportunity to discuss the future of our country together. Museveni is mighty and visionary but he cannot provide solutions to every one of our problems.
    The word Ssuubi is Luganda for hope. I hope all of us will be able to make a contribution towards the liberation of our country. Next week I will write about personal attacks made against me by Museveni while addressing a rally in Kasangati.

    The author is the Inter-Party Cooperation (IPC) Spokesman.


    Buganda men to comb villages for opposition votes
    Written by David Tash Lumu
    Wednesday, 23 June 2010 18:32
    Suubi 2011 is the vehicle for their campaign

    Retired Buganda Kingdom officials led by the former Katikkiro, Joseph Mulwanyamuli Ssemwogerere, have started combing villages, especially in Buganda, to campaign for what they call “constructive regime change” come the 2011 elections. Ssemwogerere, who gave a key note address to kick-start the campaign named Suubi 2011 (Hope 2011), accused President Museveni of lying to Ugandans. He claimed that many senior cadres in the ruling NRM have called to encourage him to campaign for change, promising to join him.
    Suubi 2011 was launched at Christ the King Church on Tuesday and will use “ballots” not “bullets” to cause regime change, Ssemwogerere said.
    “Museveni tells lies. Those who were born by the time he came to power know very well what he said, but right now he’s doing a different thing. Museveni is a chameleon,” Ssemwogerere said.
    He added: “We never anticipated this chameleon change. We were disappointed and that’s why we must give people hope and fight for justice. We must struggle to bring about constructive change.”

    Ssemwogerere also asked some politicians, who he said were sitting “on the fence,” to come out and support IPC.
    “Everybody who has been on the fence should come out so that we can recruit, develop the message, create hope and cause change. All this time senior NRM people in government have called me saying that, ‘we are coming; we are tired’, but they fear to boldly come out. They are saying ‘let’s wait and see what will come out.’ This means that everybody wants change,” Ssemwogerere said.
    Dismissing the President’s recent remarks describing former Buganda officials who have joined the opposition as opportunists, Ssemwogerere said that he doesn’t care about the “smear campaign” as long as he achieves his goal of changing the status quo.
    “Who is an opportunist? An opportunist is someone who is in NRM where money is; not me in opposition where there’s no money. The right thing is for Museveni to come and help us cause change,” he said.
    Quoting Plato, a Greek philosopher, Ssemwogerere said: “If you don’t participate in the affairs of your country, then don’t complain when you are ruled by evil men.”

    “We want to fight the evil and we don’t want to join the evil,” he said.
    The Internal Co-coordinator of Suubi 2011, Medard Lubega Sseggona, a former Mengo minister, told The Observer that the task force will work with the IPC and other political forces to change government.
    “We have been left with no option but to struggle for our survival. We either support the forces of change or we perish. Suubi 2011 will move to every village to mobilise fellow countrymen to vote for change,” states a two-page document detailing the objectives of the new political organisation whose official launch is in two weeks’ time.

    “The prevailing political atmosphere in our country has created a state of hopelessness. The enjoyment of our freedoms must now be licensed by the sitting regime with both oppression and repression at their highest,” Sseggona said.
    “All avenues of honest discussion have been blocked and closed to completeness and the core functions of the state have been privatised to the detriment of us all. The most powerful have waged an open war against those they perceive as enemies of their long stay in power. We will commence discussions with the IPC and all other political forces to identify areas of common interest on which we can work together,” he added.


    Sign of the times, there is no way we can loose this one. Whatever the case, at the end of the day, Buganda – freedom, peace and justice shall prevail.


    Abatayagala mikago baagala ki?
    Musasi Waffe

    Tubadde tuli awo, ate ne batukubako omugole, Ssuubi 2011. Essaawa y’eno, buli Munnabyabufuzi mu Buganda okusalawo okuba essuubi lya Buganda, oba okulwanyisa essuubi lya Buganda.

    Waliwo bannaffe abagamba nti ba maanyi era basobola okuwangula ku lwabwe, naye kijjukirwe nti ‘buyisi bw’omu nsega y’ebika’.

    Abaagala okutambula bokka kye bajjukiza gy’emikago egyakolwa bajjajjaffe, ne gikomekkereza ng’abamu beefuulidde bannaabwe.

    Basinze kujuliza mukago gwa 1961/62, wakati wa UPC ne KY, Milton Obote gwe yatyoboola n’amenya ssemateeka, n’oluvannyuma n’awera Obwakabaka, si obwa Buganda bwokka, naye n’Obukama, Obwakyabazinga, n’obukulembeze bwonna obw’ennono gye bwali mu ggwanga.

    Olw’okwagala okufuula Bannansi abaddu b’ebyafaayo, bwe boogera ku kya Obote okutyoboola ssemateeka, ate omusango bagussa ku baakola mukago.

    Abantu balina okumanya, nti teguba mukago gwa bibiina, Yuganda teyandifunye bwetwaze mu 1962.

    Omukulembeze okumenya ssemateeka teweetaaga kuba mu mukago. Amin ne banne baawamba Obote nga tebalina mukago gwonna gwe bakoze, ne bakola gavumenti yaabwe nga Bannamagye, kyokka ssemateeka w’eggwanga baamumenya, ebibiina biwereddwa.

    Teguba mukago gw’e Moshi, Amin yali tawangulwa mu 1979, kuba yali amaze n’okwerangirira okufuga Yuganda, okutuusa okufa.

    Munnanfuusi akubuulira ngeri gye baggyako Lule , takubuulira ngeri Lule gye yajjamu. Lule yafugira ennaku 68 lwa mukago, naye teyandisobodde wadde okutuulako ku ntebe ya Pulezidenti obutuuzi okumala eddakiika singa yalumba Amin obw’omu.

    Mu 1980, DP yeesimbawo, kyokka naye obuwanguzi bwayo obungi bwagikoma mu ngalo, ababaka baffe nkumu ne basala eddiiro, ne beegatta ku UPC bwe tutaalina mukago, abalala ne battibwa, abamu ne bawannganguka DP n’esereba.

    Okuwona Obote gwali Mukago wakati wa Lule ne Museveni mu nsiko oluvannyuma ogwegattwako ne Kayiira.

    Nneewuunya Mw. Museveni ali mu buyinza olw’omukago ate okuyimirira ku budaala n’avumirira emikago gy’ebyobufuzi!. Ekigambo Muvumenti kitegeeza Mukago kyokka ate awaana Muvumenti yavumirira omukago!

    Uganda Federal Alliance Mukago gwa bawagira federo (Alliance), kyokka ate agikulira mukulu wange Beti Kamya, avumirira mukago!

    Mu 2006 BannaDP baatumatiza ffenna nti ekinaatubbula ng’ekibiina, kuva mu mukago gwa G6 twesimbewo bwannamunigina.

    Mukadde wange Ssebaana gwe twakwasa enkasi, naye bwe twamala okumuwandiisa, omuggundu gwakanga bangi ne bamulekera kampeyini era olw’okuyaayaana kw’abalonzi, wasanganga owa DP ng’ekifaananyi ku mmotoka ya kampeyini atimbyeko kya Besigye.

    Ssebaana eyawangula obwammeeya bwa Kampala mu mukago gw’obwammeeya n’obululu emitwalo 19, ate yafuna obululu emitwalo kkumi ku bwapulezidenti mu ggwanga lyonna!

    Akalulu kange kali ku mitwalo 10. Mu paalamenti twafunayo ababaka munaana ne ssentebe wa disitulikiti omu, Mao afugira Gulu ku mukago gwa DP ne FDC.

    Mu kujjuza ebifo (By-election),twasookera Kalungu buli kibiina ekivuganya gavumenti ne kireeta awaakyo, Mbidde owa DP eyandiwangudde n’agwa.

    Twaddako Bukomansimbi, buli kibiina ne kissaawo, Deo Kiyingi eyandiwangudde n’agwa. Twaddako Buyikwe, ffenna ku olwo twakkaanya ne tuwagira Dr. Lulume Bayiga owa DP n’awangula. Bwe twadda e Ssembabule ne Ssese ffenna ne tusimbawo era owessaza Kkweba Muyanda Mutebi ne Nantongo tebaawangula.

    E Kyadondo omukago gwasasika, buli kibiina ne kireeta, Regina Bakitte eyandiwangudde n’agwa, bwe tutuuse e Mukono North, omukago ne guddawo, Madam Teacher wammwe kati ndi mubaka wa paalamenti.

    Buli lwe tweyawula abalabe basanyuka. Kye bava batujjukiza ebya Obote, ng’ate be baali ku ludda lwe.

    Oba emikago n’abalala tugitidde, ku luno ka tukole omukago ne Baganda bannaffe, nga tuyita mu Ssuubi 2011, ebirala bwe binaaba bigaanye, waakiri abakulembeze mu Buganda, omuli ababaka ba paalamenti, bassentebe ba zidisitulikiti, amagombolola n’ebyalo, babeere abasajja n’abazaana ba Ssaabasajja Kabaka abawulize era abeetegefu okulwanirira Obuganda ne Kabaka waabwe.

    Okuva gavumenti ya Kabaka lwe yagaanibwa ebyobufuzi, ate nga Bannabyabufuzi be bakaabya Buganda ffe ab’ebyobufuzi Abaganda ka twegattire mu Ssuubi 2011, tulamulize Buganda.


    Ono abuuza oba Ssegona mutitiizi, wabula yye atali mutitiizi nga erinnya lye talitaddeko ku byawandiise? Bukedde kati articles ze nyingi za kiro kitwaala omunaku. Bakimanyi nti byonna byebawandiise Obuganda bubagegese.

    Sseggona mutiitiizi?
    Bukedde Tuesday, 06 July 2010
    ABAALABYE eyali Minisita wa Kabaka Owe byamawulire, Medard Lubega Sseggona ng’ateekako kakokola tondeka nnyuma baasigadde beebuuza oba anaamalako n’ebyobufuzi bye yayingiridde. Anti atandise okulega ku mayinja n’ebigambo ebisongovu ebibeera mu byobufuzi bino. Omanyi aba DP baategese olukung’aana ku Klezia ya Yezu Kabaka mu Kampala wiiki ewedde.

    Abavubuka abamu bwe baamulabye ng’azze mu kifo kino ne bamufubutula nga baagala okumuyisaako ow’embuya nga bagamba nti ekibiina kyabwe ekya Ssuubi kye baatandiseewo kiremesezza DP okutambula. Baamugambye nti ebyo by’ayagala okukolera mu Ssuubi abireete mu DP aleme kunafuya kibiina.

    Sseggona yalabye ebintu bikaaye kwe kudduka n’abaviira.


    Ekisinga okukusobera nti bo abavaayo nobulamu bwaabwe nebabussa ku lusuubo ate bano ba mpale esibya byaayi bebasinga okujerega nga bawandiikiika ebinasanyusa bakama baabwe , kyebatamanyi nti temusobola kujooga bantu batudde mu nsi yaabwe mbu kubanga munoonya akawogo akokutwakira abe wuwo , nolowooza nti ebintu kasita bikyuuka era gwoomu gwojja okwekulubeesa mu bantu bobadde ovuma .

    Bwaaba ngo Muganda yenna avuddeyo okulwanirira eddembe lye mu nsi ye oyo yemuzira , okusinga bano abalowooza nti banalembeka okufunayo obusente nga zimalaya eziwedde kumpagala okujerega abantu abetaasa kubafuzi bobumbula ba refuges from hell,ate bebamu bojja okusanga nga bewoomya ngolubwa olubbi lwamagi okusobola , baleme kubasasuza byebayisaamu banaabwe nga bafuuse ba agent ba sitani.

    Abantu abo bonna abanyiga Obuganda mu buli ngeri omulundi guno tebetaaga kuleka kuyinayina, kubanga bo kyebakola batwaliramu nobulamu bwabantu baffe kubanga bagala okwekkusa bo nabaabwe, awatali kulowooza kubalala.


    Ye akwanaganya emirimu gya Ssuubi 2011, Medard Sseggona yagambye nti abantu tebasaanye kweraliikirira, bongere kufungiza okulaba ng’ebigendererwa byabwe bituukirira. “Tetulina lutalo na muntu yenna naye luno lwoya lwa mu nnyindo kubanga ffenna tufugibwa bumbula. Tubadde e Mengo nga bagamba tuli mu bitiibwa ng’abantu baffe babakuba ttiya ggaasi n’emiggo, twali tukyali awo n’ abataka ne bamubakuba, okwandibadde okubeetondera baagamba nti baali babayita bayaaye.”

    Ssuubi 2011 etongozebwa mu kampala
    Mu kutongoza Ssuubi 2011 mu Kampala wiiki ewedde, Owek. Lubega yagambye nti bazze kusindiikiriza gavumenti ya NRM eve mu buyinza kubanga eremereddwa okugonjoola ebizibu ebiruma abantu.

    “Buli kimu tukisobola era twagala abantu b’amawanga gonna agakola Uganda bajje tweddize obusika bwaffe. Lino eggwanga lyategekerwa ffe, abaana ne bazzukulu baffe naye kati lisaanawo. Gye tunaakoma okulwawo okusitukiramu n’okulaba ennaku mu nsi yaffe,” Ssegona.

    Medard yagambye nti eggwanga embeera gye lirimu buli olukya eyongera kweraliikiriza ng’ebyobulimi bisaanyeewo, amalwaliro temuli ddagala, enguudo mbi, obwavu bweyongera ate nga n’amasomero gonna gawomoggose. “Kijja kitya nga ku mulembe guno emmwanyi, ppamba, kwe byonoonekedde. Amasiro, amasomero byonna byokyeddwa.”

    Omubaka wa Mukono North, Betty Nambooze yannyonnyodde nti Ssuubi 2011 si kibiina kya byabufuzi wabula nteekateeka egatta ebibiina n’abantu bonna awatali kufa ku mawanga n’eddiini okulaba nga bakyusa obuyinza mu kulonda okujja.
    Aba Ssuubi 2011 baayuuguumizza ekibuga Masaka ku lwomukaaga.


    Ebyabadde mu Christ The King nga ekibiina kya Ssuubi kyanjulibwa eri abantu.


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    Review ppi claiming


    Get your trash off here we are sick of you tineda or whatever you are called. This is not a shop, this is a serious place for serious people discussing matters of their nation. So be civilised enough to leave, take your friends a long too.

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