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    Disclaimer – this was posted in a brandy new facebook group called Buganda Unite

    We have just witnessed the fast tracking of the EAC when most people do not understand the benefits and objectives of EAC . As we we speak 70% of Land in Kenya is still owned by white settlers . With out land reforms , it means people will be free to move and buy land anywhere in EAC . A muzungu from Naivasha will have a right to purchase entire Singo county or Sesse islands . This is a sellout . It seems this organisation is being imposed by orders from above . Countries that will ultemately become members are Uganda , Rwanda , Burundi , Congo , Somalia , Sudan , Tanzania , Kenya and Tanzania .
    The issue of the East African Political Federation is not new in Buganda . It was controversially triggered by the British Government in 1921 during reign of Ssekabaka Daudi Chwa 11 under the term ‘Amalgation of the East African States ‘ – ( Colony of Kenya , Tanganyika , Uganda and Zanzibar ) This move was strenously opposed by Ssekabaka Daudi Chwa 11 and the Great Lukiiko of Buganda . The idea was shelved .
    Then in 1924 ,the idea was again revived and a commission created to undertake findingout whether theidea of forming an East African Political Federation was then acceptable . Buganda once again flatly rejected the idea .
    Then in 1927 – 28 ,the British Government through its cplonial office revived the controversial issue of East Africa Political Federation . Once again Ssekabaka Daudi Chwa 11 and the Great Lukiiko sternly resisted the move .
    In 1931 , the British Government re-introduced the issue under the dubiousjew term ‘ Closer Union of East Africa ‘ . At this juncture , Buganda Kingdom sent a delegation led by Mr Serwano Kulubya to London in opposition of this move as proposed by Britain . The Brits hidden agenda was all along opposed and subsequently temporarily abandoned until the time of independence of Uganda .
    In 1947 , the British Government issued a white paper 210 and tabled to Legco( Uganda legistrative council ) …Uganda Parliament that time. It was dominated by Britons and a few Asian legistrators . White paper 210 was promulgated by the LEGCO and under which the East African High Commission was established headed by Governor of Kenya .
    Although the British Government was prepared to effect the contemplated East African Political Federation , popular opposition mainly from Buganda frustrated all the colonial intentions of its creation . Still in pursuit of its unfettered hiden agenda , the British Government had even transfered the presumed jewish and tough Sir Andrew Cohen as the Governor of Uganda with the hope that he will never fail to fulfill the colonial Government project in Uganda .
    The controversy surrounding Britain’s intentions of an East Africa Federation got out of hand when on 30th June 1953 when officiating at the East Africa Dinner Club in London , the colonial Secretary , Oliver Lyttelton pronounced that at long last the creation of the East African Federation was Imminent and it would be under one Governor with his seat in Nairobi .
    On 6th August 1953 , Kabaka Muteesa 11 wrote to the colonial Secretary with a copy to Governor Sir Andrew Cohen strongly objecting to the pronouncement .
    The Council of Buganda Ministers and the Great Lukiiko of Buganda joined hands with their Kabaka Muteesa 11 in this respect .
    Indeed , as history shows , it is the dispute between Buganda and Great Britain to the ill – conceived formation of the East African Political Federation which sparked the exile of Kabaka Muteesa 11 to Britain , on 30th November 1953 .
    Buganda’s vehement stand on the subject has never changed and Buganda will never budge at all cost . Nonetheless the proposal contemplating EAC is in the framework of the constitution of Republic of Uganda 1995 which states :-
    Article 1. All power belongs to the people who shall exercise their sovereignity in accordance with this Constitution .
    2. All Authority in the state emanates from the people of Uganda and the people shall be governed through their will and consent .
    3. All power and authority of Government and its organs derive froym this Constitution.
    4. The people shall express their will and consent who shall govern them and how they should be governed through regular, FREE AND FAIR ELECTIONS .
    The preceding three phases towards full East African regional integration namely , Customs Union , Common Market and Monetary Union must be in position and harmoniusly working before embarking on a Political Federation .
    One wonders have the East African countries been genuinely audited of all pertinent issues regarding culture , traditions , social welfare , environment etc ? The answer is NO !
    Has there been a through sincere audit of natural resources, distribution of industries, distribution of wealth , minimum pay salaries in industries , Taxation , pensions , 10 billion US dollars compesation debt to Congo for plundering her riches ? The answer is a resounding NO !
    The environment has been destroyed in terms of forests , water sheds, wetlands , swamps etc in quest to acquire land for many illegal importees especially in Buganda ..
    Immigration laws in Uga have been flouted as a result of mass importation of people . Passports are given to foreign drug pushers ….is this how we shall operate in EAC ?
    How will the Heritage part be handled ? Whereas a chosen few are busy preserving their heritage sights those in Uganda are being deliberately destroyed to deny some ethnic groups from being recognized as their history is being washed a way .
    It is plainly clear that any attempt by M7’s Govt or any other party to stealthily and hurriedly drag the Citizens of Uganda into the ill conceived idea of East African Community without their express participation and consent as provided in the constitution would grossly backfire . It is amazing that on such a very vital political issue , the Government has not sensitized the people .
    In view of this the EAC itself is premature and therefore , the idea of much tooted – fast tracking this project must be abandoned until after full sensatization of the people are sensitized and consented .
    BUGANDA is demanding the convening of the 15 Nations that formed Uganda at independence and these are the proper and genuine stake holders of Uganda to decide first how the people of Uganda want to be governed. It is only after settling the issue of democratic governance in Uganda that we can embark on the issue of how we want to federate in East Africa .

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