The Kabaka MUST NOT MEET With Museveni

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    The Kabaka MUST NOT MEET With Museveni

    Last updated : 06 Aug 2008, Kampala

    By Asumani Balwaana Kaama
    President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda has of late been telling anyone that would care to listen that he would like to meet with His Majesty, the Kabaka of Buganda, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II. Mr. Museveni mistakenly believes that meeting with the Kabaka of Buganda will somehow disentangle him from the political mayhem he has caused in Buganda and Uganda in general. However, the reported request by Mr. Museveni to hold a meeting with His Majesty is, to put it bluntly a dim idea.

    Museveni’s most recent problems with Buganda stem from his tabling of the ridiculous and ill-conceived Amendment Land Bill 2007, which has designs on private property and Buganda’s 9000 square miles of communal land. Despite all manner of trickery there is unanimity in Buganda’s hatred of the draft Land Bill.

    To Museveni’s dismay, the hated Land Bill which was intended to bring divisions has instead united the Baganda against this openly naked legislative attack on the right to own property. Museveni’s hope that the rest of the country would rally behind him to squeeze the Baganda suffered a premature death when the rest of Uganda coalesced bar the Western region in support Buganda’s position.

    Faced with Buganda’s rejection of his leadership and the Land Bill, Museveni sought to “consult” with the Kabaka; thinking that perhaps he may be able to force His Majesty into accepting the bill on behalf of the Baganda. When the Kabaka turned down the request to meet with Museveni, Museveni in a rather imprudent and desperate act resorted to kidnaping Buganda government officials, thinking erroneously that this would force the Kabaka’s hand to meet him.

    Museveni’s basic problem stems from his and his political handlers inability to grasp the rudimentary understanding of how Buganda operates. He is routinely misadvised perhaps deliberately on things Buganda by renegades like Peter Muliira who knows the truth that His Majesty the Kabaka does not and will never negotiate on behalf of Buganda or the Baganda.

    A cursory review of modern Buganda history bares out this fact. During the 1953 crisis when the Kabaka was kidnaped and deported to England, he refused to negotiate with the colonial British government to secure his release. It took a special committee of Mmengo ministers and chiefs, selected by the Great Lukiiko, to negotiated for Buganda and secured Kabaka’s release. Even during the Lancaster House negotiations for independence, the Kabaka did not negotiate for Buganda but rather selected Buganda government officials from Mmengo.

    It is therefore wishful thinking on Museveni’s part that the Kabaka has the mandate or the desire to negotiate with him about Buganda’s issues.

    What Buganda needs and demands from Uganda is publicly known. Buganda’s rights, privileges, land and properties among other things were expropriated by Uganda in broad daylight and they are documented. Therefore Mr. Museveni cannot pretend not to know what rightfully belongs to Buganda. It does not require a meeting with the Kabaka. What Buganda needs was also documented by Museveni’s government when a report was submitted by the Mmengo establishment to the Odoki constitutional commission.

    Since Mr. Museveni is aware of Buganda’s demands, any negotiations should be on the modalities and timetable for the return of what was expropriated. These kinds of negotiations do not require the presence of Kabaka but rather a team of officials from Mmengo duly selected by the Great Lukiiko. As well, any negotiations should not be with Museveni but rather with Uganda’s elected representatives in parliament.

    In the effort to hog all the power in the country, Museveni made a constitution that barred Mmengo and Kabaka from involving themselves in “politics”. It does not help matters that Museveni’s definition of “politics” is always evolving.

    In addition, Museveni has a checkered reputation when it comes to negotiations and agreements. He has been stringing Buganda along for over 20 years, negotiating and promising to do something only when it suits him. But he always conveniently has an excuse not to implement the agreement. When he is reminded of what was agreed upon, he then calls for another meeting. Only a political imbecile would believe in negotiating with Museveni. Buganda does not need Museveni or Uganda to survive. Museveni cannot have his cake and eat it too.

    Asumani Balwaana Kaama,
    Union of Councils for Ggwanga Mujje


    NO negations with Museveni

    London, UK 2008-08-05
    When we advise that there should be no negotiations between the President and the Kabaka people refer to us as radicals, sectarian and backward mis-informers. Let’s analyse what has been achieved since the Katikiiro started negotiating with the central g

    My assessment is simple and clear: NOTHING. In fact the negotiations have helped the President to gain the upper hand in his squabbles with Kingdom because he was able to get a photo opportunity with the Katikiiro of Buganda and 3 other senior officials from the Mengo government. He has skilfully used this meeting and the photos as a stepping stone to cry foul that it is the Kabaka who does not want to meet him. In effect, the Katikiiro’s visit to Entebbe was a trap where the end result was contribution to the President’s strategy of isolating the Kabaka (the people of Mengo) from his people,. I admire the President for exploiting the political haplessness of his cultural rivals.

    Now I take you inside the meeting at state house. 4 officials from Buganda attended but only the President turned up from the government side. This is strange considering that in this government the Vice President, Prime Minister, Attorney General, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Education, Minister of State for Defence, Speaker of parliament and 80 MP’s in the national parliament come from Buganda.

    This can only imply that either there’s a serious rebellion within government over Buganda, or the President believes that Buganda is his personal property and only him can deal with it! I also have a feeling that maybe Baganda in Museveni’s government are losing influence (if they ever had any) and the President is ready to abandon them given the amount of booing they’ve endured in the last few months.

    It also means that Nambooze, Mayega and Lubega are not the only hostages Museveni took; he’s got 8 million other Baganda in captivity already. Given this situation, fellow Ugandans, we need to free ourselves from this man before we can be of any value to the rest of Uganda. We love Uganda as much as you do, but we need to find our ground. Prof. Mamdani could not have been wrong when he asked us to show our political power and alliances. Does any Ugandan think that Buganda can make any meaningful alliances from their current state of captivity?

    Anyway, since the talks which were held last week, the President has continued his hate offensive against Buganda. He agrees with police action of violating the constitution and blasted Buganda Road Magistrate Olive Kazarwe for ordering the release of the hostages.

    “The mistake of the other magistrate was to say, ‘release them unconditionally’, because you don’t know what crime they had committed. Suppose they had committed a serious crime?, the President said.

    From these statements, you can conclude that this man is not prepared to abide by any law other than his wish. Any negotiations will only encourage his beliefs. Let’s be honest; if Bush and Clinton had not come hard on Saddam Hussein and Milosevic, the 2 would still be butchering people in Kuwait and Kosova. Winning elections was never a problem for Saddam and Milosevic as it isn’t for Museveni.

    Buganda we have to face the fact that we are at war. The picture of an ailing Nambooze in hospital and a sobbing 8 month pregnant wife of Medard Lubega are signs of a country at war and people on the run. Our land is being distributed to newly arrived foreigners being ferried in, in their thousands from N. Tanzania, Rwanda and the DRC. Senior officials in government don’t believe that Buganda existed in the first place. In addition, we’re facing a government sponsored hate campaign aimed at alienating us from the rest of the country and to calm our worries, we are being told to blame colonialist for our woes!

    The President is also reported to have an told an NRM caucus meeting that he will fight NRM MP’s who signed the petition to recall parliament the way he fought Kony. “I will fight them the way I fought Kony”, the president is reported to have said. Are there any bushes in Buganda from where he can wage war against the natives again? Isn’t this a threat to the MP’s as Ugandans with freedom of expression?

    The war we’re fighting today is about freeing our minds and souls. It is not a gun war but a mind war. Everyone knows that you cannot win any war without control of your mind. President Museveni understands this and that’s why he ensured that Dan Muliika is not the Katikiiro of Buganda. He’s now gone for Nambooze, Lubega, Mayiga and CBS Radio. We cannot let him win because that is the only option we have.

    President Museveni is on course to destroy Buganda. He wants a huge chunk of land from Entebbe to Mukono to be part of Kampala – the Kampala he says is not in Buganda. He has installed another Kabaka in Buruli and planning to install others for Banyala and Bakooki! He has given away Buganda’s land to investors he cannot name and Ranches that have no face. The Land Bill, if passed into law will be the last nail in the coffin for Buganda.

    We also learn that while the President is trying to secure as many meetings as possible with Buganda officials and the Kabaka, his Broadcasting Council has been publishing adverts warning that the social, cultural and economic values of broadcasters will now be vetted before licences can be renewed. This move is aimed at closing down CBS radio.

    In view of these actions by the President, any negotiations with him can only help to facilitate his goals. Whether you negotiate with him or not, he will close down CBS Radio. Why should we help him along the way?

    If Museveni wants to negotiate with Buganda and meet the Kabaka; he must scale down his ‘hate Buganda campaign’, rescind the Land Bill and accept a national conference on the possibility of Federal Governments for all regions among others.

    Michael Senyonjo
    Political Analyst/Strategist, London UK
    UK Version


    And now, some news items from “the world beyond”

    Latest coming in from State House is that Museveni, the neo-colonial Governor of his Uganda colony, is being haunted by a spirit (Omusambwa) of the Baganda called Nsamizi. Nsamizi is the spriit which allegedly dwells on the hill on which State House, Entebbe is built.

    Reliable sources say that when General Yoseri Tibuhaburwa Kaibanda aka Yoweri Museveni sat down for supper with some family members on Sunday evening a dismbodied voice shouted at them in Luganda to get out of its house (“Muvve mu nyumba yange!” . When Kaibanda and his family hesitated the voice shouted at them again this time more emphatically. Kaibanda abandoned his dinner and then started frantically looking for his soothsayers and spirit mediums. The soothsayers again emphasized to him the need to meet with or at least talk to the Kabaka of Buganda, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II. So Kaibanda started desparately trying to contact Mutebi on the phone. Mutebi was unreachable because he was preparing for his trip to Nakasongola.

    Kaibanda panicked and thought that Mutebi was going to perform some rituals in Nakasongola which will further tighten the spiritual noose that is around his neck.

    For those who do not know, Kaibanda aka Museveni is an ardent follower of juju (traditional religion) and has been using the spirits of Buganda to rule Buganda and through Buganda, the whole of Uganda! But he went a bridge too far when he started disrepecting the Kabaka and then even started trying to get actual royal power by asking his mediums and soothsayers to perform rituals reserved for kings. The late Zimula Mugwanya died because he sacrificed a sheep and performed other rituals on the shores of Lake Victoria for Museveni. Museveni has been warned that he is close to death if he does not give the Kabaka what is rightfully his. Museveni is now desparate, hence his taking the mengo ministers hostage and now blocking the Kabaka’s physical movements. He hopes that Mutebi will cave in and shake his hand.

    So desperate has he become that he was even willing to sacrifice the Budo kids. But the spirits are not moved. Museveni Kaibanda must go. Now his followers have started fighting amongst themselves over the looted land of Buganda. Those that the gods will destroy, first they make them run mad!!

    TK radio katwe


    Oli ayinza nokuba nemundu lukekeza mayinja naye nevaayo eddoboozi erimutotobaza empale. Ffe abamu yandi twebuzizaako oba mulimu ebitundu bya Buganda ebimu mwotomala gawubira mbaliga , ate gano gakyaali mabaga , ate yakwatibbwa nomukisa owakibooko yennyi butavaayo kuzi muyisaako omanyi waliwo ejoogo werikoma nakamanyiiro singa akoma kukagamba banne naye kennyini nakoma okukakola.
    Oyinza okuba ngoluddewo naye you went too far ate kati tomanyi wa awalala wooli mu mbuga zaabwe ekyo ekyokukolako emikolo egitateekwa kukolwaako kyateeka ka Cheri on the cake, yonna kati gyonolaga nebwonobuuka eggana lye mitulumbi gye nte emyeeru nogimalayo oba noyingira empuku zonna mu Buganda nozimalayo oba ensozi zonna oba enyanja zonna nozikkako nozimalayo kati kiri too late kuba buli gyokoma okukyokooza abantu abatalina kyebakkola weyongera okunyiiza oyo eyakifubutudde mu nnyumba.
    Gwe tolaba abantu bwemwanyagulula bwe mwatta nabo bwebatandise kulumagana ate kino kikyaali kituuza akaliro kakatandika okwaaka oluyiira lujja ffe tubegese abiri , tutudde wanno mu love seat to sippi-nga ku kantu nga bwetulaba how things unfold.
    Abantu bemwatta ate nemubazikulayo okwelaga obuzira ne mutimba obuwanga bwaabwe kubutandaalo ekyo tekikolwa mu buwangwa bwo Buganda, kyokka ogenze mumaaso nokwewaana nokubulambuza nabeeru , omuntu azannya nabafu ffe mu Buganda tumuyita musezi mwe bwemuba ewammwe mu muyita muzira.
    Naye ate tokyewuunya ate oba nti eriyo nabasalibwaako ebitundu byebyaama abasajja nebikazibwa nebisibibwa kunngoma, kale tewewuunya nga n’obuwanga bwa bantu butimbiddwa okusanyusa omununuzi waabwo.

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