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    The Republic isn’t working.


    Any sensible Ugandan has to give in and accept that the republic isn’t working. The answerer to our problems is deeply and clearly defined in a federal system of government.

    How Federalism can cure our ills is a question delegates at the 1st Federal Convention tried to answerer in London last week.

    Since independence, we’ve had 42 years of war, a rotten infrastructure, no health system; education is a miss, social welfare absent, life expectancy lower than what it was at independence. The national treasury has become a personal banking account; corruption costs us Sh. 500 billion per year!

    We are no longer dignified at birth, in life or death. We’re a country where mothers give birth in bushes, where rats eat innocent 2 day old babies and there’s no longer post mortem after death! The sick are sleeping on hospital floors all over the country.

    Drugs meant to cure the sick expire in national drug stores, the rich fly Presidential Jet for treatment elsewhere. 70% of the population is suffering from some form of mental illness due to poverty. The country hasn’t got a road that you can say will last the next 10 years. The Country’s rail network was sold off but no one knows where the proceeds went.

    Oil, oil, olil. This is Uganda’s most guarded secrete. From what is happening, 70% of all oil reserved was granted to ‘ki Tallow’ oil, a company owned by former soldiers of fortune. The contents of the oil agreements are unknown and are believed to be a secrete between the central government (President only) and the oil barons.

    In addition, the country is edging closer and closer to civil war, thanks largely to the government’s policy of divide and rule.

    Today, Uganda is a collection of clueless largely largely uneducated individuals waiting for a spark to finally turn against one another. The troubles Kenya faced at the last general elections are knocking at door Uganda, and unless we do something, entry cannot be resisted.

    The judicial system is dead and near buried. The country’s institutions of civil society have been rendered inoperable or simply closed down including the Police force. Uganda Human Rights Commission is deliberately made money less so it does not do its work.

    Now this is the horror you don’t want to hear: Today in Uganda, there are more politicians in Jail, out on bail on politically motivated charges than there was under did Amen! There is more abductions, kidnappings, and explained murders than there was under the regimes of Amin, Lutwa and Obote combined.

    Uganda, the country at the same level of development as Belgium and richer than Malaysia in 1972 is now poles apart from these 2. Road construction projects are simply abandoned, contractors having paid government officials not to build the roads but to share the loot and disappear.

    The war in Northern Uganda has destroyed 1.5 million lives and rendered another million homeless or simply non-existent. We spent $2 billion to wage war on our fellow countrymen. And this is in addition to the wars in Luwero that killed half a million. The country’s mad foreign policy has left a $10 billion bill as a result of aggression in the Congo
    Fellow Ugandans, you might think that this is enough.

    No, not at all; as the country is suspended from the international tourist organization, our government finds money to pay $2 million for Burundi’s membership of the East African Community, build schools in Tanzania, private mansions for widows in Somalia and fly the Kyabazinga of Busoga to India for treatment that could have been done cheaply at home.
    Our National University is on ‘life support’ according to Vice Chancellor Professor Mondo Kagonyera.

    Uganda as a country has no rhythm, no style and has lost dignity. On current trend, Uganda is worse off than Zimbabwe. Yet the former is supposed to be in chaotic state.

    These were problems of concern for delegates at the recently concluded Federal conference in London. We were asking ourselves a question: Is the republic working? And if it is, in whose interests is it working? If it isn’t what is the answerer?
    Is this the time to give federalism a chance? Can we continue with the republic? Is unitary government concerned about universal benefits of the republic for fall, or for those at the center of government?

    During the conference, delegates observed that 70% of national resources are controlled by people from about 6 districts (out of 80) and from one region! The situation is so bad that people have called for secession of the north and central. Adding salt to wound is fact that 51% of the national budget is spent on Public Administration, the least productive sector of the economy!
    Others argue that the above statistics show that there’s federal government in Uganda already, only that only one region is enjoying the benefits. Why not formally approve it for everybody? Federal is African, it was there before the white man came. You cannot have an African country without Africans they argued.

    We need to give federalism a chance. We need to sit on a round table and draw up a structure of federalism that suits our diversity and call it UNITY IN DIVERSITY.

    A federal Policeman will never strip naked MP’s in his own region or Kidnap his own people. Federal authorities will compete for resources and excellence for the benefit of their own people.
    Today we have Museveni, he will probably stay there for another 20 years. Who will come after him and how long they will stay is an unknown known. But what will we have become by then? We need to find a way to be born, live and die in dignity without necessarily annoying the man with the gun.
    Michael Senyonjo
    Attended the Federal Conference in London.


    Eyali akirowooza nti Republic kiyinza okukola teyamala kulowooza nakwetegereza mbeera zabantu ,ate olaba ogatta nsenene wamu naye era nezerumanganna ndowooza bo bwebalaba nti Abaganda balina obulombolombo obu bawula naye nebasigala nga bali wamu, nebalowooza nti tukole ekintabuli.

    Bbo benyini abeeru ababireeta lwaaki ewaabwe tebabisaayo ne beyita ba English Republicans lwaki ebintu bye bamanyi nti tebabyagala oba byebatasobola kukola byebakakatika ku balala .

    Ekyo bakyekengeramu akakodyo akalala nebagamba nti katubaleke bettinganne tugende tunyagulule ebyobugagga byaabwe nga tewali natukuba kumukono,gwe enjuyi zombi ziwe emmundu ,
    Kati bwemuddukira ewaabwe nga babagobaganya nti mbadde mwemuwaga nokugula nokubezaawo badictator mu buyinza , singa temujja waffe kututabula tabula naffe tetujja kujja wammwe.
    Okumanya abeeru bano battima bwogenda ewaabwe tebagala kukuyisa kyenkanyi nga bo tebakuwa mirimu, tebagala ku kwemanyiiza okanda kubagamba nti neddiini gyemwaleeta gyensoma n’amanya gammwe geneyita nga tebakutunula nako.

    Mpozzi ngokkirizza okubeera omuddu waabwe, naye bbo bwe bakomawo mu nsi yammwe, nga baagala osigale ng’obogerera mululimi lwaabwe bategeere buli kigenda mu maaso.

    Kuba baleka bakibakompodde mu bwongo nti atayige lulimi lwaabwe ajja kuba wawansiNemubeera abaddu mu nsi yaabwe ne wa boobwe .

    Nze ngamba nti tukubise obutabo muluganda abajja ebuganda obakwaasa butabo kukisaawe nabo nebalwaana nolulimi najja nge nyonta emuluma nakusaba egiraasi ya gasiya


    The republic died a long time ago. It’s surpising to learn that some people aren’t aware of this. The person who was head of that late Republic announced it, that he’d hunted the Republic down and had shot it dead. He said it was his carcuss and that he was feasting on it together with his friends. And that no one was going to stop him. But this is months ago, I think they must have finished the whole damn thing up by now.


    Kati bateekwa okuba nga bali ku ngumba gumba zebaluma luma kuba nobupepenu babumalawo dda mpozzi nga maliba gebayoyoota agokwesiba oba okutuulako oba okwebikka ngomuntu awona essolo eriyitibwa Republic


    Bweebaba nga Republic yali nsolo era nga bagiyigga nebagitta nebagirya emyeezi egiyise, ekitegeeza eteekwa okuba nga yadda dda emmanju negwa mu kinnya. Wemwogerera bino nga republic envunyu zagirya dda!!! Kati mweyongereyo nebirala ebyo bulamu, ebirina obuwangaazi.


    Things are completely falling apart now.

    Monitor 12 September 2008

    Belgium demolishes Uganda’s properties
    Yasiin Mugerwa

    Belgian authorities have demolished Uganda’s dilapidated properties, Parliament heard yesterday.

    The revelation was made during the Parliamentary Finance Committee meeting in which it emerged that Uganda’s official residence in Brussels have been condemned and demolished.

    “We want an explanation why our assets in Brussels have been demolished,” Mr Nandala Mafabi (FDC, Budadiri West), one of the committee members said. “It’s a shame that we are losing our properties because Finance has not provided for funds and Foreign Affairs is silent as if there is nothing happening, somebody should be held responsible.”

    The demolition of Uganda’s assets comes two months after MPs on the Public Accounts Committee, who visited seven European missions in June this year, reported that most of the buildings were dilapidated, while the one in Belgium had been condemned pending demolition.

    In the Finance Committee report presented to Parliament yesterday, Mr Gaudioso Kabondo Tindamanyire, the committee chairperson confirmed the episode, insisting that Uganda’s properties abroad were poorly maintained due to inadequate funding. “We were given numerous warnings but the government just dragged its feet until when they decided to take action at a cost of 40,000 euros,” Mr Tinkamanyire said.

    The committee heard that other Ugandan properties in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) -Kinshasa have also been impounded by government for failure to pay ground rent amounting to $5,000. “It’s embarrassing that the DRC Police are now occupying our properties in Kinshasa for failure to pay,” Mr Tinkamanyire said.

    The Secretary to the Treasury, Mr Chris Kassami, who was appearing before the committee together with State Minister for Finance (General Duties) Fred Omach, said funds will be provided to repair the buildings in question.

    “I am not aware of the demolition, members are talking about but may be the people in Foreign Affairs are aware of this Belgium incident,” Mr Kassami said. “But we shall provide the funds.”

    Efforts to contact Foreign Affairs officials were futile as ministers Sam Kutesa and Okello Oryem could not return our calls so did Ambassador James Mugume, the Permanent secretary. The Auditor General in his latest report has criticised the poor maintenance of Uganda’s properties abroad.


    Kaakati Abaganda mugolokoke, mulabe ekigenda mu maaso. Nga ne munafe waggulu awo bwawandise, ffena kati tulabye nga republic nvunyu. Envunyu bazikola ki nga zikujjidde? Ozejjako. Naffe kyetulina okukola twejje ku nvunyu, kubanga envunyu njama. Tugende mu kifo ekiyonjo, ekinyirira. Ani ayagala obujama? Olabye na Babirigi bwebabejjeko? Nga bajamawaza ekibuga kyaabwe. Ate nga cleanliness is next to Godliness. Tukole kyonna ekisoboka Okwekumiira okumpi ne Katonda waffe, ffe Baganda be.


    Oyo yekka atategeranga kigenderelwa kya gavumenti eriko ye yekka abuuza bino byonna ebibuuzo , kiki kyebalina okukola okunnyusa abantu nti actually bajja kulya,kutta, kubba ,nakwonoona buli kyonna kyebasangawo.

    Tebalina ntegeka yonna yakuzimba nsi era neebyo byebazimba nga arcade kuba ssente tezaava mu ntuuyo zaabwe ate nga yengeri yokka gyebaali balina okulembeka nebusente obutono bwonna bwemusigazza nabo babutwaale kubanga Abaganda mwagaana abatemyaako, mwagala nkonge kumala kubakuba nemulyooka mubuuka nga nolwaala enkonge emaze okulumira .

    Kyenjogerako kye kyokusigala nga mukyabatwalira busente bwammwe obutono mu business zaabwe ate nga bo baggagga bavundu era nga bagaggawalidde ku ntuuyo zammwe.

    Basobola okugenda nebakweeka obutitimbe bwasente munsi zebweeru nga bayita kubizimbe ebifuuse ebifulukwa, naye nno kati mukimanye kali kemwasembayo okuzisaayo kekamala kuba nammwe temugenda ku zirya Uncle Sam abalinnya akagere buli wemukukuma sente nga ye atickinga.

    Era ebintu olukyukamu biti zagenda okusaako kkufulu era kati gabalemye kusima biswa mwe muba muzikweeka mpozzi enkuyege zinabasasira nezigamba nti ezo sente eziriko omusaayi naffe tetujja kuzirya.

    Bwooba nga tonakwaata bu zillions kutunda linnya bweeru mu beeru abakumanyi nolumbe olukusuza osinda, osooka newedabiriza ebintu ebisangibwa mu nsi yaabwe , naye okuba nti buli omu ali kumbiranye ani anajja n’omunyago omungi e wa kaguta mbu asobole okufuna okukumibwa okwobulimba .

    Mujjukire buli mufuzi mutemu avaako nga ensi emwenyiyiddwa akwatamu ndoobe ye manyanga famire ye nadduka era mpozzi ennyonyi oba ekidduka kye mugenda ku kimwesooka kuba wano wagenda kubaawo survival of the fittest
    kyoova olaba nti teri afaayo abantu baffe abakunkumuse munguundo olwa lift valley ezisangibwa mu buli luguudo mpozzi omu kubbo bwalifiramu oba omwaana we oba mukaziwe oba mukadde we, lwe balifaayo .

    Naye nga abatabaliiko kakwaate bebakyafiirwa obulamu bwaabwe, tewali taabu
    ate nogattako nti tebiri mu mawanga gaabwe eri bagendayo kuziika nakuzaayo munyago ku ssekukkulu kuba ddala bwooba nga omwanawo yaali mu office ekola ku nguudo mugwanga lyo wa lwa daaki ku bagwa kububenje nekubaako owuwo nojja nomugambako nti owange ku ziri ssente enzibe eziri wali lwaaki totoolako nebaddabiriza oluguudo olunatumenya ffenna amagulu.

    Wano Omuganda wagambira nti gyotega amaggwa……… bwebatuuka okukugoba gyebakuzza , bayinza okuba nga mu bangi abafiridde mu nguudo za Buganda temuli waabwe noomu walumbe nabasanga eyo yo gyebali awalungi nabakuba obuwuna ,nolweekyo temweyibaala


    Mugereka wrote:

    Kaakati Abaganda mugolokoke, mulabe ekigenda mu maaso. Nga ne munafe waggulu awo bwawandise, ffena kati tulabye nga republic nvunyu. Envunyu bazikola ki nga zikujjidde? Ozejjako. Naffe kyetulina okukola twejje ku nvunyu, kubanga envunyu njama. Tugende mu kifo ekiyonjo, ekinyirira. Ani ayagala obujama? Olabye na Babirigi bwebabejjeko? Nga bajamawaza ekibuga kyaabwe. Ate nga cleanliness is next to Godliness. Tukole kyonna ekisoboka Okwekumiira okumpi ne Katonda waffe, ffe Baganda be.

    Bwoyogera ku republic nogiyita envunyu, omuntu ayinza okugamba nti kya kuvuma. Naye oli bwagamba nti nsolo ye yagitta era agiliko agirya, awo republic okufuuka envunyu kye kibeera kiddirira mu butonde. Ekyo kyetuyita Natural order of events. Mpozzi okujjako nga republic, oba ebigivaamu nga olubuto lumaze okugikolako, nga yabissa mu deep freezer, oba nga yabikola omukalo. Awo mpozzi Natural order of things eyinza okulwaawo kko. Naye ndowooza mu myaaka 22 nomukalo guba guvunze, ne nnyama ya deep freezer ebeera emyuuse nga nokuwunya ewunya wunya.



    POLITICS | Omar Kalinge Nnyago
    Marginalisation might cause a revolution in Uganda
    First, it was Gulu District’s Chairman Mao who mentioned the word secession in 2006. He was not tabling a proposal. He was warning of a possible break-away of a large chunk of Northern Uganda, if injustice and inequality in the North were not addressed.

    His warning was echoed by other MPs: Akbar Godi (Arua Municipality- FDC) and Fungaroo Kaps (Obongi County- FDC). Aruu County’s Odonga Otto (FDC) also made a few interesting remarks, but not in condemnation. While politicians south of the Karuma received the warning with some shock, they did not come out strong enough either in favor or against the utterances.

    Later Hussein Kyanjo (Makindye West- Jema) threw a spanner in the works. He believed aloud that the way out of Buganda’s endless grievances with President Museveni’s regime and the marginalisation of Baganda would be to break away from Uganda. There have been few statements by politicians during the 23 years of NRM rule that attracted as much attention as Kyanjo’s remarks.

    While Kyanjo’s remarks were disturbing, they warranted a thorough investigation. The statistics he threw at us when we confronted him were hard to ignore. Without looking up, he asked us whether there was a country in the world that would allow one group which spoke a common dialect dominate all vital sectors of government and did not expect reaction from a patriotic population.

    The Commander-in-Chief, Chief of Defence Forces, Chairman of the General Court Martial (Then Tumwine now Koreta), Chief of Military Intelligence, Coordinator of the Security Agencies, Minister for Security, Minister of Internal Affairs (it was Rugunda then), Inspector General of Police, Inspector General of Prisons, Army spokesperson, Somalia Mission spokesperson (it was Paddy Ankunda then, Now Bahoku Barigye), Juba peace talks spokesperson, Governor Bank of Uganda, Senior Adviser, Ministry of Finance, Director General, Uganda Revenue Authority, Minister of Works and Housing, Minister of Local Government (it was Otafiire then), Director Nema, Director National Forestry Authority, Director National Drug Authority, Director National Medical Stores, Director of Medical Services, Minister of State for Micro Finance (then Saleh) … he asserted, all spoke a common dialect.

    Kyanjo should be credited for opening the pandora’s box that might not close sometime soon. He risked being dismissed as a narrow, parochial Muganda and tribal chauvinist. But he knew he was blowing the whistle on institutionalized nepotism, unmatched in Uganda’s political history. He knew he was galvanizing disgruntled voices countrywide, from areas that do not share the dialect of the regime. Soon enough, Teso’s Mike Mukula joined the fray, and said it in the President’s face: there was imbalance in government employment in favor of people with a similar dialect with the President, who, these days has discovered a new passion: “Patriotism”, for which he wants several billion of shillings to establish patriotism clubs in schools, to be supervised, not by the Ministry of Education, but by the Minister for Security!

    Populous areas like Teso, Busoga, Bugisu and large religious groups like the Muslims and Catholics are looking at the figures more closely, in all employable positions in the civil service. Kyanjo risked putting the political party he represents in Parliament in disrepute but gained on crying aloud against injustice. He spoke for the thousands of frustrated young graduates from regions that are never considered for jobs.

    Now, no other than the leader of opposition, one of the most sober politicians of our time has added his voice to the secession debate. The ‘S’ word is back again, at the highest level. The Prime Minister has been asked to provide a list of government officers from the level of director, to Parliament within two weeks. MP Betty Amongi, the brilliant legislator from Lango, has called for the establishment of an “Equal Opportunities Commission”.

    The regime has only one way to respond, to make Kyanjo and the Northern legislators irrelevant – by addressing the imbalance in employment opportunities available to people from other regions and the economic strangulation of sections of the population. In spite of the condemnation Kyanjo received then and those that the Northern legislators will receive in the next few weeks, many frustrated Ugandans might start thinking that the secessionists after all, have a point.

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