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    Tonto thank you


    Webale kusiima


    The Word of God Today


    In The Father’s Footsteps (Part 3)
    2 Kings 21:19-22

    9. If you live in such a way that your children follow after you, will they faithfully serve the Lord in their local church, exercising their spiritual gifts and talents? Will they see you as simply an attender or a servant? Every child when they grow up in a Christian home, Dad, they want to see that you love God, now that you put him first; you are willing to serve that church. Your Christianity isn’t something that you hide.
    Your child reads this scripture in the Bible where Jesus says, “I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it”. Dad, if Jesus is the church-builder; he says the gates of hell will not prevail against it, why don’t you go? Imagine sending your little boy or little girl to church, because you do not think it is important, and let somebody else tell them about Jesus Christ and about God! Dad you are responsible, no matter what, because you helped bring that child into the world, and God has appointed you as the head.

    May be you can’t live with your children for some reasons. Whatever the circumstances may be, you can still love them. You can still talk to them about Jesus. And you can express your regret for whatever happened. At least you keep up most in their thinking that their relationship to God is the most important relationship in their life.

    10. If you live in such a way that your children follow after you, will they recognize that their physical body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and that it is to be acknowledged as a gift of God, and that they are to keep it holy and blameless; that they are not to destroy their lungs with nicotine, destroy their lever with alcohol, destroy their brain with drugs? And that they are not to get themselves in the state of depression and regret and all kinds of guilt because of sexual immorality?
    Will they practice good healthy practices? Will they recognize that the Holy Spirit lives within them, and that this body does not belong to them, but belongs to the father? By watching you will they sense discipline the way they treat their body regarding what they eat, what they do not eat, their exercise, the way they handle it, doing their best, looking their best, dressing their best? Will they recognize that you care for them? Will they learn from you that you act the way you dress? Will they learn from you that you are the temple of God, and that God loves you, and cares for you and your body, the way you treat it? Will they learn from you that you do not want to be attracted to someone because of what you show, but because of who you are on the inside? Or will they see you, Dad, looking in the restaurants for somebody who is about two-thirds dressed?

    Where will they read your mind to be? Is it godly, holy and righteous? Are you looking for the best in them? Oftentimes, Dad, it is not your fault the way your daughter dresses. These children need godly examples. While they are so young and their mind is so open, set the example for them. The world is going to bombard them with worldly examples every single day, by their peers, and by the television. If you want to be popular you’ve got to do this. You have to show them that the issue is not being popular; it is being godly. Distinguish for them between what is godly and what is popular; what is acceptable, and what is righteous, what pleases the others and what pleases the heavenly Father. You want godly children? You and I are responsible before God for living it up in front of them, saying it in front of them, not compromising.

    Will they see you as a person who has little or no conviction? You are more interested in acceptance and you make decisions in life by preference not by conviction. If this works today, we will do that. If this works tomorrow, we will do that. If this pleases them, that is what we will do. If they do not like that, we won’t do that. You and I should live by conviction; biblically based conviction not worldly preferences. Dad, you primarily, and mom are responsible for the way they live, the way they dress, what they believe and how they act. And the way you govern that, is not to wait until they are 17 years of age, when they are already into it; then it is very difficult to get them out.

    11. If you live in such a way that your children follow after you, will they live and work in the power of the Holy Spirit, trusting Him to energize them, to teach them the word of God, and to give them guidance for their daily life? Will they realize that they have this assistant, this helper, this guide, this teacher, this leader, this authority, this divine person on the inside of them to help them and to guide them into life, to be successful in whatever God calls them to do. Will they sense that because they watched you? Or will they struggle through life and say, “Oh, I am this and I am that, and whatever I do that is going to be my effort. No body is going to help me…” I certainly hope not.
    If you do not teach them that the Holy Spirit of God is there to be a helper to them all of their life, they are going to struggle and fret and become anxious and worry, and get heart trouble and all kinds of diseases. There are a lot of things that cause bodily problems and so much of it starts right here.

    Now I want to ask you one last question, Dad.

    12. If you live in such a way that your children follow after you, when they die, will they go to heaven or will they spend eternity, suffering the consequences of their rebellion, and sin and disobedience to Almighty God?
    Dad, you may say that is their decision. It is their decision greatly influenced by your life. Well, I cannot do anything about the future. Yes you can. You can do a great deal about the future. Your children are going to live partly in the consequences of the way you have lived before them.

    You can live a godly life, raise up godly children who will bless you and honor you and respect you and adore you, all the days of their life. Will they look back one of these days and say of their father; my Dad was an awesome man. I loved my dad. He taught me to fish. He taught me to hunt. He taught me to read the word of God. He taught me some things to avoid in life. He taught me some things that have really helped me. He taught me to be diligent. He taught me to always be honest. He taught me never to compromise my convictions. He taught me to stand when standing with difficulties. He taught me to fight when there is something I need to fight for. My Dad was a wonderful, beautiful example to me, and I love him with all my life.

    Or when you ask; what about your Dad? He says; well, I had a Dad. I do not want to talk about him. I do not have any good memories of him.

    Dad, I want you to think about something. Can you imagine anything any worse than your children dropping their heads, looking the other way, because they do not even want to talk about you, because of the way you lived before them and because of the awful message you sent?

    You say; suppose I made these horrible mistakes, and I have not done anything that you mentioned. Now what do Í do? Fine; find that son, find that daughter. Sit down with them and just lay it on the table. And say, you know what, I just got saved. And one of the first things God said to me through a pastor is to settle up with my children. And if you will let me, I would like to settle up with you. And just begin. Ask them to forgive you for every thing God brings to your mind. They might even not accept it. That is ok. At least you have done that. And say to them; I want to make any amends I need to make. I want to do whatever I need to do to make things right, because I accept full responsibility of being a poor father. I am asking you, would you please forgive me? Most of the time, they are going to say; Yes Dad.

    If they say, I do not want to have anything else to do with you as long as I live, forget it. Then what do you do? You start praying for God to send something in their life that will cause them to want you so that you can mend the fellowship.

    And I want to say to you, Dad, if you have never trusted Jesus Christ as your Savior, it is the first step in being a godly father. It may be late, but not too late. I want to challenge you to ask The Lord Jesus Christ to forgive your sins against him. You see, when he died at the cross, he had you in mind. He knew you would mess up, and he is ready to forgive and cleanse you, and give you a new start. You say it is so late. Not too late to ask for forgiveness. Not too late for God to save you. And it is not too late to make amends with your children. I want to encourage you to do that.

    I want to say to all of you wives out there; you are part of the family. Do not judge your husband. Just pray for him.


    Thanks Tonto for the word of God today. Parents, let the little ones see the reflection of our heavenly Father in you.

    Happy is the home when God is there.


    Bannange tweyanze nnyo ebigambo bino ebirungi wamu nobuyimba.


    The Word of God Today


    Does Prayer Influence God? (Part 1)

    Matthew 6:8-9; 7:7-11 Isaiah 59:1-2; 57:15; Philippians 4:19;
    James 4:2; 5:13-16 Exodus 32:9-14 NIV

    As a follower of Jesus Christ, what is your most powerful asset? What is your greatest privilege? And what is the most practical gift God has ever given you?

    The answer to all these three questions is – prayer. Many Christians do pray, but still many of them, instead of praying in faith, they pray in “hope so”. They make their requests and “hope so”. They talk to God about their needs and desires, and they “hope so”. God intended that we should have a prayer life of faith and confidence. God is there to hear and answer the prayers of his children.

    Does prayer influence God or does it not? Some people have the idea that all that they have to do is ask and they will get it. Please bear in mind that the purity of our heart affects the response of God to our petitions. It is not for nothing God says that his arm surely is not too short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear. But that your iniquities have separated you from your God so that he will not hear (Isaiah 59:1-2). God is a good God, who desires to give his children good things.

    God says, in Matthew 7:7-11: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.

    Then He asks a question:

    Which of you, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!

    With that in mind, I ask, why does God want us to pray in the first place? God wants us to pray because:

    1. Prayer honors God.
    In Isaiah 57:15, God says he is high and holy above all and beyond all. He says his name is holy. He dwells in a high and holy place, but also with all of us who have a contrite heart. God is interested in hearing our prayers.

    When we pray, we acknowledge that God is the master, and in control of his creation. He is the creator of all resources and in control of the circumstances we are praying about. We acknowledge that he is the source of our needs. He rules over all. When Elijah cried out to God about the rain, he was acknowledging that God was in control over all the elements in the skies and on earth. Prayer honors God. He therefore told us to begin our prayers by saying: “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name (Matthew 6:9).

    2. Prayer promotes spiritual growth.
    The second reason why we pray is because it is the primary means of our spiritual growth. You show me a person who does not pray, and I will show you someone who is not growing in the spiritual life. One of the most important aspects of our spiritual life is our prayer life. This is why we should wake up every morning and begin the day by talking to God. We should talk to Him during the day. And as we go to bed in the night, the last thing we should probably do, is talk to him.

    You will not grow in your intimate relationship with God until you learn to talk to him, to listen to him, and learn to spend time with him. You cannot develop an intimate relationship with anybody if you do not talk or listen to him or her.

    The Bible says we are to pray always. Does that mean I have to get on my knees always? No, but it does mean that in our spirit, we are available at any moment to talk to him. You can want to pray for a particular person, or some situation, or for wisdom, or guidance or direction, at anytime of the day. Prayer ought to be a vital part of every believer’s life.

    3. Prayer involves us in his work
    This is one of the ways that God uses to get us involved in his work. You might ask; what difference do my little prayers make? What makes your prayer little? What makes somebody else’s prayer big? Do not judge your prayer by someone else’s reputation or position. When you as a child of God come to your heavenly father, with a pure heart, your prayer is as powerful as anybody else’s prayer.

    You can talk to God about anybody, anywhere in the world, and God can use your prayer to grant the needs of the person you are praying for, blessing you as well, and God gets glorified. There is not a single person on the face of the earth you cannot touch, if you are willing to touch them through prayer. God is willing to listen to your prayer, and that is how he involves you in his work. Let God use you to make an impact in his kingdom.

    If you have unmet needs, the question is have you asked God to meet them? If you have friends and loved ones in trouble, in financial need, in sickness or some other suffering, have you said anything to God about them? Some time we just trust the medical field to do what only God can do. And there are some things only God can do, but will not do unless we co-operation with him (James 5:13-16).

    4. Through prayer our needs are met.
    Your Father knows what you need before you ask him (Matthew 6:8). We do not have to inform God about anything. He wants us to pray because he desires that you come to him, asking for your needs and desires, because that way you honor him. How? You are acknowledging that he is the source of your needs and desires. That is how. He is the God who has promised to meet all your needs. My God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19).

    God says you do not have what you need because you do not ask for it (James 4:2). When some people pray, they forget that it is serious business to pray to God who loves, and creator of his whole creation.

    Some people think they pray, when in fact they do not. They just say the same thing all the time. Some just say to God: “God, remember what I asked last night?” Yes. “I ask the same thing today”. And they conclude; “in Jesus’ name. Amen”. That kind of praying is not right.

    A quick prayer however is effective in an emergency situation. You may need wisdom to make a quick decision, in which case a quick, short reference to God will be effective.

    5. Prayer builds an intimate relationship with Him.
    We should not come to God only when we have needs. With an intimate relationship with God, it becomes easier to pray for others, as well as for ourselves. We become confident that God will take care of us. God is absolutely faithful.

    Parents should call upon God on behalf of your children, in their presence, kneeling besides them, mentioning their names before God. The children will never forget when they hear you crying out to God on their behalf. You kind of implant in their ears and mind the experience of prayer, calling their names to God.

    I assure you, your children need your prayers. You say you are too busy to pray with your children? Look around and see the behavior of some of the teenagers who never go to church, because their parents were too busy to pray with them or to take them to church.


    Tweyanziza Tonto nate okubulira kuno. Ebiseera bingi tugwako ebizibu, byetuba tulaba nga binene nnyo. Netulowooza nti tetulina kyetuyinza kukola, nga tubalirira ku maanyi nokumanya ebyaffe ebyo buntu. Songa ate yye Mukama talina kyalemwa, era ebintu nebwebirabika nga bigenda bubi bitya, tubeera tukyalina ekyokukola, tubeera tukyasobola okuyita nyini nsi ajje atubeere. Tubeera tukyayinza okusaba.


    Mwattu Tonto obugambo buno buweweeza emitima gyaffe


    agaba kkulimu ne juule


    Gitta munaffe tukusanyukidde. Sshhhh twogere mpola guno omulamwa gwa ssinzizo. Owulidde mu kkulimu ne juule? Anti ebyo buntu bwebigenda, ssi kyangu kutuukiriira. Jangu tugende tunyumyemu wali wabeeru.


    Banange Mulongo obwaama bwemukubira mu kyaaki ngo lamusa Gitta, nange mbuwulidde era nyongerezaako nti munaffe gyangu ebweeru tukulamuse bulungi naye ekirungi ekiri wano nti juule nekulimu bya bwereere


    The Word of God Today


    Does Prayer Influence God? (Part 2)

    Matthew 6:8-9; 7:7-11 Isaiah 59:1-2; 57:15; Philippians 4:19;
    James 4:2; 5:13-16 Exodus 32:9-14 NIV

    Some questions often crop up:

    a. If God already knows all my needs, then why do I need to pray?
    You are not informing God anything he does not know. We pray to him even though he says, your father knows your needs even before you ask him. By asking him, you are honoring him as the source of your need, otherwise we take him for granted. Because God knows your needs does not mean that he is going to meet them. You do not ask him, you do not get. God is interested and cares about what goes on in your life, be it relationships, finances, health, physical, material or some other need.

    b. If God has already predetermined what he is going to do in a given situation, why should I pray?
    When we pray, God begins to bring our request in harmony with his predetermined will. He is then preparing you, because you may be the very instrument he is going to use to bring his plan to pass. God works in cooperation with us. God does not have to work through us. He does not need us to manage his creation. He has however chosen to work through us. He uses you as the instrument, God is glorified, and your faith becomes stronger in the process.

    Secondly, when you pray, he prepares you so that you may walk through that stormy valley with peace, when, for example, you pray for the healing of a beloved one. The longer you pray, the stronger you become.

    c. Does the success of God’s eternal decrees depend upon our prayers?
    What are God’s eternal decrees? These are God’s plans that he determined before creation, to bring about no matter what. Example: God decreed to send Jesus Christ to be crucified on the cross to bear the sins of the whole world, and to rise from the dead on the third day, and to ascend back to the father to sit on his right hand. And he has decreed that one of these days, Jesus is coming back. All the prayer of mankind couldn’t change that decree. God used the Romans and Jews as tools, using their attitude and unbelief to bring his decree to pass.

    Prayer is a power line. If we do not pray, there are consequences. We fall into sin; we become discouraged; we get depressed; we become fruitless in life. Where there is prayer, there is power. Where there is no prayer, there is no power. We need the power of God in our life, and then God can use us in other people lives. Pray to God to make you fit to be used by him.

    d. Does our prayer change God’s mind?
    Exodus 32:9-14 NIV

    Moses has been upon mountain Sinai and has received the Ten Commandments. When people saw that Moses was so long in coming down from the mountain, they made an idol in the shape of a calf. God has seen what is going on and says; they have corrupted themselves.

    This is what he says to Moses: “I have seen these people. They are a stiff-naked people. Now leave me alone so that my anger may burn against them and that I may destroy them. Then I will make you into a great nation”. Then Moses cries out to God and says; why should your anger burn against your people, whom you brought out of Egypt with great power and a mighty hand? Why should the Egyptians say, ‘It was with evil intent that he brought them out, to kill them in the mountains and to wipe them off the face of the earth’? Turn from your fierce anger; relent and do not bring disaster on your people. Remember your servants Abraham, Isaac and Israel, to whom you swore by your own self.

    So the Bible says in verse 14, that God changed his mind and did not bring on his people the disaster he had threatened. Does this mean that you and I can go to God when he decides on doing something, and we change his mind? No. God placed the burden for these people on Moses’ heart, because he saw the corruption of their hearts. God saw when they worshipped a golden calf that did not bring them out of the Egyptian bondage. When Moses cries out to God to change his mind, God burns Moses’ heart with compassion for the nation of Israel. Moses cries out to God to give them another chance.

    There are three things that never change with God; His character, his purposes and his promises. When the Bible says God changed his mind, notice what Moses does in verse 19-20; Moses had just been crying out to God to spare the nation of Israel. But now Moses commands those on God’s side to pull their swords and they killed three thousands of them. God knew the condition of the people. He placed upon the heart of Moses this awesome burden to pray for them. But God knew what he was going to do. In spite of Moses’ compassion and love for them, he sees how they were corrupting each other, and they killed three thousands of them.

    When you ask God in your circumstances, you will find out that God knew the best all along. God honored Moses’ prayer as intercessor, but ultimately, God accomplished His will. He destroyed those who were corrupting the people. Do not try praying to persuade God to change his mind about things. The issue is that God does whatever he chooses to do. Our prayers do have an effect. But the effect of our prayer is not to change God’s mind. God responds to us according to the situation in his awesome wisdom.

    God is willing to answer our prayers. We get ourselves in a position before him, whereby he is able to freely grant us the petition of our heart. We do not to ask him to change something that he has decreed that it will happen.

    We ask him to deal with those things in our personal lives that he chooses to deal with. And when we come to him with a pure heart, and we seek his will, he will show us his will, sometimes quickly, sometimes we will not know until he acts. He will meet the desires and needs of our heart because he is our loving heavenly father. He is good, powerful and loves us unconditionally.


    Webale nnyo Tonto okutuwa ekigambo kya Mukama nolwaleero. Tulemenga kutenderwererwa kubanga Mukama waffe talina kyalemwa ate atwagala ayagala okutukwatirangako bulijjo.

    Tugende mu maaso ne ssala yaffe nakano akayimba.


    Omubulizi tannalabikako kutubulira bya lunaku lukulu lwa 8 October. Kati nkole ntya abakkiriza, ndeete buleesi buyimba tuyimbeko?


    Engeri omubuulizi waffe gyataliwo, kanninnyeko mu ngatto ze, tufunewo Obugambo obugendera ku lunaku luno olukulu mu Buganda.

    Ekitiibwa kibe eri Kitaffe neeri Omwana n’omwooyo omutukuvu. Leero ne bulijjo nokutuusa emirembe nemirembe, Amiina.


    Waliwo Omwawule omu gwennamanya, yazalibwa omwana omulenzi omu. Era baali bamukwano nnyo ne Taata we. Lumu okuweereza kwe kwamwetaagisa okugenda okweyongera okusoma mu German. Kitaawe, ayali omulwadde lwade, yamugaana, naye omwawule ono yasalawo nagenda. Aba yakatuuka eyo nebamubikira nti Kitaawe afudde, nagamba nti Erinnya lya Mukama litenderezebwe. Yakomawo mu Buganda namala emyaaka, ate oluvanyuma yaddayo era ebweeru. Aba ali eyo era nebamubikira nti nyina, gweyali amaze emyaaka 14 nga tamulaba, naye yali afudde. Yangamba nti Erinnya lya Mukama litenderezebwe. Ate muwala we bweyamuzaalira omuzzukulu, era yagamba nti, Erinnya lya Mukama litenderezebwe.
    Mu kiseera kino Omwawule ono Mukama yamuyita nagenda gyaali. Naye nkakasa nti mu biseera bino, oli bweyandimugambye nti; “Waategedde, amasomero mangi nnyo e Buganda agakokyeebwa, nemufiriramu abaana abato naye tebakwatangayo yadde omuntu omu. Yandizzemu nti, “Erinnya lya Mukama litenderezebwe.” Ate bwewandibadewo abamugamba nti Abaganda leero wonna munsi bajjukidde olunaku Buganda lweyafunirako akalembereza okuva ku bafuzi ba matwaale.” Era yandizzemu nti, “Erinnya lya Mukama litenderezebwe.” Nga mmaze okumuwulira ebbanga eriwera nga ayogeranga bwaatyo, lumu kyennava nkayanako nti yii naye Father, ggwe oba kirungi nnyo oba kibi ogamba kimu nti Erinnya lya Mukama litenderezebwe!!,Yanziramu nti “Mukama takola nsobi.”

    Essaala ya Kitaffe erimu akatundu akagamba nti, “Byoyagala bikolebwe munsi nga bwebikolebwa mu ggulu.” Ekyo kitulaga nti byonna ebikolebwa ssi Katonda waffe yabikola. Naye yadde akakoola akato ennyo ennyo, tekava ku muti kugwa wansi nga takalese. Era mu ssaala eyo mulimu nakano akatundu, “Totutwaala mu kukemebwa naye tulokolemu bubi.” Awo nga tumusaba atutangire okuva tuleme kugwa mu mbeera omukoleddwa ebikolobero ezituleetera naffe kukola bibi. Ate era naffe tuleme kukemebwa ffeka kukola bikolwa bibi. Awo tubeera tumulaga obuwulize,okukkiriza kwaffe eri obutukirivu bwe, nokumanya kwaffe nti yye yalina amanyi agasinga , era nga kyetuva tumusaba naye ayongera okukola ebirungi gyetuli.
    Ekyo nga mmaze okukitegeera kyennava mmubuuza nti, “Kale, naye ate lwaaki nga tutendereza Linnya, lwaki tetutendereza yye yenyini?”
    Erinnya lye lyelinyonyola kiki kyali, lyerinyonyola emirimu gye. Kati awo ekibuuzo ekiddira kiri nti; Linnya ki ku gonna? Kubanga alina mangi. Liiso ddene, Lugaba, Omulamuzi Wentikko, Ddunda, Nannyini Maanyi, Namugereka – gonna gategeeza era gannyonyola ekintu kyekimu; Katonda – Omutonzi we nsi ne ggulu, nebirimu byonna ebirabika nebitalabika.
    Wabula okutendereza ssi kuddingana buddinganyi bigambo, era ssi lugezigezi yakukwata Katonda bulungi mu ssaala atuwe byetwagala. Ekitabo Ekitukuvu kitugamba nti Katonda waffe asanyukira okumutendereza okuva eri abantu be, era ne Yesu yennyini bweyali atulagirira okusaba yatugamba kutandika nakutendereza. Bweetyo Essala ya Kitaffe etandika nakutendereza nti; “Kitaffe ali mu ggulu, erinnya lyo litukuzibwe….”
    Ate era neggwa mu kutendereza… “Kubanga obwa Kabaka n’obuyinza n’ekitiibwa, bibyo Kaakati ne bulijjo nokutuusa emirembe gyonna Amiina.” (Matthew 6:9-10).
    Kino kyefaanyirizako er anga bwoobeera owandiika ebbaluwa eri omuntu omala kumubuuzako bwaali, era nowunzika nga omwagaliza emirembe. Wabula Yye Mukama Katonda waffe tukimanyi nti takyuuka, bweyali bwaali bwagenda okubeera. Kale bwetuba tumuwereza obubaka, tubeera tutendereza ekyo kyaali kyeyaali nekyaliba emirembe nemirembe. Tekibeera kituufu okukola essala eringa olukalala lwebintu byetugenda okugula mu katale. Kubanga nebwetuba tugenda wa Kitaffe owokunsi tumala kumubuuzako netulyooka tusaba sente ze nva.

    Kino kutulaga nti okutendereza gwe mutima gwe ssaala. Okutendereza nokwebaaza kusaana okubeeranga mu ssaala zaffe bulujjo. Kino tekitegeeza nti Katonda ayagala nnyo okuwanibwa kwa bantu kubanga amanyi bulungi obunafu bwaffe. Kyakuyiga kya maanyi okugoberera embeera za bantu bwezanguwa okukyuuka okuva mu kutendereza okudda mu kuvvoola mu bbanga lya nnaku bunaku. Ekyo tukijjukira Yesu lweyayingira mu Yerusalemi wakati mu kunyenya amatabi, ekabonero ako buwanguzi, era wamu nemizira egyessanyu: “Atenderezebwe oyo ajjira mu linnya lya Mukama!” Bwebaali baleekana. Naye yye Yesu yali amaze okwogera ku binaddirira, era yali amanyi nti bino byaali bya kiyita mu lujja. Kubanga mu bbanga ttono ate abantu bano benyini bebaali baleekana nti; “Komerera”
    Naye okutenderza kuno kubeera kulimu omulamwa era kusiimiwa bulungi Katonda nga tuyise mu mitindira okukutuukako.
    Gino gyemitendera egitutuusa ku kutendereza okufuufu.

    1. Okulaba/okuwulira
    2. Okutegeera
    3. Okusiima
    4. Okutendereza

    Abantu abamu bamanyi okugamba nti teri Katonda, bamanyi okugamba nti tebamutegera, nga basubira nti okumanya kuja kubajjira bujjizi bwekutyo nga bbo tebafubye nakamu, nga tebalina kyonna kyebakoze kutuuka ku kumanya okwo. Naye mu buntu tukimanyi nti tewali kintu kyonna kikolebwa awatali akikoze. Era nomala obeera mu kisenge wekka, nolaba ebintu nga bisituka byekanyuga ku kisenge, ojja kumanya nti waliwo amanyi agakikola, yadde nga ggwe tolaba kyonna. Bangi ku ffe, ekyo kiyinza okututiisa. Okubaako kyomanya ku Katonda tunulira Omulimu gwe. Kubanga era nokumanya omuntu oba ekintu kyonna olinakkumanya kyekikola, nengeri gyekibikolamu. Ebyo byosobola okutegeera byeebyo byojja okutambulizako okukkiriza kwo, era awo wojja okuva okutendereza ate nga bwoyiga buli lunaku, nga nokukkiriza kwo bwekukula.

    Kale wano wetutukira ku mitendera gino omuntu gyalina okuyitamu okutuuka ku kutendereza okutuufu. Awasokerwa kwe kulaba oba okuwulira oba okusoma ku linnya bya Mukama Katonda waffe. Nti Katonda, eyatonda eggulu ne nsi nebirimu byonna ebirabika bekitarabika. Ekiddirira notunuliira ensi yonna ekwetooloodde. Amaso nogasibiira katugambe, ku musana, ekitaala ekyo ekinene ekiri mu bbanga ekituwa ekitangaala wamu namaanyi agatambuza emirimu emingi egy’ensi. Obunene bwo musana nokwookya kwegulina, ani oyo agusitula negusala eggulu negudda oludda olumu, ate enkeera negufubutukira erudda, era negusala eggulu? Asobola atya oggukumira eyo waggulu negutagwa oba okuseesetuka? Kubanga okugwongerako eno gyetuli katono gutusiriza, ensi yonna n’efuuka evvu. Nekirala ekyewunyisa nti, ate buli lunaku gujjanga obutayosa. Netusobola okusinziira ku ggwo okubala ennaku nemyeezi, emyaaka, nebisibo. Kyetuva tutendereza amaanyi agakola omulimu ogwokusitula omusana ogwo, okugusomosa eggulu, n’ omukwano obugukumira mu kifo weguli, n’obwesigwa obwokugutuleetera buli lunaku.

    Nnalabako ko lutambi lwa film omwaali omusajja omukulu eyalina omwana eyagenda mu lutalo okutabaala. Nebajja bamubikira nti omwaana we yafa. Naye nga wayisewo emyaaka omusajja omuvubuka afaananira ddala omwaana we yajja ku kyaalo, naye nga omusajja ono omuvubuka yali mulwadde wa kwerabira, nga teyemanyi. Abantu bonna abali ku kyaalo bakkiriza nti omusajja ono omuvubuka ye mutabani wa mutuuze munnaabwe, eyali yabulira mu lutalo. Omusajja omukulu yye yali atabuse essanyu. Batandika okubeera bombi. Naye essanyu lya musajja mukulu lyamusuza nebyakutte, naggwako n’ebigambo omuvubuka lweyamuyita Taata. Nabazadde abangi basanyukira abaana baabwe okubayita erinnya eryo, Maama oba Taata. Ne Mukama Katonda waffe bwaatyo bwaali. Okutendereza erinya lya Mukama kikulu nnyo gyetuli. Kiggumiza enkolagana yaffe ne Katonda, ate kituwa esanyu nga abaana be, era kituyigiriza n’okusiima era kitugatta ne bannaffe abatuli okumpi, nekilongoosa emyooyo gyaffe, nga kiggumiza okukkiriza kwaffe nga abakurisitaayo, n’okirungiya obulamu bwaffe, obwaabo abatuli okumpi, nabali mu nsi yonna okutwaalira wamu.

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