To be young gifted and black

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    Akayimba kano kaali dedicated eri abaana bonna abato abaddugavu, abalina ebitone abalwaanagana ne mbeera okusobola okuvaayo nebaaberako kyebafuuka nabo ekyo mugaso mu nsi. Naye ewaffe mu Africa, mu Buganda ne miriraano, abalala bbo bwebaba balina byebasobola nemu bye batasobola bbo babanguyiza. Abalina obuzibu bulijjo be baana Abaganda, abato, abagezi, abalina abitone. Bebalwanaana ennyo okusobola okubaako kyebakola mu bulamu buno. Nolweekyo akayimba kano kagenda gyebali.

    To be young, gifted and black,
    Oh what a lovely precious dream
    To be young, gifted and black,
    Open your heart to what I mean

    In the whole world you know
    There are billion boys and girls
    Who are young, gifted and black,
    And thats a fact!

    Young, gifted and black
    We must begin to tell our young
    Theres a world waiting for you
    This is a quest thats just begun

    When you feel really low
    Yeah, theres a great truth you should know
    When youre young, gifted and black
    Your souls intact

    Young, gifted and black
    How I long to know the truth
    There are times when I look back
    And I am haunted by my youth

    Oh but my joy of today
    Is that we can all be proud to say
    To be young, gifted and black
    Is where its at

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