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    Woman Charged With Human Trafficking
    By Shamim Nagawa
    red pepper
    A businesswoman who exported two girls into prostitution and they were infected with HIV/AIDS has been charged with aggravated human trafficking.

    Faith Natukunda alias Nsasiira Karongo Alias Nalongo aliasMulinde, aged 42, appeared before Buganda Road Chief magistrates’ court.

    “It is alleged that you, Natukunda between June and September 2011 in Kampala district, you facilitated the transfer of Janet Kemigisha from Uganda to Goungzu China for purposes of engaging the said Kemigisha into prostitution a result of which she was infected with AIDS,” Buganda Road Court Chief Magistrate Sylvia Nabaggala read out the charges.

    She accepted having understood the charges, but could not be allowed to either plead guilty or not.

    In the second count she is accused of trafficking in persons where it is alleged that between the same months of June and September 2011, she facilitated the transfer of Faridah Nabatanzi from Uganda to Guangzhou China for purposes of engaging her into prostitution.

    Nabaggala asked her not to say anything because her court had no jurisdiction to try her case. She had wanted to apply for bail, but Nabaggala refused advising her to apply in the High Court which has the jurisdiction.

    She appeared humbled and fidgeted to cover her face in shame as she was being led into the cells. There have been complaints and court cases about turning Ugandan job-seekers into slaves and prostitutes in foreign countries by labour exporting companies.

    Among them is President Yoweri Museveni’s brother Toyota Kaguta who was sued together with his company Detail Protection Service Limited by a woman who preferred to be identified as Q due to the indignity she suffered after she was turned into a laborer and sex slave yet Toyota’s company had promised her to work as a sales person in American Supermarkets in Iraq.

    The other company is Uganda Veterans Developments Limited (UVDL) owned by Col. Chris Mudoola which is accused by 13 girls of selling them into sex slavery. These cases are pending hearing in the High Court.


    Bino bizuliddwa nga bo abaganda abafiridde kazibe ntalo oba mu kubatunda bo tebogerwaako wadde okukomezebwaawo bwebaba bafiriddo gyebabatunda waliwo nga family yonna yeyisa kitujju naye kale nsi yasomba , obusajja buno bukoze buli kyafujjo kyonna kubalala naye twalaba nga obusajja bwobote ne amin bweyambula ebyekinamagye bwegayirira bebatulugunya okubasonyiwa nga zizze okunya , naye ebikolobero bino byonna balidda wa

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