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    ‘Walk To Work’ Protests Spread To Arua!

    Police in Arua have warned the public there against taking part in the walk to work and walk to pray protests scheduled to resume tomorrow.

    The warning comes amid reports that Dr. Kizza Besigye, the brain behind the protests plans to resume the protests tomorrow this time spreading across the country.

    The walk to work and walk to pray demonstration started on Monday, but was foiled by the police.

    Josephine Angucia, the police spokesperson for West Nile, says the Inspector General of Police, Kale Kaihura, has directed all the police officers accros the Country to be on the alert over the planned demonstration.

    Swale Buga one of the opposition FDC leaders in Arua, says the warning from police will not stop them from pursuing the walk to work protests.

    Many residents especially boda boda cyclists appear to be prepared to join the walk.

    The walk to work and walk to pray demonstration was announced by opposition leaders to protest the increasing prices of fuel and essential goods in the market they attribute to the failure by the government to regulate the regulate the prices.URN.

    Red Pepper


    Police frustrate Lukwago march to Town



    People are walk to earn some money so that they can pay the thugs brutalising them what ajoke the time is ticking



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    WALK TO WORK CAMPAIGN: Live updates

    Supporters of Dr. Besigye examine the rubber bullet wound in his right hand after he was shot by the Military Police in Kasangati. Photo by Isaac Kasamani

    Posted Thursday, April 14 2011 at 17:20

    1730 EAT: The magistrate has insisted and grants Maj. Rubaramira Ruranga a bail by force. Maj. RubaramiraandNandala Mafabi had refused to apply for bail saying it was a waste of time as they were arrested on their way to Kampala. Court bursts out in laughter. Nandala Mafabi next in dock.

    1720 EAT: Kampala Lord Mayor-elect Erias Lukwago has been released on interim bail by Makindye magistrate’s court where he was charged with the alleged traffic offence of failure to comply with lawful orders and direction of police officer in uniform. The outgoing Kampala Central MP denied the charges and remained steadfast in his solidarity with the walk to work campaign. The same court also released Forum for Democratic Change vice president Salaam Musumba and Mr Asuman Odaka who were charged with allegedly failing to obey lawful orders contrary to the Penal Code Act.

    1630 EAT: Mukono North member of Parliament, Betty Namboze, has been denied bail by Mukono Grade One magistrate Ruth Nabasa. Ms Nambooze was charged with allegedly participating in a riotous assembly. The MP was walking to work in the campaign against high fuel prices and rising cost of living when she was arrested this morning at Bugujju trading centre just outside Mukono town.
    1610 EAT: People traveling in and out of Lugazi town going to work found it hard after all taxi and Bodaboda cyclists refused to operate in support of walk to work campaign. These people especially those going to Kampala very early in the morning were forced to get back to their homes, while others decided to walk, saying that taxis will find them on the way,as they also show solidarity to the campaign.

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    1510 EAT: Police has fired teargas and live bullets at Kampala’s Makindye Court to disperse a crowd that has converged to protest the arrest of opposition politicians. Outgoing Kampala Central member of Parliament, Erias Lukwago, who is also the Lord Mayor-elect for Kampala, along with Forum for Democratic Change vice president, Salaam Musumba, have been brought to Makindye Magistrate’s Court where it is believed they are going to be charged cor allegedly committing an, as yet, unknown offence. The politicians are among a large number of opposition politicians who were arrested this morning in a police swoop for participating in the walk-to-work campaign, a public protest against high fuel prices and the rising cost of living.

    1500 EAT: The army has taken over Masaka town. Business came to a standstill in Masaka Town as police fought demonstrators that had chosen to walk to work on Thursday, April 14, 2011. It all started when about ten boda boda riders in Nyendo, (a Katwe-like suburb of Masaka) decided to push their bikes towards Masaka’s business main centre across Nakaiba Swamp. What appeared to be a small group however snowballed into a very big crowd that kept police confused by splitting into some five or so groups and taking different roots on different streets! Hundreds of people meanwhile abandoned their shops and lined up the streets to watch. The demonstrators kept on shouting that they were fed up with the ever increasing fuel prices.

    1420 EAT: Daily Monitor correspondent in Masaka, Mr Issa Aliga, has been assaulted by UPDF soldiers who descended on the streets of Masaka town at about 2.00 p.m. after the police appeared to be failing to control the rampaging crowds. A military police officer hit Mr Aliga on the head with a big stick as he attempted to take pictures of the soldiers along Kampala Road. The soldiers descended on Mr Aliga, grabbed his camera and went away with it. Mr Aliga, who says he is bleeding from his wounds, is recording statement at Masaka Police.

    1256 EAT: Betty Nambooze blocked from leaving Lugazi. She was walking to Mukono. The Mukono-Jinja highway has become impassable

    1242 EAT: Opposition leader Dr Kiiza Besigye has been taken to Kampala hospital in Kololo

    1238 EAT: Dr Besigye has been shot in the right hand after soldiers, who have taken over from police, opened fire. People pleading that they stop shooting

    1220 EAT: Columns of heavily armed soldiers deploy in Kalerwe as situation gets out of hand with crowds join wal to work protests

    1215 EAT: Besigye pulls out of trench, starts walking afresh: Retired UPDF Colonel and former personal physician to President Museveni is out of the trench and trekking with many supporters accompanying him, reports John Njoroge. The former Inter-Party Cooperation presidential flag bearer first sat under a tree at Kasangati health centre, before embarking on a second phase of the walk he began from his home at 6:30am on Thursday. More details follow shortly

    1210 EAT: Kampala mayor-elect Erias Lukwago, Kitgum woman MP Beatrice Anywar, Kyadondo south MP Issa Kikungwe have been arrested. Kikungwe and Anywar are currently being taken to Entebbe magistrate court. One woman is reportedly shot dead by police as they attempted to quell a “walk-to-walk”demo in Kajansi, along Entebbe road.

    1153 EAT: Police in Lugazi has taken siege of the tax park after drivers’ turned rowdy in protest of high prices of fuel and other commodities. Commotion started as tax drivers attempted to join a group of about 200 “walk-to-work” demonstrators, forcing police to act with force.

    1125 EAT: FDC leaders Nandala Mafabi, Margaret Wokuri and Ann Mugisha have been arrested and taken to Jinja Road Police Station, according to Busongola South MP, Christopher Kibazanga.

    1105 EAT: Police in Masaka is reported to be engaged in running battles with the motorcyclists who are trying to march in the town in protest of high prices for fuel and other commodities.

    The motorcyclists are reported to have destroyed the police patral vehicle which was pursuing them, forcing the force use teargas and live bullets. Our reporter in Masaka says the crowd of about 300 youth with no substantive leadership is now engaged in running battles with police in the town….more to follow.

    1053 EAT: Vigilantes barricade access to Kasangati police station. Chaos and heavy shooting still ongoing as more supporters join to block Dr Besigye’s arrest by police.

    1043 EAT: A group of men dressed in the uniform of Uganda Prisons arrive at the chaotic scene in Kasangati, says our reporter John Njoroge. It is unclear if they are prison warders since they ordinarily do not take part in crowd control or arresting suspects, unless they are fleeing prisoners.



    Mao to sue government over walk-to-work arrest

    By Al-Mahdi Ssenkabirwa
    Posted Wednesday, April 13 2011 at 00:00


    Democratic Party president Norbert Mao has said he will sue government for infringing on his rights during the botched walk-to-work protest on Monday.

    Addressing journalists in Kampala yesterday, Mr Mao said the police’s action of roughing up top opposition politicians was dehumanising and cannot go unchallenged. “We are going to file a civil suit against government for malicious prosecution and unlawful detention,” he said. “We really had no intention whatsoever to cause chaos in the city as Kayihura claimed and it was his police that was violent.”

    On Monday, opposition politicians, including FDC president Kizza Besigye, were roughed up by police as they embarked on their walk-to-work campaign. The campaign, which the opposition say will be staged every Monday and Thursday, is aimed at showing solidarity with Ugandans suffering under the weight of rising cost of living.
    Mr Mao said the opposition will carry on their civil disobedience campaign until government makes meaningful interventions to avert the unprecedented rise in inflation. He said the government must immediately cut taxes on fuel by Shs400 to enable prices for other commodities go down.

    Mr Mao said they will in the next one month going to organise public lectures at various universities to fire up their campaign. “The middle class of our society has been misinterpreting our cause and we are going to reach out to them,” Mr Mao said. He said they plan to print and distribute T-shirts, stickers and flyers bearing special messages to the public.





    WALK TO WORK CAMPAIGN: Was Besigye hit by a rubber bullet, and who fired it?

    Posted Thursday, April 14 2011 at 01:01

    Police and military are giving conflicting accounts of what happened to opposition leader, Kizza Besigye, in the Thursday ‘Walk-to-Work’ fracas at Kasangati in Wakiso District.
    Whereas Army Spokesman, Lt. Col. Felix Kulayigye, says Dr Besigye was “not hurt at all”, Police publicist Judith Nabakooba says “something else, not a bullet” glazed his finger.

    Our Reporter, John Njoroge, who is now at Kampala Hospital in Kololo, says doctors at the medical facility conclude after an X-ray examination that a rubber bullet shattered the third digit of Dr Besigye’s right arm.

    “He has walked out of the hospital room and is smiling,” Mr Njoroge says. Three truckloads of regular and military police have besieged the Hospital from Athina Club junction. Their intention is not clear.

    Military Police Spokesman, Lt. Dennis Omara, says their men were called by regular police after rowdy protesters began barricading roads and lighting bonfires.

    “It is the regular police that are in the lead, we have just come in as a back-up because of the security situation. We are now opening the roads so people can freely go to the city centre,” he says.

    Accounts offered by the army indicate the situation spiraled out of control after a civilian began strangling a policeman he wanted to disarm, and a bullet went out, injuring the civilian who was taken for treatment at Mulago Hospital.

    Nothing happened to Besigye at all; that he was shot is a lie,” says Lt. Col. Kulayigye.

    Meanwhile, Ms Judith Nabakooba says Kampala Metropolitan CID chief John Kato has been booked into an unnamed health facility after demonstrators clobbered him.

    The Thursday commotion and subsequent shooting has forced the American Mission in Kampala to cancel a scheduled Journalists’’ round table with Ambassador Jerry Lanier, according to Public Affairs Officer, Joann Lockard.

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    Posted Thursday, April 14 2011 at 11:56

    “The police tried to take me onto their pickup by force but the people around me shoved them away, so I am still in the trench in Kasangati trading centre,” opposition politician says in a telephone interview.

    Dr Besigye says he has not been roughed up or beaten by police as it happened on Monday, but he is not yielding to “oppressive forces”.

    The retired army Colonel, a three-time presidential contender, tells Monitor’s Tabu Butagira: “I am still here in the road trench with many anti-riot police, their trucks and other complicated equipments surrounding us. I am not worried; I am going to demand my rights whatever it takes, however long”.

    Our photographer Isaac Kasamani is holed up with the opposition politician in the trench, and describes the situation as worrying.

    There is a stalemate in the trading centre which is roughly two kilometers away from Dr Besigye’s residence (Details of Dr Besigye interview will run in Daily Monitor print version).

    Daily MonitorEducation Editor, Charles Mwanguhya, who is heading to Kasangati says youthful activists in Lutete trading centre, some two kilometers from Kasangati, have barricade about 200-metre stretch of the road with boulders.

    Police are exploding tear gas canisters and cracking live bullets to disperse a crowd of unrelenting youth



    45 injured in battle with police as pregnant woman shot in stomach

    45 injured in battle with police as pregnant

    Journalists’ work tale
    Chaos and bloodshed in Kasangati as police block
    Bwaise in flames as police, residents fight

    Dr Besigye (C) is dragged out of the trench. PHOTO BY ISAAC KASAMANI

    By Monitor Team (email the author)

    Posted Friday, April 15 2011 at 00:00

    At least 47 people injured in yesterday’ day-long opposition ‘walk-to-work’ demonstrations were by last night admitted to Mulago Hospital with those who sustained gunshot wounds, among them seven-months-pregnant Brenda Nalwendo, reported to be in grave condition.

    Forum for Democratic Change party leader, Kizza Besigye, whom a combined force of military and regular police overpowered, together with his marching supporters at Kasangati trading centre, had a digit of his right hand broken after he was reportedly hit by a rubber bullet.

    He was treated at Kampala Hospital in Kololo, a city suburb. “I am not worried and I am going to demand my rights whatever it takes, however long,” Dr Besigye told this newspaper when still holed up in a roadside drain in Kasangati.

    The Uganda Red Cross said seven-month pregnant Ms Nalwendo who was shot in Kajjansi was in critical condition. Mulago Hospital spokesman Dan Atwijukire told Daily Monitor last evening that she was in stable condition after surgery.

    “The stray bullet hit her stomach,” said Catherine Ntabadde, assistant director of communications with the Uganda Red Cross. “We rushed her to Mulago, she is in theatre – we hope the situation gets better, but she was in terrible condition.”

    Police Spokesperson Judith Nabakooba said Kampala Metropolitan chief John Kato had been hospitalised after angry demonstrators clobbered him. Three other uniformed men, one of them a military officer, were reported injured.

    Sporadic violence erupted in the northern Gulu town last evening and soldiers at the nearby UPDF 4th Division headquarters pulled out in armoured cars and poured onto the streets and began shooting randomly to disperse residents protesting the arrest of district chairman, Norbert Mao.

    Following a futile attempt to keep Mr Mao in custody in the face of unrelenting fight by a charged crowd, police last night reportedly dropped the Democratic Party leader/former presidential candidate, off at his home within town.

    Like the violence that paralysed Metropolitan Kampala, Mukono, Jinja, Buikwe, Masaka, Hoima and Mbarara towns, pro-opposition supporters in Gulu also barricaded roads and lit bonfires in running battles with police and the army that exploded teargas and let loose volleys of bullets into the night sky.

    Arrested MPs
    Security operatives in some instances lobbed teargas canisters in shops and homes, particularly in Kasangati, Kampala’s Bwaise neighbourhood and Jinja town, forcing out occupants whom they later clobbered or arrested.

    Last night, police announced in Kampala that they had taken into custody some 220 suspected demonstrators, among them six Members of Parliament and top political party figures.

    Budadiri West MP Nandala Mafabi, his Kumi Constituency counterpart Patrick Amuriat, Mukono Municipality MP-elect Betty Nambooze, Kitgum District Woman MP Beatrice Anywar, Erias Lukwago and Isa Kikungwe of Kampala Central and Kyandondo South respectively, were charged at various courts but released on bail.
    Grade I magistrate James Mwondha remanded JEEMA party officials; Asuman Basalirwa and Mohammed Kibirige to Luzira Prison and are expected back at Nabweru Court later today.


    WALK TO WORK CAMPAIGN: Chaos and bloodshed in Kasangati as police block Besigye again

    A man arrested from his shop by Anti Riot Police on Bwaise road. Photo by Patience Ahimbisibwe

    By John Njoroge & Tabu Butagira (email the author)

    Posted Thursday, April 14 2011 at 10:17

    Opposition politician is halted in his trek to work a few kilometers from his residence, but angry residents take on the law enforcers sparking mayhem.

    Dr Kizza Besigye is holed up in a roadside trench where he sat in defiance of police orders to evacuate. About 70 supporters have now ring-fenced Dr Besigye, restraining police from being arrested. Scores have been arrested, handcuffed and beaten. Many more residents are dashing for shelter at the nearby Kasangati court.

    The sitaution spun out of control about 7am on Thursday after a policeman fired live bullets in the air as a warning shot to obstruct the Forum for Democratic Change party leader.

    Now the whole village is under blanket security and filled with acrid smell of teargas, and many pupils have been injured in canister explosions at Tender Talent Magnet School.

    The commotion, in which supporters are wrestling police from arresting Besigye, is happening roughly some 150 metres away from Kasangati Police Station.

    A man dressed in a Yellow NRM T-shirt, and whom residents suspected to be a disguised security officer has been badly beaten, his clothes ripped apart, as the crowd charges over Besigye’s alleged manhandling.

    Unconfirmed reports say the first bloodied victim of the chaos has been taken to Mulago hospital with grave injuries.

    Police at the scene say they have ‘orders from above’, literary meaning the Executive in Ugandan speak, not to allow the three-time presidential candidate walk to town.
    Owing to random shooting, our reporter, together with other journalists, has taken cover behind the police station. Our photographer, Isaac Kasamani, who was in trenches where Dr Besigye lay when the chaos erupted, cannot be seen anymore and he is unable to receive telephone calls on his cell phone.

    “There is total confusion; some angry residents are pelting the police and have begun blocking the road with stones, chairs and boulders. But traffic is still flowing,” says our reporter, Njoroge who is at the scene.

    Two opposition leaders; Asuman Basalirwa and Kibirige Mayanja (JEEMA party officials) have reportedly been picked up and detained at Kawempe Police Station.
    This is the second day of clashes between police and opposition politicians in and around the capital Kampala following declaration by a non-partisan platform, Action-for-Change, to citizens to walk to work to show displeasure with government over inflation that has jumped to double digits in just a month.

    Prices of fuel, food and other basic commodities are spiraling beyond what ordinary Ugandans can afford and government is allegedly doing nothing to mitigate the dire situation, the campaigners say.

    The Monday showdown resulted in police brutalising Dr Besigye, Democratic Party’s Norbert Mao and several Members of Parliament, an operation widely condemned by Uganda’s leading development partners, lawyers and human rights activists as “unnecessary, arbitrary and highhanded”.

    There those who think this does not matter to them, but “a chicken that thought the death of the householder had nothing to do with it, was the first to be slaughtered to provide food for the mourners”, what goes round comes round “Former Gadafi soldiers are being pounded by him” Government actions will affect the majority of us all.


    Beekalakaasizza e Mukono, Masaka Mbarara, Jinja olw’ebbeeyi y’ebintu
    Thursday, 14 April 2011 13:22
    Abaserikale nga bakutte Nambooze e Mukono.

    OKWEKALAKAASA okw’okutambuza ebigere ng’abantu bawakanya eky’ebbeeyi y’amafuta n’ebintu ebikozesebwa mu bulamu obwabulijjo kwasaasaanye ne mu bibuga bya Uganda ebirala omuli Mukono, Masaka, Mbarara, Jinja, Bushenyi, Mbale n’ewalala.
    Mu kibuga Masaka, okwekalakaasa kwatandikidde mu kabuga k’e Nyendo ekibinja ky’abavubuka bwe baatandise okutambuza ebigere nga boolekedde ekibuga Masaka.

    Wabula abavubuka bano baabadde batuuka ku Ambiance abasajja nga mukaaga abaabadde mu mmotoka ya buyonjo ne babakiika emmotoka ne batandika okubakuba emiggo.

    Mu kubuna emiwabo, abavubuka bano abaakuliddwa Sande Muteesaasira eyaavuganya ku bubaka bwa Palamenti mu Masaka Munisupaali baasaasaanye ku kibuga Masaka ne baddamu okutambulira awamu nga bwe baleekaana nti, “Twakoowa embeera embi”.

    Poliisi y’e Masaka wano kwe kubang’anga ne babakubamu Ttiyaggaasi, olwo ekibuga ne kicankalana abasuubuzi ne baggala amaduuka n’aba Bodaboda ne bazisuulawo ne badduka.

    Abayizi ba Masaka SS abaabadde baakawummula , badduse ne basuulawo kkeesi zaabwe nga Poliisi yeezooba n’abeekalakaasi bakira abagikuba amayinja. Abapoliisi baabadde baduumirwa akulira Poliisi y’e Masaka Muky. Gertrude Temaye.

    Mu kibuga ky’e Mukono embeera yayonoonese oluvannyuma lwa Poliisi okukwata omubaka w’ekitundu kino Betty Nambooze olw’ebigambibwa nti yeetabye mu kwekalakaasa okutakkiriziddwa Poliisi.

    Abantu olwawulidde nti Nambooze akwatiddwa, abasuubuzi ne baggala amaduuka, n’aba Bodaboda n’abantu abalala ne beegugunga ne baggala oluguudo nga beeyambisa agayinja n’ebiti ekyawalirizza ab’ebyokwerinda okuyungula Poliisi.

    Poliisi yeezoobye n’abantu era okukkakkana nga babakubyemu Ttiyaggaasi okubagumbulula bwe baabadde baagala okulumba Poliisi y’e Mukono.

    Nambooze yaggyiddwa ku Poliiisi y’e Mukono n’atwalibwa ku Poliisi y’e Seeta gye yaggaliddwa, olwo Poliisi n’egenda mu maaso n’okulawuna ekibuga Mukono okutagira abantu okukung’aana.

    Mu kibuga ky’e Mbarara, aba Bodaboda bana baakwatiddwa Poliisi oluvannyuma lw’okusangibwa nga bawalula Pikipiki zaabwe n’abantu abalala nga bwe beekalakaasa nti, “Twakoowa , Twakoowa embeera embi..”

    Wabaddewo ddukadduka nga Poliisi erwanagana n’ekibinja ky’aba Bodaboda abaalumbye Poliisi nga baagala eyimbule bannaabwe kyokka ne babakubamu Tiyaggaasi ne babuna emiwambo.

    Akulira Poliisi y’e Mbarara Peter Wafana yagambye nti aba Bodaboda abaakwatiddwa bagenda kuvunaanibwa kwetaba mu kwekalakaasa okutali mu mateeka. Embeera oluvannyuma yazze mu mbeera, Poliisi bwe yayiye abaserikale mu kibuga kyonna.

    E Jinja, okwekalakaasa kwatandikidde ku Kirinya Road ne kusaasaana okutuuka ku Fire Road n’ewalala ng’eno okusinga kwatandikiddwa Bamakanika n’aba Bodaboda olwo Poliisi n’eyingira ne bakubamu omukka gwa Tiyagaasi.

    Embeera eno yawaliriza abaamaduuka okugaggala ne badduka , ng’olutalo wakati w’aba Bodaboda n’abeekalakaasi abalala abaabadde balwagana ne Poliisi kugenda mu maaso. Abeekalakaasi baakira abakubma ebipiira mu nguudo ng’eno Poliisi bwe bakubamu ttiyaggaasi.

    E Bushenyi nayo abantu beetabye ku kwekalaasa nga batambuza ebigere kyokka tewaabaddeyo busambatukko. Bikungaanyiziddwa Ahmed Mukiibi, Ali Mambule , Henry Nsubuga, Ali Wasswa ne Tony Nsoona


    Besigye bamukubye essasi ku ngalo | Print | E-mail
    Bya Basasi ba Bukedde
    Thursday, 14 April 2011 12:59
    Abaserikale nga beezooba ne Besigye (awasonze akasaale). Engalo ya Besigye eyakubiddwa ng’evaamu omusaayi.
    BESIGYE baamuteeze ku ddwaaliro e Kasangati okumulemesa okujja mu Kampala ku bigere. Yalwanye n’abaserikale n’akka mu mufulejje we yalemedde. Baamukkirizza atambule olw’okukkakkanya embeera, kyokka bwe yatuuse ku mayiro 8, we yasanze abamilitale ne bamuyimiriza n’agaana. Mu kumulwanyisa we baamukubidde essasi ly’ekipiira ne limukwata engalo ne bamutwala mu Kampala International Hospital.
    Besigye n’abeebibiina abeegattira mu Action for Change baakedde kutambuza bigere okuva ku buli luguudo oluyingira Kampala nga bawakanya okulinnya kw’emiwendo gy’ebintu. Okwekalakaasa kwasaasaanye ne mu bitundu ebirala okuli Masaka, Jinja, Mukono, Mbale, Kabale.

    Besigye yasimbudde wuwe e Kasangati ng’ali n’omubaka wa Kyaddondo East omulonde Ibrahim Semujju ne bayimirizibwa akulira poliisi y’e Kasangati DC Mukite. Abaserikale beegattiddwaako aduumira ebikwekweto mu Kampala Christopher Kasalawo ne batandika okwogereaganya oluvannyuma omubaka sam Njuba yazze okuyamba Besigye.

    Besigye yasse mu mufulejje n’alemesa poliisi okumukwata. Abantu baakung’aanye poliisi n’ebakubamu omukka ogubalagala ogwasaasaanidde mu ddwaaliro abalwadde ne babuna emiwabo. Besigye yabadde n’akakookolo akamuyamba obutabalagalwa mukka.

    Poliisi oluvannyuma lw’okwebuuza ku bakulu, yakkirizza Besigye atambule ne bamulemeseza ku mayiro 8. E Kajjansi, omuserikale yakasuse akakebe ka ttiyagaasi ne kakuba omukazi n’avaayo ebyenda ne bamutwala mu ddwaliro ng’ali bubi. Bino okubaawo baasoose kukwata mubaka Isa Kikungwe (Kyaddondo south) e Seguku ku lw’e Ntebe.

    Erias Lukwago baamukwatidde ku katale k’abaazirwanako e Wakaliga ne bamuggalira ku poliisi e Nateete. Omwana omuwere ttiyaggaasi yamuyingidde n’azirika poliisi n’emuteeka mu kabangali ne bamutwala mu ddwaliro.

    Moses Kasibante(Lubaga North) baamukwatidde Kasubi ku Kobil poliisi ng’eduumirwa akulira eya Kampalamukadde Siraje Bakaleke. Abantu baatandise okwegugunga era oluvannyuma baakuttewo n’abalala.

    Omubaka wa Budadiri West, Nandala Mafabi yakwatiddwa poliisi ya Jinja road ng’ekulirwa Denis Kamugisha. Baamukutte ne Patrick Amuria owa Kumi, Wafula Ogutu ne Paul Kakande owa DP.

    Ekibiina kya Red Cross kyayambyeko abantu bangi abaakubiddwa ttiyagaasi. Abalala abeetabye mu kwekalakasaa baabakutte ne babata, wamu n’abantu babulijjo abawera Musanvu bebateeberezza okubeera nga basobola okulinnya takisi naye ne batabula.

    Kasiano Wadiri, Sarah Eperu baatebuse poliisi bwe baabatuseeko nga tebabamanyi oluvannyuma ne balinnya mmotoka okugenda okununula bannaabwe. Abantu 20 baakwatiddwa nga beekalakaasa e Wandegeya. Abalala baakwatiddwa Nansana.

    Poliisi y’e Kawempe yakutte Kibirige Mayanja owa JEEMA ne Asuman Basalirwa abaakwatiddwa ku nkulungo e Mulago. Kino kyasaanudde abatuuze ku Kalerwe , Bwaise , Mulago ne Wandegeya abaazibye enguudo ne bakuma omuliro n’okusuula amayinja mu luguudo ne basiba ekkubo okumala essaawa ssatu nga tewali mmotoka ekkirizibwa ku tambula.

    Poliisi yakubye omukka ogubalagala mu maaso namasasi mu bbanga okugugumbula abantu ababadde bakola effujjo .


    What will m7 do if people dicide not to go to work is he going to send his police to get them out of their houses byforce?, or are they using these tricks to get money disguise it as bail?

    Mao arrested, Nambooze in prison

    Thursday, 14th April, 2011 E-mail article

    Nobert Mao arguing with the Police on the streets of Gulu town yesterday

    By Vision Reporters

    FORTY eight people, including three children of a nursery school, were injured as the Police battled crowds to quell the walk-to-work demonstration yesterday.

    The Uganda Red Cross evacuated the 48 from various suburbs of the city as the protest against the rising fuel and food prices spread.

    Red Cross assistant director of communications Catherine Ntabadde said the teary children from Safari Kindergarten in Gayaza were rushed to Mulago Hospital. She said three of the injured suffered bullet wounds. They included Dr Kizza Besigye, whose palm was hit by a bullet. He was evacuated to Kampala Hos¬pital.

    The other two, Ntabadde said, were an unidentified seven-month pregnant woman whose stomach was hit by a stray bullet, exposing her bowels. She was rushed to Mulago. Another unidentified man was hit in the thigh.

    The other 41, comprising nine students of Wampewo Ntakke Secondary School near Gayaza in Wakiso district, chocked on tear gas and were rushed to hospital.

    Most of the victims were in Kasangati, where the Police intercepted Besigye, and in Kawaala.

    Red Cross said 12 other people were taken for medication in Masaka, Jinja and Makindye.

    Judith Nabakoba, the Police spokesperson, said four Police officers and a soldier were injured in the chaos.

    The officers sustained minor injuries and were discharged after treatment, while one Police officer suffered head injuries and was admitted to Mulago along with a soldier whose leg was fractured.

    Several politicians were arrested and charged in different courts.

    Former JEEMA leader Mohammed Kibirige Mayanja and his successor, Asumani Basalirwa, were arrested for allegedly holding an unlawful assembly in Kawempe.

    The duo was in the com¬pany of DP’s Sulaiman Kidandala and Muwanga Kivumbi.

    They were intercepted at the Gayaza Road roundabout where Mayanja and Basalirwa were arrested and the crowd dispersed.

    In Mukono, Mukono North MP Betty Nambooze was arrested at Kirowooza, 3km from her residence, charged with unlawful gathering and remanded at Kauga Prison.

    She appeared before Mukono magistrate Ruth Nabaasa who remanded her until today.

    Budadari East MP Nandala Mafabi, Kumi county MP Patrick Amuriat, DP spokesperson Mwaka Lukutumoi, FDC’s Maj. Ru¬baramira Ruranga, IPC pub¬licist Margaret Wokuri and three others were arrested along Jinja Road. They were charged in Nakawa Court with holding an unlawful demonstration.

    “I have a right to use any means to go to work. There is no way you can stop me. Allow me to go, I am rush¬ing to Parliament to chair a meeting,” Nandala told the Jinja Road Police Station boss, Denis Komugisha.

    At the Makindye Chief Magistrates’ Court, Kampala Lord Mayor-elect Erias Lukwago and FDC eastern region vice-president Salaam Musumba were charged with disobeying Police orders. It is alleged that Musumba, plus others still at large, disobeyed a Police officer. The duo pleaded not guilty and were each released on a court bond of sh2m (not cash).

    At Entebbe Court, MPs Beatrice Anywar and Issa Kikungwe were charged with obstructing traffic. They were granted a cash bail of sh1m.They were intercepted at Kajjansi, while walking to Kampala from their homes in Entebbe.



    zino ensolo ezikuba mu malwaliro ne mu baana baffe omukka zazalibwa oba nazo zirina abaana nenganda zaabwe obudde bujja kukya lumu nga nazo zinoonya obuddukiro obusungu bwabantu temulina gyemugenda kubudda mwetegereze buli akola obutemu ku bantu baffe nabo bajja kuvunanibwa lujja nammwe olwammwe






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