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    The name says a lot about the game. Which is why it’s one of the first things people ask about any new game being introduced to them. That and the rules. There isn’t much fun in playing a game you don’t know the rules of. Usually when you are not filled in on the rules it’s a sign of injustice. Most of us suffer or witness enough injustices in our daily life, to crave for more of it in our free time too. Tell us about the games you liked or didn’t because of the name or rules.


    Nze mu kwepena nnali sirina ampunyamu, era nga nkwagala nnyo. Buli lwetwaalinga tukola team bayizi bannange bannesooka, nokuyomba nebayomba, nga olwa side ki kwennabeera. Kyampa omukisa nange okubeera ko mayinja mu muzannyo, kubanga okudduka nokubuuka nnali sibikola bulungi. Naye ekyanyiiza ku muzannyo guno kwekuba nti gulina emyaaka gyebasubira omuntu okukomerako okuguzannya. Ku myaaka 12 omwaana wayingirira senior abeera takyasubirwa kubeera nga azannya omuzannyo guno. Kigambibwa nti gwa bato. Kale talent yange kyeyava tegenda wala mu kwepena, kubanga amateeka gomuzannyo guno gagungobako.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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