When a cow is someone’s everything.

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    Cow executed for seducing man for sex
    June 15, 2010
    By Diana Fasanella
    An Indonesian man claims he was seduced by a cow after he was caught having sex with it on the resort island of Bali.

    Cow: Come hither my little boy toy
    Busti Ngurah Alit was caught by a neighbor in the rice paddy fields of the village of Yeh Embang in Jembrana wooing the cow, CNews reports.

    The village chief Embang Ida Bagus Legawa said the 18-year-old man was standing naked while holding the back of the cow. Alit claims he didn’t see an animal but a beautiful woman.

    ”She called my name and seduced me, so I had sex with her,” said Alit.

    The young man was then forced to marry the cow in a cleansing ritual for his unholy acts. He fainted during the ceremony that also required his clothes be thrown into the sea.

    The cow didn’t fair so well. Chief Embang gave the owner of the cow approximately $562 before having the animal drowned in the sea to rid the village of bad luck.


    Awo nga ente bagikanyuga mu nyanja. Nga bino byebimu ki birowoozo byaabo abategedde ku mboozi eno.

    1. Must have be one tall fellow

    2. Ride ‘em cow boy!!!!

    3. This is the most disgusting story i have ever read,( the poor cow ) and the disgust of that thing we call a human being.

    4. This sicko should have been drowned, not the innocent cow!

    5. Thick Blood on the hands of the ones who drowned the cow after it had no voice to defend itself against the most mentally challenged people who believed this story. Again Humans never cease to amaze me for being the ONLY species on the god d*mn planet who don’t know the meaning of harmony. We have failed… in so many ways

    6. Was the young man’s nickname “Hamburger Helper”?

    7. They should have served it up as a sinner’s steak!

    8. And he said, ” She Mooooved Me”

    9. Beastiality has existed for centuries… how was he to know that it wasn’t his fat wife but indeed a poor cow standing innocent.. I WANT the drugs he’s on.

    10. Some cultures are like that. When you go to such places, you can never be sure of what’s on your plate.


    Click twice in video space to watch on youtube.


    Eyo cleansing ritual eba kuba ka nyingi nnyo ensolo ze bandizikasuse naye olwokuba tebagikola abantu kyebava basigala nga ba gwi baddalu era byeebyo ebintu byolaba bakola .
    Luli nga Buganda ekyalimu abantu baayo bokka ngeebyo tobiwulira era nge mirembe wegiri naye kati naffe tulina okukola emikolo egyokugoba ebisiraani ebijjira kubanaffe abalinnyira buli kyenyeenya



    Abantu abamu balowooza nti ensolo nsiru, kyebava bazikola ebikoligo. Naye nobutonde bwetubuyisa obubi butuuka nebutwefuulira. Tolaba nga mu Uganda temukyaali kikola? Kubanga abantu abamu balowooza nti obutonde tebulabirirwa, oyonoona bwonoonyi. Ojja kulaba nga Buganda bwenetereera, netuddamu okuteereza ebintu byaffe, byonna bijja kudda mu nteeko.


    Naye bagamba nti ebibbe tebyaala kati zitandise okubatondokako nga zigwa eri

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