When your brother work with your enemy to help you

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    Alex KigongoAlex Kigongo

    You, your brother and your enemy live in the same neighbourhood. Your enemy is killing your children, in every way imaginable – from cutting off heads to poison. He has disappeared some, and locked up others in dungeons. He rapes your wife, daughters, mother and grandmother too. He is killing your crops, stealing your home appliances. He is systematically stealing your land too, an inch every day. He built a house on top of your well and cut your trees. He burned your workplace and frustrated your business endeavours. He even disinterred your family cemetery and desecrated your family shrine. You are reduced to a wreck, cried day and night calling to God to help you out. But everyday you see your brother making out with your enemy. You see them falling on each other in laughter, having the time of their life. Your brother is now filthy rich from his dealings with this enemy. Nevertheless, he says he cannot help you because he is on a more difficult and important mission. HELPING YOU! Everything he does he says he does for you. Because if it was not for him doing what he does the enemy would have finished you off long time ago. Kakkana naawe!! He tells you. Yet death and suffering continues…Do you believe this brother, do you try to understand him, do you hate him, do you trust him, is he really trying to help you, what do you think?

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