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    Waliwo omwami gwennabadde njogerako naye kunsonga zokwekalakaasa kwa 15 Dec, nga agamba nti yye agenda. Nemugamba owange nze simanyi kyakulowooza ku bigenda mu maaso bino. Nagamba nti, “…abantu basobola okujja ewuwo nebatandika okwegugumbulira awo, awali bakadde bo nabaana bo, nga bayomba bakubagana empawa, ggwe nosalawo gwa kutunula butunuzi? Bino ebigenda mu maaso biri mu nju yaffe Buganda, tetusobola kutunula butunuzi nga abantu abalala bekalakaasiza ewaffe, tulina okubeera ku mwanjo mu buli kimu kati ekitambulamu nsi ya ba jjajja ffe, ppaka lwetunatuuka gyetwagala.”
    Oba tusaze magezi ki? Nze wendi kati ndi mukusaba nnyo Mukama Katonda asaasire Obuganda.

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    Today 15th August the church celebrates the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.
    A few things that you probably didn’t know about Mother Mary.

    1. Joachim was a very wealthy and pious man from Nazareth. He married Anna who was born in Bethlehem. Both were of the tribe of Judah, and descendants of King David. They remained childless into their old age, fifty years after they married. They made a vow to the lord that if He granted them offspring, they would dedicate it to the service of God.

    2. Mary’s date of birth is unknown but it is celebrated every 8th of September.

    3. Her mother found out that Mary was already walking at 6 months.

    4. When she turned three years old, she would be sent to the Temple to be educated. At the temple steps, a halo of light encircled the blessed child and filled her with joy, and she danced before walking in.

    5. The priest Zaccharia responsible for her at the temple was very impressed by Mary’s wisdom from a very young age.

    6. When Mary turned fourteen, an angel appeared to Zaccharia in a dream and said, “Tomorrow have each suitor bring with him a staff. The Holy Spirit will give a sign as to who shall be Mary’s husband.”

    7. The next day the suitors crowded into the Temple, each holding a staff in his hand. Kneeling, they prayed for a sign. All at once, a lily was seen to bloom from the staff held by the widower Joseph, a builder and carpenter. Then a snow-white dove alighted upon the staff before flying off.

    8. The angel Gabriel announced to her on the first stage of Jewish marriage that she was to be the mother of the promised Messiah by conceiving Him through the Holy Spirit.

    9. She was 14 years old when she was engaged to Joseph and 15 when she gave birth to Jesus.
    10. Mary is both identified in the New Testament and in the Quran as the mother of Jesus through divine intervention.

    11. Mary, the mother of Jesus, is mentioned as Maryam, more in the Quran than in the entire New Testament.

    12. Mary enjoys a singularly distinguished and honored position among women in Quran. A chapter in the Qur’an is titled “Maryam”, which is the only Sura or chapter in the Qur’an named after a woman.

    13. Mary Died at the age of 59 surrounded by the apostles. Three days later she rose and taken to heaven.

    14. The Christian doctrine of Perpetual Virginity holds that Mary remained a virgin all her life, even after the act of giving birth to Jesus.

    Happy feasting day to all Marys – Marias, and Marions
    Happy Mary’s Assumption to everyone.

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    Angelou died on the morning of May 28, 2014 some time before 8 AM, according to a family statement. She was found by her caregiver. [98] She had reportedly been in poor health and had canceled recent scheduled appearances

    Maya Angelou born Marguerite Ann Johnson; April 4, 1928 – May 28, 2014) was an American author and poet. She published seven autobiographies, three books of essays, and several books of poetry, and is credited with a list of plays, movies, and television shows spanning more than fifty years. She received dozens of awards and over thirty honorary doctoral degrees. Angelou is best known for her series of seven autobiographies, which focus on her childhood and early adult experiences. The first, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (1969), tells of her life up to the age of seventeen, and brought her international recognition and acclaim.

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    Katikkiro yatugamba nti Ssaabasajja yasiima ekizimbe ekibadde kiyitibwa Bulange Plaza kiyitibwe Masengere. Naye abamu nga bebuuza magesenre kitegeeza ki? Bano ababiri bawandiise ebirabika okukuba tooki mu kibuuzo kino:

    May 24

    Namulindwa Saudah Amasengere liba jjovu erivva kukyika kyamayinja agasaanusibwa okufuna mu ebyuma era abaweesi bafuna ekifo kimu webalikungganyiza likwata era libanga olwazi.balyaasa nebafuna mu ebiyinja ebikuuta ebigere era silyangu lyakumerengula.ate Masengere gansaze ekyo kyali kkizimbe mulubiri nga emisango egyiremye ewakatikiro Kabaka mwagisalira.olugya lwaayo lwali lwalwazi olwo(amasengere) buli gwegwakkanga muvvi bamutwalanga bamuwalawala wamu nokumukulula olwo kuba gyebamutwala teli ayagala yo yagendanga akaaba nti wuuwi amasengere gansaze kwekwavva elinya eryo.

    Patrick K. Walugembe Webale nnyo Namulindwa Saudah. Wama oli Muganda lwanjokyo!, Masengeregansaze kyali Kigango mu Lubiri, naye okukyukamu katini mubyoyogedde; Masengeregansaze Katikiro mwe yasaliranga emisango, nga Ssekabaka Mukabya Muteesa I, omujjulira okuva mu Kigango Ggombolola. Era n’Abakungu bonna mwebatulanga. Nga bwogambye, Kabaka bwe yasaliranga omuntu omusango ne gumusinga, Abambowa bamusibanga emiguwa ne bamutwala nga bamukulula, ettaka ne limunubula. Obwoggi bw’ttaka obwo, nebalyoka babuyita amasengere nti”Lino erinaze si ttaka, wabula masengere gegansaze”, kuba amasengere ge galina obwogi okusinga ettaka.

    Naye enno ndowoza yange, katilidde Katikiro lwali tunyonyola lwaki Bulange Plaza kati eyitibwa Masengere!!

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    ‘The Prime Minister, Dr. Milton Obote, enjoys Teso home-made malwa with the Secretary-General of Teso, Mr. Isaaya Eloku, after driving from Entebbe.’
    Wednesday Januari 26th 1966


    ‘The Prime Minister , Dr. Milton Obote , enjoys Teso home – made malwa with the Secretary-General of Teso , Mr. Isaaya Eloku , after driving from Entebbe .’

    and after that , at night , Obote saw in vision becoming President of Uganda and ever to be Life President to Rule Uganda . On 24th May 1966 ordered his friend Brigadier Idi Amin to chase away the FIRST President of Uganda Sir Edward Mutesa II . Amin did it and and making Obote become ever the Second President of Uganda . To have become Life President ,Obote had to escogitate a plan to remove his friend Idi Amin as the Army commander and to be replaced by his his kinsmen Luo . Amin was arrested and replaced on by Brigadier Hussein of Luo Origin . The rest , you know of the Story of the Counter Coup , Amin’s coming back in the fight of the night of 24th January 1971 . January being the Malua month to remember of 26th January more or less . Malua can make you have bizzare visions only ,especially the Teso Malua which is strong, as Irish SCOTCH WISKY . Take care when drinking this Malua !

    Lado Lalua
    UAH Google Group


    .”Munno” the newspaper, Friday 9th October 1964.

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    The greatest lure of tourists to Egypt are the famous pyramids. Built millenia ago, by Africans with neither mortar nor cement, they remain a symbol of ingenuity and a classic work of engineering. In Mali, there are similar works, including structures that housed universities, built using the same technique as the pyramids. Back home, Kisingiri House in the larger Bulange area is another marvel: built with ensambya, enkoma, reeds and mud, and it has stood for over a century.
    As Buganda rejoices over the ‘restoration’ of the Kasubi Tombs( amasiro), what exactly is Buganda about it? What indicates age-old architecture, ingenuity, creativity? The whole structure is another ‘modern’ day steel and concrete thing.

    Well, times change. Else, we would have expected the restored masiro to be made of ensambya, enkoma, emuli, well-thatched, ceiling lined with embugo, with periodic maintenance according to each clan’s role. You only need to visit Rwanda’s national museum in Huye, to appreciate their architecture. Within the bowls of the museum is a replica of a typical king’s palace, built the the Kinyarwanda way.

    Sandra Birungi
    UAH Googlegroup

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    Awangaale Ssaabasajja Kabaka Muwenda Mutebi II Empologoma eye Ddembe.

    in reply to: Test #28058

    What’s up Admin?

    in reply to: Enkuluze Y’Oluganda Efulumye #28044

    Awangaale Omutanda.

    in reply to: The Passing Of Nnalinnya Nakabiri Elizabeth #28045

    ‘Emikolo egyakoleddwa ku Nakabiri gyasobye’
    Aug 06, 2012


    SSAABALANGIRA Ying. Moses Kayima Ssegamwenge agambye nti emikolo egyakoleddwa mu kubikka akabugo ku Bannalinnya Elizabeth Nakabiri ne Edith Nabweteme abaaterekeddwa mu masiro e Kasubi gyakuddibwamu kubanga abaagikoze si be batuufu.

    Yannyonnyodde nti Nnaalinnya Nakabiri yalaama Omumbejja ow’okumusikira mu musaayi atwale n’obwannaalinnya. Mu kiseera we yazaamidde nga taliiwo kwe kulonda omulala Nanjobe wabula ekiseera ky’okubikka akabugo we kyatuukidde n’alemesebwa okukola omukolo gw’okubikka akabugo.
    “Obukulembeze oba obwami buwooma kituufu. Nze nsaba abakwatibwako mu kika ne bampa Nnaalinnya ne mmulaga ekika, kye twakoze e Kasubi. Wabula kyanneewuunyisa ekiseera ky’okubikka akabugo bwe kyatuuse, ate Diana Teyeggala ye yakikoze, ekintu ekikyamu! Emikolo tulina okugiddamu,” Ssaabalangira bwe yannyonnyodde.

    Waabaddewo okusikaasikana mu kubikka akabugo ku Nnalinnya Elzabeth Nakabiri bwe baatudde mu Kigango ne balonda Omumbejja Nanjobe wabula nga bateekateeka okukola omukolo ate Omumbejja Diana Teyeggala n’awamba olubugo ng’alusika ku mulala eyabadde alukutte era ye yabisse kye bawakanya nti yakikoze mu bukyamu.
    Akavuyo ku mikolo gy’okuziika Nnaalinnya Edith Nabweteme Kiyumba kwatandise na kusika muguwa ku lutikko e Namirembe ng’okusaba kuwedde. Abamu baali bagamba nti bagende Kasubi bakole emikolo, abalala nga bagamba nti balina kugenda ku Lubiri lwa Ssekabaka Kamaanya e Kasengejje.

    Olwavudde e Namirembe baavuze bagenda Kasengejje ne bakola emikolo sso nga mukyala wa Dr. Lubega gwe bagamba nti Nnaalinnya Nabweteme gwe yali yalaamira okumusikira baamukuumidde Kasubi nga bamukakasizza nti emokolo gyonna we bagenda okugikolera.
    Olwakomyewo e Kasubi we baakamutemedde nti emikolo giwedde naye nga teboogera ani abisse kabugo. Ssaabalangira Kayima yagambye nti akimanyi eyabisse akabugo mumbejja naye abadde tamumanyi nnyo nga tatera kujja mu mikolo.

    Abamanyi ennono egobererwa baategeezezza nti omusika ng’abikka akabugo ku Nnaalinnya ayinza okuyambibwako jjajjaawe singa olubugo luba lugazi nnyo kyokka mu kubikka ku Nnaalinnya Nakabiri abaakwata olubugo baali basatu n’okusingawo. Ku nsonga eno, Nnaalinnya w’Amasiro g’e Kasubi Getrude Tebattagwabwe yategeezezzanti naye yabadde tategedde ani yabisse kabugo wabula n’atusaba tugumiikirize essaawa yonna bajja kumututegeeza.

    Mu kiseera kye kimu, Paasita Micheal Kyazze yagobye Omugiriinya ku ntaana ya Nnaalinnya Nakabiri ng’amugamba nti tayagala ateeke kasiya mu ntaana ya nnyina sso ng’Omugirinnya y’akola emikolo ku Balangira n’Abambejja ababeera bazaamye.

    in reply to: Israel arrests and deports black refugees #28015

    Long-time resident Moshe Nakash said that while some people may resent the fact that African migrants live in the neighborhood, there is no excuse to take the law into their own hands.

    “You don’t need to hurt them physically,” he said. “The law needs to take care of them. We know there are planes going back [to repatriate some migrants]. If they’re harassing people, then go to the police and police will take care of it.”

    This second attack really shook the African migrant community in Jerusalem.

    “I am really scared – this is not a small thing, to burn someone’s house down,” said Bereket, an Eritrean migrant who works at a computer store near the arson site, and did not want to give his full name.

    African migrants have reported being attacked in a number of neighborhoods in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Eilat. Assailants have used a number of weapons to assault migrants, including rocks, bottles, firecrackers and Molotov cocktails.

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    Bannange lwaaki batemula Abaganda okubamalawo? Ne leero waliwo family endaala ekaaba eyo mwaami omuvuzi wa taxi ku stage ye Mengo ku ddwaliro! Kitalo nnyo!

    in reply to: Empaka z’okuvuma Zitinka e Namakunta #27830

    Endegeya ezisenguka ekiro ng’obudde obutaakye
    Engajaba ezeebakira emikono gyombi ne zeerabira ababbi.
    Ajoboja biki
    Abaakonziba obuwongo.
    Muleke alokompoke

    Bino mbilabye ku comments za bukedde. Neeyo eriyo bangi abajja okuwangula empaka zino.

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