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    Kola bino ogeme okweraliikirira
    Margaret Birungi

    OKWERALIIKIRIRA kimu ku bitta alwadde siriimu. Oluusi oyinza okweraliikirira ng’olowooza nti engeri gy’omufunye olwo essaawa yonna ofa, abalala beeraliikirira nti bw’anaagambako omwagalwa we olwo ng’omukwano gukoma awo.

    Ate eriyo abeeraliikirira olw’okubulwa eky’okukola okwetakkuluzaako olumbe luno. Nze kye nnasooka okukola okuwona okweraliikirira kwe kukkiriza nti nfunye siriimu, era nti obulwadde buno tebuwona.

    Ekiddako kwe kukkiriza nti wadde mbufunye, naye sijja kufa nkya, nkyasobola okukola emirimu gye mbadde nkola, wabula nnina okukyusa mu nneeyisa, embeera n’endya yange. Nnina okwongera okulaga obuvunaanyizibwa mu bulamu nsobole okuba nga ndi mulamu.

    Bw’oba otya mwagalwa wo kukukyawa, bw’oba tonnamugamba sooka weetegekere emboozi eyo esooka. Sooka omanye ky’ofunamu ng’omugambye, twala obudde bwo ate tofubutukira nsonga eno kubanga kiyinza okumukuba ewala. Ye ggwe otegedde kye kitegeeza okuba ne siriimu? Eyo gy’osookera.

    Published on: Wednesday, 10th September, 2008

    Mpozzi ekirala ekyetaagisa kwekulabula abaana nabavubuka abatannalwaala basooke bafube bekumire eyo. Baleme kulinda kutandika kulowooza ku bulamu nga bamaze ate kwessa bbo n’Obuganda mu buzibu nga buno. Kikyaali kizibu okwetakuluzako olumbe luno, naye wakyali wo essubi mu kufuba okubwetangira. tulina ffenna okuyiga obuterowoozako nnyo ffe ffekka. Kubanga ekiruma Omuganda omu kiruma bonna. Bwotegeera nti oli mulwaddde, kyandibadde kirungi nomanyisa munno mangu nga bwekisoboka, oba nomuviira. Kubanga waliwo emikisa yye okuba nga talina nsonga. Ayinza nga obuntu bwebuli okutya nagenda, naye ssi mukwano okusalawo omukwatire wooli nebwekiba kitegeeza kumusiiga lumbe. Tutandike kati okuzza ebikolwa ebyo mukwano wakati mu baana benda ya Nakalama.

    in reply to: PROBLEM WITH SHARING THE LOOT #19645

    Monitor News | September 13, 2008
    Nzeyi claims 104 acres of NSSF land
    Yasiin Mugerwa &Mercy Nalugo


    Security Minister Amama Mbabazi’s partner Amos Nzeyi stunned the Committee yesterday when he put a claim to the same Temangalo land he sold to the National Social Security Fund.

    Mr Nzeyi who was appearing before the Parliamentary Committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises, which is investigating the transaction, said of the 364.6 acres he sold to NSSF at Shs8.7 billion, it turned out that at least 104 acres still belong to him.

    “I only sold part of my land to NSSF and not the entire chunk,” Mr Nzeyi said. “My land is located at plot 12, where there is a health centre, my residential house and other properties that I intend to keep.”

    Interestingly, although Mr Nzeyi claims 104 acres, MPs heard that the original contract he signed with NSSF on March 10, 2007 puts the total acreage to 364.6 acres and has nothing mentioned about any land belonging to Mr Nzeyi.

    “You cannot claim what you already sold, this is stealing,” Bugweri MP Abdul Katuntu who is the Committee Lead Counsel said. “As far as we are concerned, you have sold all your land to NSSF. In fact, to us you sold air yet you were paid the whole amount.”
    Although Mr Nzeyi said there was a separate Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with NSSF, he could neither trace the document nor justify that indeed he never sold the entire chunk to NSSF.

    “Mr Chairman, I was betrayed by my technical staff as I was up and down chasing other things,”Mr Nzeyi said. “I request that the Committee allows me to revalue my property.”

    But Mr John Odit (FDC, Erute South), the Committee Chairperson, rejected his plea and made a resolution that Mr Nzeyi surrenders all the property in his possession on the controversial Temangalo land with instructions that he restrains himself from trespassing on NSSF land.

    The Committee also heard that Mr Nzeyi was paid Shs8.7 billion without valuing his own land. “How did you come to this amount without any valuation? Mr Odit asked.

    Mr Nzeyi said although there was no valuation to his land, he compared it with others like that of Maj Gen Jim Muhwezi which he said was adjacent to his farm in Temangalo.

    “I compared it with Muhwezi’s farm because when he sold it, I bought all his cows and it was near to my land,” Mr Nzeyi said. “This is how I came up with the figure.”

    in reply to: PROBLEM WITH SHARING THE LOOT #19644

    Monitor News | September 13, 2008
    Security Minister Amama Mbabazi (Right)and Rujumbura MP Jim Muhwezi
    Mbabazi, Muhwezi quarrel deepens
    Grace Matsiko


    A war of words between Security Minister Amama Mbabazi and Rujumbura MP Jim Muhwezi over the now-controversial National Social Security Fund purchase of land from the minister has deepened.

    Maj. Gen. (rtd) Muhwezi described remarks by Mr Mbabazi, also the ruling NRM party secretary general, that the NSSF land saga is being fuelled to hurt prominent Bakiga in the government as shameful.

    “That is diversionary,” Gen. Muhwezi said in an exclusive interview on Thursday evening. “It is politically empty and he should be ashamed of invoking such backward and obscurantist views because it is not a matter of tribe otherwise everybody else who is alleged to have committed an offence would invoke [tribal] sentiments.”

    During the NRM Central Executive committee (CEC) meeting on Tuesday at State House attended by President Museveni, Mr Mbabazi reportedly said: “I look at this as a fight against the Bakiga. They are pulling me, Dr [Ezra] Suruma, Prof. Mondo Kagonyera, Mr Emmanuel Mutebile and Dr Ruhakana Rugunda in this matter and it is Jim [Muhwezi] who is pushing it.”

    Dr Suruma is finance minister, Prof. Kagonyera is deputy managing director of NSSF and Makerere University chancellor, Mr Mutebile is the governor of the Bank of Uganda while Dr Rugunda is the internal affairs minister. All of them are Bakiga.

    But Gen. Muhwezi, a Muhororo, responded thus: “It is absurd, and bad of him. It is narrow-minded of him to say he is being investigated because he is a Mukiga. Bakiga are very straight-forward. He should not lie that the Shs11 billion was for Bakiga. He should not impute that Bakiga are involved in this saga.”

    Parliament is investigating the NSSF’s purchase earlier this year of more than 400 acres of land from city businessman Amos Nzeyi and Arma Limited, a company owned by Mr Mbabazi, at Shs11 billion in Temangalo in Wakiso District. The MPs want to know whether the minister may have applied any undue pressure on the NSSF and why the land was bought at a value higher than that recommended by three independent firms that valued it.

    The minister’s exact amount of land he sold is 109 acres. Mr Nzeyi owned the rest. In the CEC meeting, Mr Mbabazi reportedly accused Gen. Muhwezi of leading a campaign to end his political career and that of other prominent Bakiga in the government.

    “People from Kigezi like Dr Ezra Suruma, Prof. Mondo Kagonyera, they are not the only ones in this NSSF saga,” Gen. Muhwezi said.
    “There are people from other regions like the chairman of NSSF board Edward Gaamuwa and the Managing Director Chandi Jamwa. Should they [also] invoke tribal sentiments?”

    He added that it is Mr Mbabazi’s “innocence that will save him” and his “guilt that will ditch him … not people’s feelings”.
    He said Mr Mbabazi should not point a finger at him for the alleged “witch-hunt” because he neither petitioned the NRM Caucus leadership to have the minister appear before it to explain himself nor a member of the parliamentary committee that is investigating him.

    “What [Mbabazi] is saying says volumes about him and political witch-hunts,” said Gen. Muhwezi, who once headed the Internal Security Organisation at the same time as Mr Mbabazi headed the External Security Organisation. “May be he is the one who is behind my political witch-hunt because he is the secretary general of the party [and] he is conceding there is political witch-hunt.”

    Gen. Muhwezi was dropped as health minister nearly three years ago following allegations of misappropriation of billions of shillings from the Global Fund and the Gavi Alliance.
    Mr Mbabazi responded yesterday saying he is clean and that Gen. Muhwezi’s attempts to equate his woes to the minister’s would end in futility.

    He said some of the petitioners like Rubanda West MP Henry Banyenzaki are Bakiga.
    “All of us asking questions we are all concerned about workers’ money and about public officers observing and respecting regulations,” Gen. Muhwezi said. “If he wanted money urgently, and the NSSF had the money, as he has said you don’t have to [trample] public regulations in order to satisfy personal activities.”

    Gen. Muhwezi said his troubles with Mr Mbabazi have been because he has tried to counter the argument by the minister that he gave powers of attorney to Mr Amos Nzeyi earlier on when he was negotiating with Akright to sell the Temangalo land.
    “I said that’s not true,” Gen. Muhwezi said.

    “I said when a member of the NSSF board cited political pressure, the board advised him to give powers of attorney to another person. When I pointed out that [in the CEC meeting] he said I’m behind his downfall. I said no. I’m discussing facts.”
    He vowed not to keep quiet on the NSSF land deal until the truth came out.

    in reply to: The Republic isn’t working. #19643

    Mugereka wrote:

    Kaakati Abaganda mugolokoke, mulabe ekigenda mu maaso. Nga ne munafe waggulu awo bwawandise, ffena kati tulabye nga republic nvunyu. Envunyu bazikola ki nga zikujjidde? Ozejjako. Naffe kyetulina okukola twejje ku nvunyu, kubanga envunyu njama. Tugende mu kifo ekiyonjo, ekinyirira. Ani ayagala obujama? Olabye na Babirigi bwebabejjeko? Nga bajamawaza ekibuga kyaabwe. Ate nga cleanliness is next to Godliness. Tukole kyonna ekisoboka Okwekumiira okumpi ne Katonda waffe, ffe Baganda be.

    Bwoyogera ku republic nogiyita envunyu, omuntu ayinza okugamba nti kya kuvuma. Naye oli bwagamba nti nsolo ye yagitta era agiliko agirya, awo republic okufuuka envunyu kye kibeera kiddirira mu butonde. Ekyo kyetuyita Natural order of events. Mpozzi okujjako nga republic, oba ebigivaamu nga olubuto lumaze okugikolako, nga yabissa mu deep freezer, oba nga yabikola omukalo. Awo mpozzi Natural order of things eyinza okulwaawo kko. Naye ndowooza mu myaaka 22 nomukalo guba guvunze, ne nnyama ya deep freezer ebeera emyuuse nga nokuwunya ewunya wunya.

    in reply to: W.D Mohammed, son of NOI founder , dies. #19642

    RIP Mohammed. One of the people who tried to fight for the betterment of our African American brothers and sisters.

    in reply to: Kiggunda #19641

    Naye ate awo bwetu connecting-a ku radio 365 tubeera tetuvudde ku mulamwa? Buli wensanga ekigambo RealPlayer nze, nfuna ebizibu, naye simanyi, ndowooza kiyinza okuba ekirungi. Ne kiggunda kyetulina kati kikyanga ennyimba. Mpozzi kyetutalina kwekubanga twekoleera playlist eyaffe nga abawuliriza.

    in reply to: Omukazi alayizza enduulu mu loogi #19628

    Kkwo okuba ssebo omumbejja oli mutuufu. Kubanga bino bikolwa bya bulyaake bya buswaavu. Bakukuba batya ebifaananyi omwana wa bantu nga oyambula abakazi nti bankudde? Wano nno womanyira, oba wokakasiriza nti ekintu si kiggule nga oli bwabeera alowooza. Waliwo abantu abagamba nti bi mwana wani byakoma, okwo kwerimba. Tewasoboka kubaawo classless society, mpozzi nga oli ayagala kukola chaos. Naye ekikulu kye kiki ekisinziirwaako okugamba nti ono wa class ya waggulu ono ya wa wansi. Ono omukyala munaffe olabira ku confusion eri ku face ye, alinga omwana omuto abuze, nnyina gwadduse ko!! Ate yye omusajja tunula nga emmeere edibye nekooya abagenyi. Mukuba mutya enduulu okukungaanya abantu nga mwemuli nabaana????????? Naye bwoolaba nga nabafuga bakugamba nti ensi mutulumbo, kiki kyolindiriira? Ekitezaala tekyala.

    in reply to: Kiggunda #19627

    Nze mbadde nteesa nti twongerewo bwongezi juke boxes endala. Tubeere ne juke box one nga erimu bikiri ebipya, juke box two nga erimu kadongo kamu, bwetutyo nokweyongerayo. Tuleme kugamba nti ate tuzikyuuse, ate tuzizze. Tubeere nga twongerawo bwongezi. Ate gyetukoma okwongerawo, kibeera tekyetaagisa kukikola buli kiseera.

    in reply to: Teargas Helicopter For Namboozes and Lukwagos #19626

    Nambooze ne Lukwago bogera mazima, era yensonga eguzisizza helicopter ezo ne tear gas, kukuba mazima. Wabula ate amazima ye Katonda. Nabalala baagezaako, nebalemwa. Naye Abaganda tulina okukimanya obulungi nti buli lwolwaniirira amazima Sitani abeera wo okukwekiika mu maaso. Naye ffe gwetukkiriza yasinza amaanyi by very very far. Kale bbo ne Sitani wabwe, naffe ne Katonda waffe.

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    LAtest Headlines for 11th Sept 2008 –Mbabazi denies influence peddling in NSSF deal
    Monitor Online/KFM

    Appearing before Parliament’s statutory commissions committee hearing the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) scandal this morning, Hon. Mbabazi denied that there was any fear of conflict of interest as he transferred his land to businessman Nzeyi in order to have it sold to the National Social Security Fund.

    It has emerged that he declared the said land to the Inspector General of Government (IGG), valuing it at only 1.5bn shillings.

    If proved by the committee, Mbabazi might be in no more trouble because according to the leadership code, undervaluation of assets is no offence. However, if fought guilty, the Security Minister is not going down alone.

    Earlier, he accused Rujumbura MP Maj. Gen. Jim Muhwezi and some 4 unnamed MP’s of political persecution.
    He says the National Environment Management Authority has never identified part of his land as a wetland.

    Mbabazi denies any political influence and says NSSF price was below the market price.
    On the squatters, Mbabazi says he will only compensate 4 families who are currently residing on the 15 acres that he sold.

    Members of Parliament who visited the land in Temangalo discovered that 25 acres bought from Minister Amama Mbabazi are in a wetland and it is unlikely that the National Environment management Authority will sanction its development.

    There are also tenants on 15 acres sold by the Security Minister and they say that they were never given priority to buy the land as the land act stipulates.

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    Kino kyebagamba nti zinadda okunywa. Well, zikomyeewo, zinywa!!

    NSSF: Brig. Gwanga slaps Mbabazi’s aide
    Andrew Bagala


    The special presidential advisor on security in Buganda region, Brigadier Kasirye Ggwanga allegedly slapped an aide to Security Minister Amama Mbabazi after a verbal altercation over the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) land saga.

    Daily Monitor has reliably learnt that Brig. Kasirye, who is no stranger to controversy, also threatened to shoot Mr Ssebina Ssekitoleko, a political assistant to Mr Mbabazi at Metro FM where the former had gone to defend the minister’s Temangalo’s land deal at a late night political talk show on Tuesday.

    Metro FM, located on Martin Road, Old Kampala, is owned by former Kampala Central Member of Parliament Capt. Francis Babu.
    Mr Ssekitoleko has since recorded a statement referenced SD 105/09/09/2008 at Old Kampala Police Station and the Police are investigating a case of alleged assault.

    A source at the radio station said the incident started when Brig. Kasirye, who was a guest at the radio show, attacked Mr Mbabazi, accusing him of being corrupt and in the moments that followed, Mr Ssekitoleko showed up begging an opportunity to counter the brigadier’s claims.

    “I requested the receptionist to give me opportunity to defend my boss. So he went to the studios to inform the host. What surprised me was that Brig. Kasirye came out and started abusing me,” said Mr Ssekitoleko in his statement to the police, a copy Daily Monitor has seen.

    The two NRM stalwarts reportedly got involved in a bitter exchange which resulted in Brig. Kasirye slapping Mr Ssekitoleko. “After he slapped me, I told him that I wouldn’t fight back. So he told me that he was going to his car to pick his gun and prove to me who he is,” Mr Ssekitoleko said, adding that “I saw death around me and I took off to seek refuge at Old Kampala Police Station.”

    At the station, Mr Ssekitoleko said he rang his boss to come to his rescue but Mr Mbabazi told him to record a statement with the Police and also lodge a formal complaint to Gen. Aronda Nyakairima, the chief of defence forces.
    Brig. Kasirye yesterday denied the assault charges, scoffing at the claims.

    “Do generals go around beating up people like that,” he said in a telephone interview. “He [Ssekitoleko] must be expensive to be slapped by a brigadier. Let him report me to police.”
    Brig. Kasirye said he would not be distracted by people he described as “marabou storks”, as he questions Mr Mbabazi’s involvement in the NSSF land controversy.

    “You have lived in Uganda but have you ever seen land that costs Shs11 billion? No they should refund the money. They should know that that was a bad deal. How can you sell a wetland at that cost moreover it has squatters,” he said, adding that the controversy was a setback to the government’s quest for land reforms in the country.

    “We were saying we are defending tenants but now the Mengo establishment has got reasons to defend its opposition of the Land Bill because it is now the NRM Secretary General who is selling land with squatters,” said Brig. Kasirye.

    in reply to: Omufumbe Ssenoga omu kubayiiya oluyimba lwa Kenya #19623

    Yebale kukuuma kitiibwa kya Buganda Omufumbe Sennoga. Mukama amubalire mu babe, amuwe ekiwummulo ekye mirembe.

    in reply to: Kolerawo Mwana munno Kaatasubidde Tulabe! #19622


    Kale kambaterewo akayimba akabassa mu mood eyokuyiiya kiki ekyokukola. Wano tuyinza nokufunayo engombo empya nti tekidiba kiringa mukwano. Ggwe naluno oluyimba Percy Sledge yaluyiiya mu 1968-9. Naye nobwaali bwaavula then, nobwaali amagi naabwo kati buyimba. Kale mugende mu maaso muyiiye, tulabe Omuganda nga yayagadde bwaaba. Ha mbakubyemu kati akasunda basi!!

    in reply to: Eng’oma erina ebitundu nga eby’omuntu #19621

    Omumbejja Ssebo tweyanze. Mbadde sijjukidde kya kubeera mwana wa ngoma okwogera ku kya nnamunjoloba. Nsaba kusonyiyibwa ssebo. Naye nabalongo basobola okubeera ate nga baana ba ngoma, kale tekikola kubayita nnamunjoloba. Eyabyogedde jangu oliwe!!

    in reply to: Being Broke Is No Joke #19620

    Nze nga ndi student gas yanzigwako lumu mu winter nga sirina ekuba nyonyi. Bwengenda okwewola ku muganda wange mu kifo kyokungamba nti naye talina yambuuza, “Enyonyi oyagala kukuba zaaki? Mmwe muyigganya ebiramu bya Mukama?” Kale nnalyaayo emmeere, naye okudda eka nga nnetaaga ka kaawa akayokya okusoma. Ako nakafumbisa bipapula, wali mu sink yomuffumbiro.

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