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    From the Editor: Treat women clergy with equity
    Monday, 3rd November, 2008

    Women, from time immemorial have been fighting to be seen and heard in public fora, especially in politics. After the second world war, women in the US demanded to be allowed to have jobs.

    Their argument was that since they had been working while their husbands are at war, they might as well be accepted in formal employment. After that, they demanded to be involved in voting for public office.

    Today, women can be seen taking up all sorts of jobs and the challenges that come with it. They hold positions of immense power in government and other organisations.

    Women are also increasingly joining church ministry, not as leaders’ wives, but as leaders themselves. They are reverends, bishops and canons, as well as pastors. But the journey to get there was a long, arduous one. Even with them finally being accepted and ordained, they still face a number of challenges in this male-dominated arena. Men seem to be given more favour in terms of opportunities both locally and abroad; women often have to make a hard choice between serving family and the church. The sacrifices they have made are huge.

    The Church needs to come up with guidelines that treat women clergy the same way they do the men. If there are opportunities, let everyone be considered with the same criteria.

    Working with the Church is, after all a divine calling. The reverend in our lead story on Page IV said it best: “Where there is a call, there is power and purpose.”

    Let the Church not frustrate the ministry of women clergy.


    Correct me if you think I’m wrong, but I don’t see any need for women clergy. Why do women want to do everything that men do? As if we don’t have enough on our plates alredy! Sometimes it makes me think, it would be better if all of us women just turn into men and get it over with.

    And then enters the so called educated African woman, and liberal man, bent to import all the problems of the white societies, current and ancient, and impose them onto us. In Buganda we never had any generalized discrimination against women. Your people treated you as you presented yourself. So we can’t begin to say that because men are traditionally the hunters, while we cook, then we are being discriminated against on the hunting field.

    Sometimes I wish I was a man, not for any other reason, but because these lucky creatures are going to end up doing nothing while we claim all there is to be done in our joint human life!!


    Emirimu mingi abasajja gyebakyefuze, omwo mulimu obwawule nobukinjaagi, okugogola ebiyigo, okulima enguudo, okuzimba nokwoza ebizimbe ebiwanvu, ekusima feeza ne zaabu mu birombe, nokusima amafuta, obuserikale bwa magye, abakyala tukaylina omulimu munene.

    Naye wano ewafe mu bulombolombo bwa Buganda, nabakazi babeera abakulembeze mu masinzizo. Kale nze siraba lwaki nga abakazi babakotogera mu makanisa nekubwa sheik.


    Efulansi kati obwa sheik oleeta bwaaki nawulira nga abagereesa nti yetawula ngo muwadi omukazi nti jobeera bamutayirira kati olwo abalina obulombolombo obutayirira oba obubisalirayo ddala bo bayinza okulya obwa sheika?
    Naye webituuse muleke abakyaali bakole buli omu kyawulira nti ebinywa bye bisobola nakyuusa nenvuga nga ye yaali ku digi oba yenki eyo ? bwaaba akisobola siraba nsonga eretawo lukonko.

    Naye nze ndaba nga kubingi byomenye mbirabamu abakazi ababikola nga nobukinjaaje kwotadde
    kati ate nomusajja bweyagenze okuzaala awo nze nempanika

    Ate bwebava awo nti abakyaala bekanasa bewojoola bangalo bunani ate bwe babyekwatiramu nti babano bakyakula essajja , banaffe mutulemesezza ekyokkola
    Muleke abakyaala bazidde mu mitambo you know they ‘re good and you all love them


    Alina obusobozi mweekyo kyayagala okukola siraba nsonga lwaaki aba aganibwa okukikola besides asaamu ne soft touch ye ki kyaala

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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