Keep up when you know the truth is by your side !

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    This read like a message to the OBBI – Buganda Kingdom Grassroots Organization, it’s from a man from the West Nile.

    Keep up when you know the truth is by your side !

    State formations that of like Uganda have ended up being Banana States only and I may say most of all African States are Banana States then with poor History records , becucause the People of these States were wrongly presented their History lines . Just immagine British History experts teaching the Africans ( Ugandans as an example in schools ) of the Principles of Nation Building and after over 60 years of giving several doctorate degrees ( Diplomas to all ) , what is the result at the end

    nothing but a mostrous Banana State has been created . If only African People recognised themselves , Negotiate of their identity recognitions amongst themselves , of their Natural boarder lines of their Lands , and creating binding Laws , there wouldn’t be of these problems of today . This is the heard truth , Uganda is disintergrating and really at a great deal faster speed , each year passes from the time when the last British Governor ( Sir Walter Coutts
    : 1961 – 1962 : ( also Governor-General until 1963 ) , left Office to the Black – ( Sudan in Arabic ) Ugandans in 1963 . Look , immediately Uganda’s Problems Started over the whole issues I have noted above .

    By the way Mr Abdul Nasser , it is not a Tribe question anyway in the world that is an obstacle to build Nation – States . The Europeans have brought you up very wrongly in educating you to understand the meaning of tribe . Europeans are full of Tribes only in their Continent just like we Africans in our Continent . Only to draw a difference between the Africans and the Europeans , the European organisation of their Tribal systems , is referred to them by as of Nationalism Principles being applied ( in Building Nations only ) while refering to the African Nationalism systems as Tribalism . As a matter of Fact , there is No difference between the two . An Italian Tribe is different from a German Tribe but European whould like you and preach to you to say : Italian Nation is different from German Nation . Do you get the linguistic notion now ? So , I think the West Line / Lado struggles are quite genean and I think , with time they will arrive . Have
    they got their History , better still for them tnen , the World will understand their position if they present their problems than sit idle as the hated People by the failing Ugandans . Hurrah Ronald , Keep up when you know the truth is by your side !

    UAH Google Group
    20 May 2014

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